Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mike Schadel releases new LP 'Oscar Wilde Is Dead'


The singer and songwriter known as Mike Schadel has released his latest LP record, “Oscar Wilde Is Dead.” The album is comprised of 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It is his third studio album, preceded by his 2010 LP “Things Will Change,” and “So What. Who Cares. The End,” which appeared in 2007. A poppy, grooving record with an audiophile's sensibilities and an indie heart, “Oscar Wilde Is Dead” stands as definitive proof that Mike Schadel deserves a place in every music lover's record collection.

Schadel cites as main artistic influences Ben Folds, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainright, Tuneyards, and “anything catchy or cutting edge.”

His record exhibits many qualities of these without attributes which might signify derivation. The resulting sound is unequivocally his own – smooth and subtle in its acoustic overtones, yet aggressive in terms of lyrical potency and emotional impact. “Oscar Wilde Is Dead” is equally effective when played as pleasant background music or when listened to with the intensity of a music aficionado.

At the center of this sonic elasticity is Schadel's musical principles, which demand that he take himself not-too seriously when writing music. Asked to describe the general theme of “Oscar Wilde Is Dead,” he writes: “Humor is a big factor to my message. I like to poke fun at myself and people around me in clever ways. I like to leave people smiling and wanting more.”

Mike Schadel has been playing music since the age of eight, when Santa Claus brought him a keyboard. By 10 he had graduated to drums and vocals, which he managed simultaneously. 12 saw him playing in a garage band with friends from school. His early songwriting was populated with catchy melody lines and four-part harmonies (which harmonic experience forms much of the charm on “Oscar...”). In time he moved to Los Angeles and played many famous venues with an ever-changing lineup, finally settling into the solo project which has resulted in this new LP.

Schadel has worked with the World Record, the Herbert Bail Orchestra, Eli Bolin, the Center Theater Group, and Joan Rivers. He also finds time to play in the Hereafter with his friend and fellow songwriter, John Elliot.

“Oscar Wilde Is Dead” by Mike Schadel is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Harmini releases new single 'If I Go Away'


The born-again rapper, singer and songwriter known as Harmini has released his long-awaited single, “If I Go Away.” The single has been heralded by vast amounts of media attention on national television networks such as CBS as well as by international hip-hop heroes such as 50 Cent. An extremely emotional, visceral music experience unlike what is commonly published by even the most excellent hip-hop studios today, “If I Go Away” stands to put Harmini on mountaintops where he can preach his Christian message to listeners around the world.

New-York-raised Harmini cites as main artistic influences Boys II Men, Jagged Edge, Eminem, N-Sync, DMX, Backstreet boys, Nas, Michael Jackson and Garth Brooks, “to name a few.” His style is perhaps best described as having attributes of Eminem and DMX, bolstered by harmonies not unlike those of Boys II Men, and bearing certain flairs of Michael Jackson which polish his sound to a high shine.

“I have always had a strong passion for music,” writes the artist of his musical tastes. “It was one of the very things that helped keep me alive during some of the hardest times of my life.”

The remarkable quality of “If I Go Away” aside, however, its main draw is its shocking, brute-force, bone-deep earnestness and autobiographical nature.

Before the age of 21, Harmini had been the victim of sexual abuse and hospitalized for drug overdoses and suicide attempts more than a dozen times. He had been dealing narcotics for more than a decade. He had been on probation four times as a teenager before finally finding himself in jail, then prison. Two weeks before his scheduled release from the penitentiary, his mother passed away from lung cancer.

“My repeated delinquent behaviors as a wayward child built me the reputation of an unreachable heathen without hope for change,” he writes. “[My song] 'If I Go Away' reminds the world how important it is to make good choices in life. It brings to life and refreshes the harsh reality and importance of choices vs. consequences.”

2005 saw Harmini's accepting of Jesus Christ, whose gospel he has been speaking, singing and living ever since. “If I Go Away” represents the sonic culmination of his spiritual and social redemption.

Dallas police officers appear in Harmini's “If I Go Away” video in uniform, which has resulted in an official investigation of the DPD and more than a little uproar.

The following statement about Harmini's music video appeared on the official website of rapper 50 Cent,, in February:

“An actor, singer, songwriter, musician, model, and speaker, this man does it all. Who would think [Harmini's] role as a rap artist would stir up a story that made local news in Dallas, Texas? … The video has no profanity, no weapons actually being fired and has a positive message. - Shenee Edwards, President of 3HP Records.”

In response, Harmini himself replied in characteristic fashion, “Regardless of what people say, think. or do, our goal should be to deliver high-quality, relevant content that both honors God and challenges the mind of secular beliefs to consider the reality and truth of Jesus Christ. We serve the God of the Bible. Period.”

The music of “If I Go Away” stands tall, even amid so much personal and social tumult. Harmini's passion is palpable. His story, unforgettable.

“If I Go Away” by Harmini is available online worldwide. Be sure to see the trailer for his upcoming official video (link provided below).

-S. McCauley
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Doc Wascher releases long-awaited new single 'Rewind'


Cancer Surgeon and self-described “Doctor of Rock & Roll” Doc Wascher has released his long-awaited instrumental rock single, “Rewind.” The track is a blues-rock guitar-driven instrumental tune that Wascher has chosen as the first worldwide release from his forthcoming debut album. Wascher, a fiercely independent composer and multi-instrumentalist, started his own label, Doc Wascher Records, which allows him complete artistic control over his music. “Rewind” was painstakingly and lovingly recorded in Doc’s own recording studio over a period of more than 6 months.

Rewind” immediately transports the listener back to the melodic and visceral sounds of the classic-rock style that dominated the airwaves in the '60s and '70s, while also representing the exciting vanguard of “new classic rock” music. “Rewind” rolls and grooves, and will thrill fans of rock 'n' roll music around the world.

Doc Wascher cites as his main artistic influences such legendary rockers as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, the post-Cream Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Rush, Duane Eddy, the Animals, Yes, and the Ventures. Intuitively, “Rewind” bears many of the melodic and sonic qualities that immortalized the music of these giants of classic rock and progressive rock, while also recalling the tones and moods of disparate bands like the Velvet Underground and Tommy James and the Shondells.

Wascher, himself, describes “Rewind” with a clarity which arises from his unique artistic vision, and his decades of involvement with popular music. Wascher notes that, “'Rewind' is an instrumental rock song that combines an uplifting '70s pop-rock vibe with expressive and soulful guitar solos reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour.” Wascher further shares, “‘Rewind' was intentionally composed and recorded to transport, or 'rewind,' the listener back to the place and time when Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Stones, the Beatles and Cream reigned supreme on the FM airwaves.”

Doc Wascher has more than hit this mark with the uptempo “Rewind,” and years from now, listeners will vividly recall exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first heard “Rewind.”

On the rhythm side, Doc's bass lines rumble and groove while the drums churn out a deep blues-rock rhythm. Wascher’s blistering keyboards also receive well-deserved attention in “Rewind,” but it is his melodic and expressive rock guitar that especially wails and soars, with a soulful tone that brings to mind a cross between Pink Floyd and T-Rex, with a little vintage Cream thrown in for good measure. While “Rewind” amply serves as a worthy heir to many of the timeless blockbuster classic rock hits that will never die, this soulful and uplifting new groove also stakes its own rightful claim as a very contemporary and fresh-sounding rock masterpiece.

In addition to the deep blues-rock cuts churned out from his recording studio, Robert “Doc” Wascher is an internationally renowned cancer surgeon, cancer researcher, and professor of surgery. He is also the author of the popular book, “A Cancer Prevention Guide for the Human Race,” which has been referred to as the “Bible of cancer prevention” for lay readers. Wascher is also the editor of Weekly Health Update (

Rewind,” by Doc Wascher, is available worldwide from all major online digital music stores, and on CDs directly from Doc Wascher Records.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sticky Icky releases debut EP 'London Woman'


The music collective known as Sticky Icky have released their debut EP record, “London Woman.” It has been released on the BAMF Records Ltd. music label. The title track, “London Woman,” is accompanied by five disparate renditions, each of which is a genuine single on its own merits and named after the musician responsible for the remix: Simon Kaye, Thomas Graham, Youngblood, Roger Jaye, and Paul Lawrence. An electronic dance anthem full of energy and verve, “London Woman” is a colorful project heralding the arrival of this remarkable new crew from the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the most intriguing facet of “London Woman” is the band who created it, themselves. Sticky Icky is not a run-of-the-mill troupe of musicians formed to play a certain style of music. Rather, they are a collective not unlike the electronic indie favorite, Massive Attack.

Sticky Icky and BAMF Records Ltd Owner, Director and Writer Siddney Youngblood states that “A chance meeting between myself and artist/vocalist Skye Hawkes led to talks of forming a group.”

To this, Hawkes adds: “Siddney is a powerhouse of enthusiasm. We got chatting and I told him of my love for singing. He was already in talks with UK producer, Swardini, over forming a collective that could support many artists and musicians – along the lines of Massive Attack – and how they could draw from a pool of talented people to create different sounds.”

The topic of “London Woman” is particularly written to communicate the themes of Sticky Icky in general.

“We tailored the track to suit our message –” they write, “that although Sticky Icky represents the trials and tribulations of life, we want to reach people with our sounds and provide a loving vibe that anyone can relate to and that helps bring folks together.”

Sticky Icky chose Custass Finnigan for lead vocalist on “London Woman,” son of veteran ska musician John Shipley (the Specials).

“London Woman” by Sticky Icky is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Steven Drakes releases new LP 'Forbidden Fruit'


The singer and songwriter known as Steven Drakes has released his latest LP record, “Forbidden Fruit.” The album is comprised of 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been released on the SwayTone records music label. A classy, stylish, new and revamped form of contemporary R 'n' B, “Forbidden Fruit” by Steven Drakes is slated to be a record fans of rhythm and blues everywhere remember for decades to come.

Steven Drakes cites as main artistic influences Carl Thomas, DeAngelo, and Rick Ross. However, Drakes' own sound is entirely original. So original is the Drakes method, in fact, that he has coined a new term to describe it: rock 'n' soul. While his “Forbidden Fruit” album is commonly listed as R 'n' B and contemporary R 'n' B, Drakes' own term is absolutely more appropriate.

His official bio describes him as “a talented singer, songwriter, super producer and master harmonizer whose music is influenced my many different genres. It’s for this reason he decided his music does not fit into any of today’s conventional genres and has created his own.”

Much of the lyric poetry with which Drakes has infused his music runs along romantic lines. Speaking of the themes of “Forbidden Fruit,” he writes, “A lot of this album is true to my past and present. It's about a man who's aware of the rules of karma, but has been tempted, on occasion, by the allure of that which is forbidden. He seeks love, but is content to indulge in encounters which can evoke feelings of love, however superficial it may be.”

Like his album, Drakes feels certain that the story will finish on a high note.

“There is a love for everyone, and in the end, I’ll find mine.”

Drakes has been playing music since the age of five. He has written over a hundred songs in many genres, including R 'n' B, hip hop, jazz, alternative, blues and even classical. In time he added music production to his list of skills. Drakes served in the U.S. Marine Corps for five years and afterward determined to get his music published.

His participation in the 2008 “Scion Summer Soul Fest” inspired one official judge to comment, “This dude shouldn’t even be in this competition. He’s way ahead of the other artists.”

“Forbidden Fruit” by Steven Drakes is available online worldwide. Get in early.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

DJ Illustrated releases new EP 'Define Me'


The DJ, composer and producer of electronic music known as DJ Illustrated has released his latest EP album, “Define Me.” The album has been released on the Five of Five Music Entertainment music label, which recently named Illustrated as their Artist of the Year. “Define Me” is an extended-play record containing five original songs for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. Its second track, “5 A.M.,” features clarion, crystal-clear vocals sung by fan favorite, Brooke Williams. A brightly colored, uplifting album across a range of emotional undertones, “Define Me” defines Illustrated as one of the most promising new DJs of the modern era.

On his official Facebook page, Illustrated cites as main artistic influences Seven Lions, Kaskade, Zedd, Zeds Dead, Sound Remedy, DJ Puzzle, and Skrillex. Elements of each appear in “Define Me,” making it an EP likely to find a welcome home with fans of these, as well as with fans of the electronic genre of music in general. Highly danceable, greatly melodic and sporting a good deal of charming, well-written lyrics, “Define Me” is an album suitable for nightclubs, party music and personal listening alike.

DJ Illustrated, originally from Corpus Christi, TX, has been committed to a life in music since a very early age, and has written and performed in various musical capacities and genres since. He has commented that his overarching aim as an artist is to gain a “musical relationship with the world.” Upon deciding in 2012 that electronic music was the style on which he would focus his attention, Illustrated moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his goals.

Illustrated's debut EP, “Mental Drug,” was featured on the soundtrack to the award-winning, hit video game, “Saints Row IV.” His single, “Subtle Hints,” was placed in a commercial for the new TV series, “Beauty and the Beast.” His affiliation with Five of Five Music Entertainment began when they selected him out of hundreds of applicants to compete in an artist showcase. Illustrated's performance resulted in his being named their Artist of the Year.

“Define Me” by Illustrated is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Jay.En.P releases debut EP 'You Figure It Out'


The hip hop artist known as Jay.En.P has released his debut EP record, “You Figure It Out.” The album is the first in a series of releases titled “You Figure It Out” planned for release through 2014 and 2015. It has been released on the Circle Road music label. A contemporary hip-hop record with elements of old-school and new-school rap styles, “You Figure It Out” showcases razor sharp production and flawless performances across six original Jay.En.P titles.

An official video for “Born to Rise” (Track 4) which features appearances by featured performers Kurious and Sadat X has also been released.

In addition to the considerable skills of Jay.En.P himself, “You Figure It Out” also features the talents of a great many popular performers. This list includes Raydar Ellis, Baxter P. Wordsworth, John Robinson, Sadat X, Nick Hakim, D.O. Ceasar, Ruste Juxx, F.T., Kurious, G.O., and Shelene Thomas. This montage of creativity adds an enormous amount of texture to Jay.En.P's already remarkable album, providing depth and tonal complexity to his straightforward, no-nonsense style of songwriting.

Jay.En.P began his music career as an emcee, then studied jazz piano while learning to produce music for the hip-hop genre. He cites as main artistic influences DJ Premier, The Beanuts, Pete Rock, Outkast, MMW, Herbie Hancock, and in his own words, “countless others.” The hip-hop producer from West Virginia moved to New York City in 2007 and has worked with a bevy of brilliant musicians since. His flagship debut singles, “Delusional” and “Pythagorean” were published early in 2014. The latter appears as the third track on “You Figure It Out.”

Jay.En.P has also hinted that there may be more projects in store for his fans over the course of the next few months, though his main body of work will continue to be the “You Figure It Out” line. The rapper has not provided details of these plans except to mention them as “several other projects slated for release through 2015.”

“You Figure It Out” by Jay.En.P is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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