Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mo Beatz releases new capital single '5 Star General'

The DJ, composer and producer of instrumental hip hop known as Mo Beatz has released his latest flagship single, “5 Star General.” The track has been proudly published on the Mo Better Beatz independent music label without the influence or participation of the corporate music industry. Full of groove, packed with drum 'n' bass, and emotionally charged with the social injustices of the continuing struggle for true, civil rights in the United States, “5 Star General” by Mo Beatz is a hard-hitting hip-hop instrumental with a striking official video available soon for viewing worldwide.

Mo Beatz is the creator of such popular hip-hop releases as “Mo Better Beatz than Blues” and “Black Devils,” both of which have come to be seen as blueprint examples of how to make quality hip-hop and rap compositions in the modern music era. “5 Star General” takes Beatz's ingenuity up a notch from his shadowy chord progressions and urban-styled drum tracks to add an evocative visual component that has a strong social statement to make.

“'5 Star General' is a bass-thumping, orchestral-sounding instrumental single with an intense cinematic vibe,” writes Mo Beatz. “The title came about because the strings in the track sound so aggressive. It has a dramatic, warlike, movie-scene feel to it but with hard hip-hop drums on top.”

Concerning the video (available for public viewing online worldwide soon) Mo Beatz writes: “It's also because of [the song's dramatic power] that led to the idea to shoot an intense YouTube video inspired by Michael Jackson's 'Man in the Mirror,' with a message of 'Let's help heal the world and stop the violence.' The video was edited in New York City by a video director who goes by the name of Donald Robinson Cole and contains footage of mostly non-violent protests from around the world.”

“5 Star General” by Mo Beatz is the followup single to his “Black Devils” track which appeared in fall of 2014. Both are available for listening and download online worldwide. Also be sure to watch for the release of Beatz's official “5 Star General” music video on the World Wide Web soon.

-S. McCauley
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Bilbo releases new EP 'Everything'

The singer and songwriter of R 'n' B and soul music known as Bilbo has released his latest EP record, “Everything.” The extended-play album has been published with great fanfare on the Gemini Deep South Records / Tanner & Hayes Entertainment music label outside the scope and reach of corporate music entities around the world. A return to the core tones and grooves which characterized everything that was good about rhythm 'n' blues and soul in the beginning of the sound, the “Everything” EP by Bilbo is an R 'n' B album fans of the genre won't want to miss.

Bilbo's “Everything” EP features a title track for which GDS Records and Tanner & Hayes Ent. have published an official music video [available worldwide for viewing at http://youtu.be/N6_xBWn0QEg]. The video was directed by Dang Films and has garnered nearly 20,000 views since its appearance online late in 2014. Picturesque, unpretentious and gorgeously performed by Bilbo himself, the “Everything” video is an excellent introduction to this remarkably talented singer and songwriter of soul music and R 'n' B.

The label which has published Bilbo's flagship EP, “Everything,” Gemini Deep South Records / Tanner & Hayes Ent., LLC, was founded by William T. Hayes and Kenneth Tanner in 2009 in Huntsville, AL, which they proudly refer to in their official bio online as “the deep south.” Gemini Deep South Records / T & H Ent. have been known to house such artists as Sinister, Kay Nyne, K.P., and Von Da Storyteller. There is perhaps no better place to start hearing their catalog than with the considerable talents of Bilbo
as showcased on the “Everything” EP.

Gemini Deep South have stated previously that their mission statement is “to keep hip hop alive and to sign artists who make music for the people, 'cause people's lives are channeled today through music.”

“Everything” by Bilbo and its corresponding official music video are both available online worldwide.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Composer David Smith releases dance single 'Sensation'

The composer and producer of digital dance music known as David Smith has released his debut single, “Sensation.” The track represents Smith's electronica masterpiece for the start of the 2015 year and showcases him as one of Europe's most promising up-and-coming digital musicians by a long stretch. With an extremely strong repertoire available for listening at his official website and his debut single, “Sensation” available for purchase and download around the world, things are sure looking up for this surprise EDM genius from the Kingdom of Belgium.

David Smith (who has an English name but natively speaks French) cites as main artistic influences many of heroes of the DJ subculture, including David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Martin Garrix.

Smith writes about his start in music, “I like the styles of David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix and others like them. And one day, I said to myself: 'I can make good tracks like theirs!' and for one year I made an album in my little home studio.”

It was a humble beginning, but clearly the start of something more than a simple hobby. The music fan's first listen of “Sensation” is not likely to be his last. In fact, the second and third listen are probably to follow immediately afterward. From here, curiosity leads the listener to Smith's other tracks, of which there are already enough to fill an LP record. But the artist is taking it slow.

“Step by step…” Smith writes. “I'm starting with my first single. I have to get credibility and make my name known before launching my first album. I have to finalize some tracks with good singers and lyricists. Even if it's my first album, I want a perfect one.”

This perfectionist's attitude shines through in his debut single, “Sensation.” Its production is sparkling clean, its composition naturally consistent and with an upbeat, intuitive flow. Its hooks are unshakable and its four-and-a-half minutes go by in a flash. The 'replay' button beckons.

“I hope my singles and my future debut album will give good 'sensations' to listeners, as well as good beats at events and nightclubs all over the world,” writes David Smith of his new song's overall theme. “I hope people who hear it will say, 'Damn, that sounds good!'”

Smith goes on to describe the emotional effects he crafts his music to inspire.

“Just pump up the volume and let the beat overwhelm you,” he writes. “One day, I'd like to see thousands of dancers overwhelmed. It's my dream, and I think that with a lot of work all dreams could come true when we really want them.”

His message to the world is simple.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Look at me, I'm starting from nowhere but here I am.”

“Sensation” by David Smith is available online worldwide. Fans of EDM and electronica should definitely get in early. Very early.

(David Smith is looking for singers and lyricists with whom to collaborate. If you think you'd be a good voice for one or some of his songs, please send him email at his official website using the link provided below.)

-S. McCauley
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Pierre, Kika and Tons release new single 'Cirkus'

The trio of DJs from Venezuela known as Pierre, Kika and Tons have released their capital new single, “Cirkus.” The track has been proudly released on the Estereo Records independent music label. Vivacious, spirited, and exploding with life, “Cirkus” is one of the most striking digital dance singles to arrive from South America in years.

Pierre, Kika and Tons are based in the Caribbean city of Caracas, each having his and her own solo career as a DJ and composer of digital music, respectively, though Pierre and Tons have a two-year history as collaborators. The trio celebrated their “Cirkus” single with an eponymous tour which has been highly publicized and received with great enthusiasm by fans in their home nation of Venezuela as well as by new fans in the United States.

Their tour included dates at Caracas' famous Hacienda El Arroyo and cities including Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Merida, San Cristobal, Puerto Ordaz and Puerto la Cruz. Their tour also took them across the Caribbean Sea to Miami, FL, where PoshPanel.com called the show “an exceptional night as DJs Pierre, Tons, and Kika took control of the decks and sparked the cloud for a night to remember.”

El Farandi writes of the trio in Música:

Three talents represented by Blackpin Prods., CA they have different approaches in how to make good music, reflecting perfect harmony with 'Cirkus' to convey feelings and intense emotions with a theme focused on the electro progressive sound. This is possible thanks to the contributions and differentiators that characterize them.

Kika is a young leader of the electronic music scene within the women's movement. She has been onstage with Jacob van Hage, Beyoncé, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Wolfpack, Nicky Romero, and performed recently at Paradise 507's Music Fest, Panama.

Pierre and Tons, meanwhile, have approximately two years DJing as a duo and bring distinct styles and personalities to the turntables, different from one another, but perfectly complementary. All three have a great reputation in the industry, to the point of being invited to participate in all the recent mass events of international DJs in Venezuela.” - El Farandi

Between them, Pierre, Kika and Tons have approximately 30,000 followers on their official Soundcloud pages, and very nearly the same amount on their official Facebook sites, as well. Collectively they have performed with such names as Nicky Romero, Borgore, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Adrian Luz and Nadastrom, Steve Aoki, and Adrian Lux.Cirkus” by Pierre, Kika and Tons is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Cirkus” by Pierre, Kika and Tons

E3 releases new LP 'One Soul [Deluxe Edition]'

The singer and songwriter of contemporary rhythm and blues known as E3 has re-released his debut solo LP record, “One Soul [Deluxe Edition].” Ellis “E3” Hall III is the son of Ellis Hall Jr., singer of Tower of Power in the 1980s, whose solo music has been honored and enjoyed by such names as Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, as well as by magnates like Jackie Onassis and Bill Clinton. This deluxe re-release of E3's debut LP features bonus tracks and instrumentals not available in the original edition, and has been proudly published on the E3 Publishing Co. independent record label. Crisp, slick, packed with groove and graced by crystal-smooth harmonies, “One Soul” by E3 is easily the most arresting R&B and rap crossover record to be released in years.

E3 cites as main artistic influences such legends as his father, Ellis Hall Jr., James Brown, Sting, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo, Timbaland, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Taylor, and Bob Marley. Of these, his own style has most in common with the mood and tone of Stevie Wonder, as well as those of his father, though E3's music is more contemporary in terms of instrumentation than either. In terms of his popular natural singing voice, E3 is reminiscent of soul artist Donny Hathaway, whom E3 has named as his chief inspiration as a singer.

In addition to the considerable talents of E3, himself, his “One Soul” LP also features vocals by New York's Shae Fiol, Boston rapper D Brown, Canada's “Ambassador of Rap” Kardinal Offishall, and ex-Def Jam rapper, Redman. As might be intuited from these names, the rhythm-and-blues portions of “One Soul” are interspersed with heavy-hitting sections of rap music.

E3 has worked with the likes of MC Lyte, Method Man, Saukrates, Termanology, Micheal Whalen, and Choclair. His music has been played on Flow 93.5 FM Toronto, MTV, VH1, Much Music, BET, and more. He is a member of Gilla House Records, an independent music movement captained by Reggie “Redman” Noble. His discography includes Dreamworks' “Biker Boyz Motion Picture Soundtrack,” Method Man's “Tical 0: The Prequel” on Def Jam, Redman's “Red Gone Wild” also on Def Jam, Michael Whalen's “Mysterious Ways,” and the PBS basketball documentary, “This Is A Game, Ladies.”

Originally recorded between 2002-'07 in Boston, Toronto, and Los Angeles, the “One Soul [Deluxe Edition]” by E3 features selections converted to 5.1 Surround Sound, for which the album won the award for Best Standard Resolution Title at the 2005 Surround Sound Music Awards.

“One Soul [Deluxe Edition]” by E3 is available from E3 Publishing Co. online worldwide. Fans of excellent R&B and rap music should get in early.

-S. McCauley
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E3 Radio on Pandora: http://tinyurl.com/knlwe9f
Please Subcribe to E3's YouTube channel for more hot music! - https://www.youtube.com/subscribe_widget?p=allgoodinhood
E3 Channel Page Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/allgoodinhood
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Gilla House T-Shirts: http://tinyurl.com/mvfh3sz

Singer Debbie Kuks releases debut gospel EP 'Jesus!'

The singer and worshipper known as Debbie Kuks is releasing her debut EP album, simply titled, “Jesus!” The EP is being proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. “Jesus!” is expected to officially drop at online music stores around the world during the first week of March, 2015. Inspirational, spiritually uplifting, and grounded in the message of the Christian Bible, “Jesus!” is truly a gospel record for the new millennium.

Terrestrially speaking, minister and gospel lyricist Debbie Kuks cites as main artistic influences Darlene Zschech, Juanita Bynum, Israel Houghton, David and Nicole Binion, Shekinah Glory Ministries, Jesus Culture, and Hillsong. However, on being asked about her creative process, Kuks emphasizes that these musicians are not necessarily her most direct source of musical intuition.

“I write my songs through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,” she writes. “Heaven is full of songs that have never been heard before. Why not enter God’s presence to find them?”

Speaking of the themes of her new EP, Kuks makes a brief list: “Jesus' love, His resurrection power, and His Annointing that breaks and destroys the yoke.”

But her “Jesus!” record is not only an album of worship and praise. It's also a “Prayer for a dying nation and world,” writes the singer.

Debbie Kuks official Facebook page describes her mission as one of servility.

“I pray daily for the spirit of humility,” it reads. “I want to serve God until I take my last breath on earth. Heaven is my ultimate goal and I'm daily fighting hell to get there.”

Debbie Kuks has been singing since the age of five. She has performed with such gospel legends as Donnie McClurkin, and Ron Kenoly, as well as others. She has been featured on various radio programs including New York's inspirational radio station, FM 107.9, and the Christian Author Show, to which she was invited to speak about her popular book, The Father's Heart.

Debbie Kuks is the Founder/CEO and business visionary for Debbie Kuks World, Inc., Debbie Kuks Words, and DebbieKuks Music.

The “Jesus!” EP by Debbie Kuks is available online worldwide beginning the first week of March, 2015.

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Yevgeny Lazarev (AKA Y.L.) releases debut single 'Trancelude № 1 AKA Fly Free'

Composer and producer of digital music Yevgeny Lazarev (AKA Y.L., and TBoneMendez on Beatport) has released his debut single, “Trancelude № 1 AKA Fly Free.” The electronic dance song has been proudly published on the Aethereal Tracks independent music label entirely without aid from the corporate music industry. Upbeat, futuristic and booming with drum 'n' bass, “Trancelude № 1” by Y.L. is an EDM single which DJs and dancers alike are sure to appreciate all over the world.

Y.L. does not cite any specific influences when he is asked to describe his musical tastes, instead stating flatly, “Everything under the sun, lol.”

This makes sense when one listens closely to “Trancelude № 1.” It bears elements of many various music genres, though naturally its foundation is in the same roots which began what the music industry at large has simply come to call 'EDM.' Amazon has filed Y.L.'s debut single under trance music, which “Trancelude” certainly is, as well as under electronica.

Y.L. didn't start in digital music, however, which may partially account for the wide variety of sounds in “Trancelude № 1.” Rather, the composer started his career in music by playing violin – at the tender age of six.

Asked to discuss any possible theme or message his song might have in store for listeners, Y.L. writes that he wrote the song to communicate and nurture “enlightenment through music.”

Y.L. studied strings (violin and classical guitar) at Sydney's Conservatorium High School. From there he continued his studies at the Institute of Music in jazz guitar improvisation, but grew interested in hi-NRG and trance music while working nights at a popular club. This led to him leaving off playing music for more than a decade, until he started learning to DJ while managing a nightclub in 2010. By the start of 2014 Y.L. had taken up music production and found himself quite capable. “Trancelude № 1” is his first song to be made commercially available.

“Trancelude № 1 AKA Fly Free” by Y.L. is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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