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Have you ever considered turning your local watering-hole or favorite restaurant into a venue? Although this approach may not seem ideal at first glance, you’d be surprised at how many places are open to the idea of live music if the terms are right. Many establishments are looking for ways to separate themselves from their competition. By offering entertainment, this could be a win-win for the musician(s) and business.

Know Your Audience and Surroundings

Audience: A coffee house is a completely different atmosphere than a bar. It is important to be aware of surroundings and the customers you will be playing to. Imagine being at your local coffee house and an 80’s tribute band is shredding in your ear. Even if you do “Rock-n-Roll All Night and Party Every Day”, you would not go to a coffee house for this experience. Make sure your music is appropriate for the situation.

Surroundings: Certain regions cater to different styles of music. If you are a Hardcore Death Metal band and you happen to be in Downtown Nashville, this may not be the best fit. Once again, think about the business owner. If they have entertainment, it must cater to their customers. If your group creates an unexpected or unwarranted experience, you may not get the gig or be invited back.


1.) It is not uncommon for bands/groups to play the same venue multiple times due to the familiarity factor. Although there are circumstances where this can be a positive, you need to get in front of new people to grow your fan-base. By playing the non-quintessential venue is a perfect opportunity to accomplish this.

2.) Building your own show is a great way to earn money. If your group/band manages to entertain the crowd, you now can ask the venue for a portion of the bar, flat-rate pay or a percentage of the cover. The key to getting paid is to improve the patron’s experience and draw traffic to the “venue.”


1.) Whenever you book through a promoter or manager, they are responsible for making sure everything goes well. While in this situation, you’re the one making the commitment to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sometimes the additional stress and work isn’t worth the pay-off. Be sure that the venue is worth doing the work for.

2.) There are instances where the venue and the band/group may not come to agreeable terms. Remember, if you’re unable to find a mutually beneficial agreement you should move on. Everyone knows the phrase, “Time is valuable.” Make sure your properly investing your time with the right people at the right place.


Put yourself in the business owner’s shoes and ask:
-How does this benefit them financially?
-Will this enhance their customer’s experience?

To remain competitive and versatile, investing in a P.A (Public Address) System is a worthy cause. If you are a success, the expense will recoup itself within the first few outings.
Remember: If you’re going to perform somewhere specifically not designed for music, your performance must cater to their customer and benefit the “venue.” If you can offer the right sales-pitch, you are more likely to land a booking.
Blog by James Gubersky, Conductor of Artist Support for and ferocious frontman with over a decade of concert playing experience.


Here at MondoTunes, we are always looking for ways to help the musician community! One issue that we hear about on a regular basis is the difficulties in booking shows. In order to combat the stress, we have decided to create a series of blog entries regarding the different ways to book a show. This week’s entry is about Pre-Sale.

Before airwaves and the digital age, the stage was the first home to artists. Whether reciting Shakespeare to a playhouse or painting on a street corner, artists have always had the stage to present their artistic expression. In fact, many would argue that performing live is the most pure and honest medium of artistic expression. Every time an artist takes the stage, there is a degree of unpredictability that strikes fear and joy into the souls of the audience as well as the performers themselves. Doesn’t that sound beautiful? Well, if it is so beautiful, then why is it such a pain in the arse to book a show in today’s music scenes?
A very popular way to book shows these days, is to have the group/artist sell a designated amount of tickets prior to the show. Venues and booking agents are very fond of the pre-sale format because it guarantees an agreed amount of money made before the show has even begun. Although musicians typically frown upon this approach, there are positives and negatives to the method.
1.) Many venues/booking agents will require a reasonable amount of tickets to be sold. Most groups/artists prefer to play in front of a large audience. If the pre-sale amount can comfortably be achieved, this may be a win-win for all parties involved. The crowd will be full and the venue/booking agent will have guaranteed compensation for putting the show together.
2.) There are instances where the venue/booking agent will split the money of ticket sales with performers. It is important to note that the venue/booking agent will keep a majority of the ticket profits. Then again, selling tickets packs the house and increases exposure. Why not earn a few dollars in the process if the pre-sale amount is manageable?
1.) These types of arrangements usually do not favor the artist/group. Musicians must understand that venues/booking agents are ultimately a business. Although they may be music lovers, they need to make a living and money can sometimes complicate booking.
2.) There are instances where the venue/booking agent may present unrealistic terms. I personally have played shows in the past where the venue has required a pre-sale figure that could never be reached. Furthermore, if the obligations were not met, a requirement to pay the difference out-of-pocket would be imposed.
1.) It is imperative to always come to mutually beneficial terms with whoever is booking / hosting the event.
2.) Make sure the requirements of performing at the show are manageable. Do not commit to anything that isn’t realistic.
3.) Always document, in writing, the terms of the agreement and have both parties sign it. This will guarantee the awareness of expectations on either end. Many people develop concerns when the word “contract” is thrown around, however it is essential to ensure everyone involved is protected.
4.) It is always ok to negotiate the terms of a show. If there is agreement with only a majority of what the venue/booking agent is presenting, counter with requests for a lower pre-sale amount or a guaranteed amount of shared profits.
Stay tuned for the next installment…
Blog by James Gubersky, Conductor of Artist Support and ferocious frontman with over a decade of concert playing experience.

JazzRak Vs Rafique announce second EDM record 'Day Dreamer'

The EDM producers known around the world as JazzRak and Rafique have announced the release of their second new EDM album for the pre-summer season of 2015, “Day Dreamer.” The EP comes hot on the heels of their recent extended-play album, “Summer Splash,” which offers fans new and old six original tracks for 40 mins worth of dancing and listening. The new EP, “Day Dreamer,” comprises six more original tracks from JazzRack Vs Rafique for approximately 40 more minutes of top-notch electronic dance music. Upbeat, uplifting, filled with verve and energy, “Day Dreamer” will be the latest example of JazzRak Vs Rafique's masterful digital dance music when it is released worldwide 25 April 2015.

JazzRak Vs Rafique have been cutting track after track over the last few months. Many of these have seen an early rise to popularity online, some of the best of which are included on “Day Dreamer.” These include such hot singles as the EP's opening track, “Clear My Mind,” “Believe in God,” “Celebration,” the title track, “Day Dreamers,” the prophetic “It Goes Viral,” and power closer, “Save Me.”

JazzRak Vs Rafique's cited artistic influences cover many of the scene's most well-respected artists, including titans of the electronic dance music scene such as Avicii, Basto and Chymamusique. Their own sound takes elements of these and integrates them into their own characteristic overtones. Fans of artists like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Tiesto are certain to find all the drum and bass they need to direct a slamming dance floor on “Day Dreamer” by JazzRak Vs Rafique.

JazzRak wrote about the beginning of his collaboration with Rafique in a recent press release for their “Summer Splash” record. JazzRak writes of their recent albums, which have been taking the form of professional and friendly competition in their “Vs” series, “I used to only listen to music, then I met Rafique in 2010. We started to download videos on youtube to see how to produce music.”

EDM fans who haven't heard JazzRak and Rafique should give them a go right away.

“Day Dreamer” by JazzRak and Rafique is available online worldwide beginning 25 April 2015. Be sure not to miss their recently released “Summer Splash” EP, also.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

JazzRak Vs Rafique release new EDM record 'Summer Splash'

The DJs and producers of house music known as JazzRak Vs Rafique have released their latest EP album, “Summer Splash.” The EP is composed of six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. This comprehensive length means that though the album has been officially billed has an EP record for its relatively few number of tracks, fans of JazzRak Vs Rafique will get the same amount of music on “Summer Splash” as they do from a full-length album, making for a roundly comprehensive dance experience from these popular EDM artists.

“Summer Splash” comes with some of JazzRak Vs Rafique's most energetic and uplifting house music tracks of 2015 so far, including “Let's Dance,” “Trip to Paris,” “Alive,” two renditions of their “We Are One” single featuring the talents of Anthony Poteat, and the album's title track, “Summer Splash,” which opens up the record.

The “Summer Splash” EP is the first of two albums expected to drop from JazzRak Vs Rafique this 2015 season, the second of which, titled “Day Dreamer,” will be published in coming days.

JazzRak Vs Rafique cite as main artistic influences such giants of the electronic dance music scene as Avicii, Basto and Chymamusique. Their own sound doesn't fall far from these trees, and fans of such other artists as David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Tiesto are sure to be excited by “Summer Splash” by JazzRak Vs Rafique.

Speaking of the beginning of their collaboration, which takes the form of professional and friendly competition in their “Vs” series, JazzRak writes, “I used to only listen to music, then I met Rafique in 2010. We started to download videos on youtube to see how to produce music.” The rest, as listeners can attest, is history.

“Summer Splash” by JazzRak and Rafique is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bathtub Alchemists release new album 'Last Cigarette'

The alt-country crew known as the Bathtub Alchemists have released their latest full-length album, “Last Cigarette.” The LP contains 11 tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been distributed to more than 750 online music outlets around the world and has been proudly published as an independent release without the support of the corporate music industry. An alternative country record with rock and folk qualities and unending amounts of legitimate soul, “Last Cigarette” by the Bathtub Alchemists presents a compelling narrative wrapped in well-written music and evocative performances.

The Bathtub Alchemists go by their given names, and cite as main artistic influences Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson and the Zac Brown Band (Jer) as well as the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Guy Clark and Bob Dylan (Beth). Attributes of all the above may be heard on “Last Cigarette” from song to song, making the entire LP a widely varied yet thematically and atmospherically consistent record. Virtually every mood and tone is represented through the Bathtub Alchemists' characteristic raw, genuine delivery and groove.

At least partly responsible for the frank earnesty in the Bathtub Alchemists' music is their rare origin story.

“Music was and is the center of our family,” write Jer and Beth. “What started as an experiment in family dynamics to facilitate coping and healing has truly resulted in musical panacea.”

This healing property of music by the Bathtub Alchemists is communicable, and hearing their record from start to finish has a soothing quality that is unique to it. The band's current official bio describes their musical philosophy by saying:

“Bathtub Alchemists is about the search for unification and the cleansing process that is always required to grow and change as human beings. In every interaction one is able to hear the bonds of family and friendship that pull us all through the ups and downs of life.”

Asked what the overall theme and message of their “Last Cigarette” LP might be, the Bathtub Alchemists write, “It is a story of addiction and loss. From the opening track of 'You and Me' to the closing with 'Living on Borrowed Time,' listeners can see the slow dramatic fall of one man's life.”

“Last Cigarette” by the Bathtub Alchemists is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Last Cigarette” by the Bathtub Alchemists –

Matt Eugene releases new EP 'Midnight Train'

The singer and songwriter known as Matt Eugene has released his latest EP record, “Midnight Train.” The album comprises five original Eugene tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has proudly been published as an independent release outside the reach of the corporate music infrastructure. A remarkably evocative and accessible acoustic pop/rock record, Matt Eugene's “Midnight Train” rolls and grooves with an inertia more powerful than that of many “plugged-in” records.

Canadian-born Matt Eugene cites as main artistic influences such popular musicians as Dallas Green, Ben Folds, Alice in Chains, and the Pixies. From these Eugene takes certain nuances to add to his own unique amalgam, which feels like grunge-inspired alternative rock except warmer, striking the ear more gently and pulling at the hearer with hooks and refrains more native to the pop genre.

Matt Eugene himself describes “Midnight Train” as something more personal than mere classifications, however.

“My album shares an acoustic rock sound reflective of pain we go through in our lives,” he writes, adding also that it comments on what he calls “positive changes in life.”

This is not to say that his “Midnight Train” EP is strictly autobiography. It isn't.

“I've always taken an intimate angle to all my songwriting,” writes Eugene, “and I put a lot of emotion into my songs. I try to write about something everyone can relate to no matter what age or who they are. It pleases me to know I might touch someone with my songs or have some influence on them for a positive change. My life is music and always will be.”

Matt Eugene grew up in the Canadian city of Moncton, New Brunswick. He has written and performed in a great many musical styles, including rock, grunge, funk, metal, roots rock and acoustic folk. After playing in many groups led by himself or by others, he eventually found his way to the modern studio where he could make his music precisely the way he wanted.

His current official bio tells it: “I never really fit in anywhere or did anything everyone else was doing, I just played bass for various bands, guitar, and sang. I tried having my own bands a few times, but I found the easiest way to do something is to do it yourself. I'm pretty flexible, but a lot of musicians and friends just didn't have the drive and compassion for it that I did – I mean, to make it really work – and stick together.”

It's not that Eugene has simply decided to record on his own, either, but rather that technology has made it possible.

“I'm happy my fans can finally access my music in this digital age,” Eugene writes. “The industry has changed so much; I remember getting rejected by a major label in the '90s, and being so young, I took it hard and thought the worst. But now everything is so different. An artist has more power on their own than they ever did before. You want to do something in your life you're passionate about? Just do it. Don't let anything slow you down!”

His official bio concludes – “Matt is in his late 30s and continues to look for opportunities to share his music every day.”

“Midnight Train” by Matt Eugene is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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Jamaican artist Silkkey D releases new EP record 'Wrapped Up in Your Arms'

The singer and songwriter of roots rock known as Silkkey D has released his latest EP record album, “Wrapped Up in Your Arms.” The extended-play release comprises four original songs from the artist plus one remix, for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. The widely anticipated album has been proudly published on the Black Tiger Music independent music label without the influence of the corporate music industry. A lively, youthful, soulful and uplifting album full of the island spirit of Jamaica, “Wrapped Up in Your Arms” by Silkkey D is music that fans of any genre can get behind.

Black Tiger Music's Silkkey D has cited as main artistic influences such legends as Beres Hammond, Bob Marley, Jacob Miller (Inner Circle), Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. Of these, Silkkey D's most evident similarities lie with the first three, all of whom hail from the musical hotbed of Jamaica also.

Asked to describe the overall theme of his latest album, Silkkey D writes it succinctly: “As long as there is Life and Love, there is hope.”

Silkkey D, who was born in the St. Catherine Parish of the island, has been performing music live since the age of six, when he cut his teeth by singing solos in his neighborhood's church choir. Graduating to dramatic and musical stage productions by high school, it was to writing and performing his own music which appealed most to him, and before long his first track, “Wine,” was recorded at Black Scorpio Studios in Kingston.

“Wine” received repeated and popular circulation on public radio, and Silkkey D's career began in earnest. CEO of True Friends Studio, Mikey “Bumpa” Melody, also garnered the skills of Silkkey D for his own recording, and further encouraged the artist to continue his work in music.

Silkkey D's current official bio quotes the book of Luke, saying, “To whom much is given, much is required.” The bio describes the artist as a hardworking singer and songwriter who, “takes nothing for granted and works hard to showcase his God-given talent.” It also describes him as “the first to arrive at the studio and the last to exit [the studio],” and a writer of “conscious lyrics that give a voice to the impoverished communities, as well as ballads of love.”

He has been called “a selfless person who puts the needs of others before his own, and punctuates his beliefs with love, delivered through his music.”

The artist's official bio concludes with a quote from Silkkey D, himself.

“Great is the man who thinks great of the next man.”

“Wrapped Up in Your Arms” by Silkkey D is available online worldwide from Black Tiger Music.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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