Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Former Tooth and Nail Records artists release debut EP 'Runways to Boulevards'

Tooth and Nail Records alums Jonathan Caro and Justice Gulmatico of Bloodshed have released a new EP album, “Runways to Boulevards,” as My Compatriots. Joining them on the historic release are Matthew Vangalapudi, Hunter Chapman, and producer Matt Lapoint (Disney, Warner Bros., Universal Studios, more). The EP has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Blending power pop grooves with an early-emo aesthetic and painstakingly deliberate song structures, “Runways to Boulevards” by My Compatriots proves that the original spirit of emotional hardcore is still alive.

Founding member, songwriter and vocalist Jon Caro cites as main artistic influences Superchunk, Husker Du, Foo Fighters, and Adorable. The result is a style which never feels forced or ostentatious, but rather invites listeners with undeniable hooks and a warm, welcoming sound which feels both familiar and unique at once. Each of the 30-minute record's six tracks has a character all its own, its own reasons for listeners to make it a temporary favorite over the other five. This makes for an EP album with plenty of replayability and record-collection potential.

Kickstarted with fellow Tooth-and-Nail titan Scott Silletta (Plank Eye) on drums in 2008, My Compatriots dropped their long-awaited debut EP in 2016, followed by a quiet followup in Q1 2017, “Under the String of Lamps,” which has ignited interest in “Runways to Boulevards.” For My Compatriots, the EP has become a flagship release. For music fans, it signifies a triumphant return to the proto-indie sound of early-emo rock, the underground scene gone mainstream of which My Compatriots are veterans.

“For 2017 My Compatriots is looking for a restart,” says Caro. “These two EPs represent our new beginning. There is a mixed foundation of rock and layered space sounds weaved into each individually crafted song. A full-length is in-progress and set to be released later this summer along with performance dates to be announced.”

“Runways to Boulevards” by My Compatriots is available for free listening and album purchase directly from the band now (link provided below). Get in early, fans of early emo and power pop. Very early.

-S. McCauley
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Rapper Ric Wil releases new official single 'The Bad Guy'

The rapper known as Ric Wil has released his latest official single, “The Bad Guy.” The track has been dropped in both explicit and radio-ready formats. It is proudly published on the R U Wit It Entertainment independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Steady, heavy, and blending elements of old-school and modern hip hop, “The Bad Guy” is a track rap fans around the world can appreciate.

Gary, Indiana's Ric Wil cites as main artistic influences Jay Z, 50 Cent, the Notorious BIG, and Kanye West. Having been raised in Jamestown, New York, it might not surprise anyone to see the East Coast thread running through his list of favorites. Likewise, the original East Coast sound which started it all decades ago is audible in Ric Wil's own “The Bad Guy,” a pared-down, minimalist, uber-direct showcase of an MC on the mic with beats to build on and no unnecessary bells and whistles.

“The Bad Guy” is the third addition to the Ric Wil repertoire, riding on the coattails of his debut mixtape, “Ric Wil the Future,” and a single, “So Outta Here.”

Ric Wil was raised in a musical family, beginning first on trombone while developing his lyric talents on the side. His current official bio says of his early years, “He imitated the famous and influential rappers of the day until he grew comfortable with his own talents and found his performing persona.”

Today, he credits two people with bringing him to this stage in his career as an entertainer, rapper Divinicci (Uttmore Brevard), and rapper J Phenomenon (Jonathan Wilson). Divinicci and Ric Wil played off one another in a rap group, Wit It Wit It, largely specializing in freestyle. J Phenomenon is Ric Wil's real-life younger brother, whose passing in 2010 of heart failure charged Wil with an intense personal mission.

“His death was out of the blue,” writes Wil. “Losing him pushes me to want to do my music and ‘blow up’ like he said I would.”

Doubtless, J Phenomenon would be proud this day has come.

“The Bad Guy” by Ric Wil is available online worldwide from over 600 quality music stores now.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Rapper the Animal Kyrawn releases new single 'L-Mo'

The Animal Kyrawn has released his latest official rap single, “L-Mo.” It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. “L-Mo” is bundled at music stores with both a remix edition and a B-side, “Ride,” produced by DND Music. “L-Mo,” which was produced by ProHoeZak, is only the most recent addition to an expanding repertoire by the Animal Kyrawn which includes singles like “Dead Already” and “Hate,” as well as his spring 2016 EP album, “Feed the Wild Life.”

Showcasing versatile vocal skills, contemporary production sounds and a very danceable groove, “L-Mo” is a track for fans of hip hop all the world over.

The Animal Kyrawn cites as main artistic influences many of the great titans of old-school hip hop, such as Slick Rick, NWA, Run DMC, Ice T, Dana Dane, Nice n Smooth, E-40, Tupac Shakur, Scarface, and Das EFX. This places his favorite hip hop styles circa 1990, when great innovators like these were taking what artists like Slick Rick were doing and moving it into the next generation of rap. Hip hop of the nineties gave up plenty of the humor and sly wit of the '80s sound in favor of more mature, more complex rap music, but retained the solid back beats dancers demanded at nightclubs and MC performances.

This sums up “L-Mo” by the Animal Kyrawn fairly well. The three offered tracks are plenty appropriate for dance clubs, house parties, car stereos or personal listening. Fans of deliberate songwriting will be attracted to Kyrawn's lyric gymnastics, and listeners for whom melody lines and studio effects are key are likely to note his unique use of autotune and other background details.

Asked to describe his drive to become a musician, the Animal Kyrawn writes, “I got bored with the industry and needed to hear something different.”

In describing the themes of his new single, Kyrawn says, “[I want people to know] that it's not that serious. Take some time and have fun, but be cautious.”

“L-Mo” by the Animal Kyrawn is available online worldwide from over 600 quality digital music retailers now.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Future bass producer Chieftone releases new single 'Stray Gun'

The producer of future bass music known as Chieftone has released his latest official single, “Stray Gun.” The track has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. Airy, affirming, fun and full of space in which to move around, “Stray Gun” is an example of EDM's emerging sound for 2017 and beyond.

Chieftone cites as main artistic influences Flume, San Holo, Knife Party, King Tubby, Bob Marley, and Prince Fatty. EDM listeners will note straight away the future-bass leanings of the former trio, while dub, dancehall and reggae fans will mark the accomplishments of the latter. “Stray Gun” is, in fact, a blend of the two pairings.

“After playing in ska and punk for the last 10 or so years,” writes Chieftone, “I have decided to branch out and release my own solo music in a completely different style.”

This new direction of Chieftone's is called future bass, a rapidly rising subgenre of EDM only yet populated by a handful of producers. With the aptly named “Stray Gun,” Chieftone aims not only to add himself to the future bass roster, but also to stand apart with his own sonic character.

“Although this style of music is reasonably new,” he writes, “hopefully my take on it will be a little different as my love for old reggae and Jamaican music will no doubt slip it's way into the sound.”

Chieftone goes on to mention that “Stray Gun” is part of an upcoming EP record of the same flavor, one in which dancehall elements may become more strongly intertwined with the future bass foundations laid down here.

Rolling Stone's David Turner describes future bass as “a still-codifying genre,” saying, “Future bass takes the ecstatic drops of dubstep or trap, but provides a warm bounce rather than a lumbering bruteness. Basslines are provided by harsh, detuned synths that buzz and purr instead of gulp and whomp.”

“Hopefully,” says Chieftone, “'Stray Gun' makes people want to turn their speakers right up and bring some good vibes to their day.”

“Stray Gun” by Chieftone is available online worldwide beginning 15 July 2017. Get in early, EDM fans.

-S. McCauley
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“Stray Gun” by Chieftone –

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rapper Skyy Divinity releases new album 'It's Gon' Be Ok'

The rapper and producer of hip hop known as Skyy Divinity has released her latest full-length album, “It's Gon' Be Ok.” The record contains eleven original Skyy Divinity tracks for a listening time around 40 minutes. It has been proudly published on the DPMG United independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Poetic, aggressive, and built on lines, rhymes and rhythms from the ground up, “It's Gon' Be Ok” stands as proof that Skyy Divinity is no amateur MC.

Skyy Divinity cites as main artistic influences Beyonce, Jay Z, and Missy Elliot. Her own sound is exactly that – her own sound – but “It's Gon' Be Ok” fits with music by these three titans very well nonetheless. It's pop music with an edge, having 'explicit lyrics' tags on roughly half the record. In terms of style, the entire album is radio-friendly and is likely to do well in virtually any position in a DJ's playlist.

But the most prominent feature of Skyy Divinity's “It's Gon' Be Ok” is wordplay. It's a record with much to say and plenty of creativity with which to say it.

“The message is saying things in life will get better over time,” writes Skyy Divinity of her new album. “It also sends a message of Woman Power, and of doing things your way. And last, it's about Love and War!”

Skyy Divinity hails from Freeport, Grand Bahamas. She has been writing music since the age of 11. Winning a high-school talent competition sponsored by local music studio Ultimate Dub Lab put her in the spotlight with coverage from the island TV / radio station, ZNS News, as she performed for 1600 students at her school. This would form the basis of her fledgling career as a musician. Since then, Skyy Divinity has opened for legendary hip-hop performer Rick Ross and become acquainted with such popular performers as Trina, Richie Spice, Fanton Mojah, Gyptian, and Isasha & Million Voice.

Her official video for “My Way,” the opening track on her record, is already heading into the thousands of views in only a score of days (link provided below).

“It's Gon' Be Ok” by Skyy Divinity is available online worldwide from over 600 quality music stores now. Get in early, hip-hop fans.

-S. McCauley
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“My Way” Official Music Video –

“It's Gon' Be Ok” by Skyy Divinity –

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stefan Goreé releases new single 'To Live and Survive on 7 Mile'

The rapper and producer of hip hop known as Stefan Goreé has released his latest official single, “To Live and Survive on 7 Mile.” The track has been made available in both explicit and radio-friendly formats. It has been proudly published on the Nationwide Power Entertainment independent record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Dark, genuine, and packed with intensity, “To Live and Survive on 7 Mile” is a hardcore rap track with true gangsta heart.

Detroit's Stefan Goreé cites as main artistic influences Royce da 5'9", Eminem, Big L, Ugly God, Rocaine, Sada Baby, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, Big Sean, and Rick Ross, among others. His own style and sound are unique, however, even if some of his topics are familiar. No one who hears his “To Live and Survive on 7 Mile” is likely to insist they've heard something like it before.

“I want to show people that, yes, it is violence inside of Detroit,” writes Goreé, “and I have lived through some terrible times, but I want to do it in a different way. I may talk about the same subjects but I always try my best to find different ways to talk about them.”

Stefan Goreé would have had to, he's been making hip hop for so long. In fact, his music roots go all the way back to grade school.

“I used to get in trouble a lot in school,” he writes. “My mom told me to start putting my energy in something else, so I started off by making beats, originally back when I was 11.”

His beats are heavy and work to showcase the grit of his lines and rhymes. The themes of “To Live and Survive on 7 Mile” are more autobiographical than they are about a thug narrative.

Asked to describe the overall message of his new single, Goreé says, “I am hoping that my music can show people the story of my life, what I go through. I want them to know.”

“To Live and Survive on 7 Mile” by Stefan Goreé is available from over 600 quality music stores online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley
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“To Live and Survive on 7 Mile” by Stefan Goreé –


Metal crew Attempted Revenge release new EP album 'Origins'

The heavy metal group known as Attempted Revenge have released their latest EP record, “Origins.” The album contains seven original tracks for a listening time of nearly half an hour, making it a comprehensive introduction to this skilled group of rock titans from Brooklyn, NYC. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction of the corporate music industry. High-octane, full-throttle, and boasting atmospheric, narrative songwriting, “Origins” will put Attempted Revenge on the map of American metal for fans around the globe.

Attempted Revenge cite as main artistic influences Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, and Dragonforce. Their own style is as complex and technically advanced as these, and with similar tones overall. However, Attempted Revenge captain their songs with less ostentatious vocals which neither scream nor growl, setting them apart from the nu-metal norm. Listeners who have grown tired of such conventions are likely to appreciate Attempted Revenge's story-driven songwriting.

Asked to describe the overall themes of “Origins,” Attempted Revenge write, “This EP begins the story of Attempted Revenge and the S.L.O.P.P.Y.”

Listeners curious to know the backstory of said “S.L.O.P.P.Y.” will need to check out the record's second track of the same name. It's safe to presume “Origins” is a record with a mythos of its own, one which Attempted Revenge fans are likely to have made themselves acquainted previous to the release of the album.

“The making of 'Origins' was the most interesting experience for me,” says Reaper (vox, guitar). “I got to do a few things I like doing most which was chilling with my bros, smoking a bunch of weed, creating this and watching this come to life in ways I'd never imagined hearing. It wasn't just a fun time, it honestly was a life experience.”

Guitarist and vocalist Chris Vicious writes of his experience in Attempted Revenge, “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can't do.”

“I'd love to thank everyone that has been with us since the beginning!” says drummer D'Weasel.

Attempted Revenge's current official bio describe them as “a hard rock/metal band” and having “multiple vocal leads, dual guitar melodies, and rhythmic drum-bass style.” It concludes by saying, “AR brings a unique sound, providing catchy riffs, diverse style, and awe-inspiring stories.”

“I love it,” writes bassist Sloppy Jo. “I love us, I love our music, and I love sharing our music with others. There's just something magical that happens when we work on our music together, and that magic is 'Origins.'”

“Origins” by Attempted Revenge is available from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley
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