Thursday, November 20, 2014

Prezident Kane releases new LP 'Death Before Dishonor'

The rapper known as Prezident Kane has released his latest LP album, “Death Before Dishonor.” The album is composed of 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It is the most widely distributed album to come from Kane to date and has been widely anticipated by his fans, which he proudly refers to as “my soldiers.” The album has been published on the SharkTown Records independent music label. Straight-up, hardcore gangsta rap from the heart of the American south, “Death Before Dishonor” is an old-school banger for fans of the G- sound whether young or old.

Prezident Kane cites as main artistic influences such personalities of the hip-hop scene as Master P., Tupac Shakur, the Screwed Up Click, UGK, South Park Mexican, and Do or Die. His own style is a legitimate part of the Dirty South mode of rap music, and has much in common with all related artists above.

In addition to the considerable talents of Prezident Kane, himself, his “Death Before Dishonor” LP also includes the skills of a broad spectrum of SharkTown Records friends and family. Such rappers and vocalists include Redrum, Lil Bing, Lyrikal, Merk Rock, Reality1, Hennessy, Killa, Cyr, Gina, and Pelon. Each featured artist, according to Kane himself, was given express freedom in writing his or her own lyrics for the respective tracks.

Speaking of the themes of his new record, Kane writes that the overall message of his new album revolves around “Real life in the streets in every hood in the world.”

Prezident Kane's official bio describes him as being from Corpus Christi, TX by way of Chula Vista, CA. He became the young, founding CEO of SharkTown Records at the age of 14. He began his music career by writing poetry, then branching into rap music in 1996 when a friend asked him to rap over the phone so a girl could hear him.

“My homeboy called on three-way and told me to rap to this girl on the line,” writes Prezident Kane. “She said that she was really into it … From rapping to girls, I started rapping about our lifestyles in the street.”

SharkTown Records has been renowned for their efforts in charitable social work and have been showcased on national television for this reason.

“SharkTown Records made an appearance on ABC that broadcast a local affiliated station called K-III TV-3 News,” Kane relates. “They interviewed me because we were helping the S.O.S drive and giving out free haircuts for all the kids. Some children couldn't afford a fresh haircut on the first day of school, so we wanted to make a difference.”

This isn't the only way Prezident Kane and SharkTown lend a hand, either.

“With our programs, we are trying to give back by helping the children that are less fortunate,” Kane writes. “SharkTown Records proudly has two programs. The first one is named the 'Kids Keeping It Real Foundation' for kids coming from situations they cannot control, family abuse and poverty, for instance. The second program is named the 'F.A.D.D Org.,' which stands for the Fight Against Drunk Driving Organization.”

SharkTown and Prezident Kane also appeared on the Johnny Canales Show, through which they were invited to the First Annual Dr. Hector P. Garcia Memorial Parade with political leader Joe Ortiz.

“Death Before Dishonor” by Prezident Kane is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Paul Best releases new world music LP 'No Boundarys'

The composer and instrumentalist of world music and kirtan known as Paul Best has released his latest LP record, “No Boundarys.” The album contains eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of a full hour. It has been proudly published on the Yatte Yattah Beat independent music label, entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Meditative, creative, calming and inspiring, “No Boundarys” is a fulfilling listen for fans of New Age music, world music, and kirtan music alike.

Known at home and abroad for playing what is perhaps best described as world music, Paul Best cites as main artistic influences mostly rock, such as that of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, the Cure, Radiohead, and Bob Dylan.

“I have always loved listening to music,” writes the musician, who has been playing for more than three decades. “My tastes have expanded over the years, taking in many styles of music.”

This penchant for mixing his interests and exploring new sonic territories is a key component of “No Boundarys,” as the title succinctly communicates. Best's new LP combines the traditional music styles of India with measured doses of electronic instrumentation and innovative, unorthodox techniques.

Speaking of this, Best writes, “This is an instrumental [record] that introduces sounds which most people have never heard, i.e. sitar, and sitar played with a bow – which turns it into a different instrument – combined with percussion and keyboard.”

“No Boundarys” is the latest addition to Paul Best's growing world-music and New-Age repertoire, which contains eight CDs and DVDs. At different points his music has contained elements of kirtan, reggae, pop, rock, jazz, and music for meditation. He has performed as lead instrumentalist accompanying most known instruments in the world, and continues to produce music and background scores for film.

Hailing from the New South Wales area of Australia, he has founded his own music studio where he provides a low-pressure, high-tech recording service to small bands, as well as facilitating the editing or transfer of old material (tapes, etc.) to new mediums (CD, .MP3, etc.) [link provided below].

“Paul Best has created a relaxed professional musical environment,” states the official bio for his studio. “Being a particularly patient fellow, he caters to musicians who are novices at the recording process.”

“No Boundarys” by Paul Best is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Metal band Alone release new LP 'Why Do We Fall...'

The metal crew known as Alone have released their latest LP album, “Why Do We Fall...” The record contains 13 original tracks for an approximate total listening time approaching a full hour, making for a comprehensive and generous introduction to this innovative and imaginative band from Poland. It has been released on the Studio Alone independent record label. With warlike, hammering drums, chunky, thrashing and wailing guitars, and melodic vocals which are varied and arresting, “Why Do We Fall...” by Alone is an album to which fans of all kinds of metal should pay attention.

Alone cite as main artistic influences bands like Linkin Park, Rammstein, Slipknot, Korn, Disturbed, Red, and Bring Me the Horizon. Elements of each of these can be easily discerned in their style, which sounds less melodramatic than any of the above while retaining a degree of epic theatricality which forms a key characteristic of their mood and tone. Songs on “Why Do We Fall...” are written with plenty of texture and can differ from one another in surprising ways, each of them helping to build what results in a towering fortress of a metal record that Alone can stand on for years to come, though chances are fans can look forward to more music from these highly creative persons before long.

Asked to describe the overall message of their new record, Alone say little, choosing only to quote from what may be the most poignant and widely recognized line from the work of William Butler Yeats: “But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

Alone's official bio describes them as a rock-oriented band founded in 2006. Their music is a blend of rock, numetal, electronica and film scores. They are a multiple-award-winning group, their accolades including two first-place awards at the Rhythms of Lodz Festival, 2008; a second-place award at Chelmstock, 2008; and first place at the Global Battle of the Bands, 2008. In 2011, the band won their second Elimination Public Award at Rock am Ring, at which they competed against more than 50 bands from all of Europe. More recently, they garnered the Public Award from the Emergenza Festival Finals in Lodz, 2014. Their full-concert DVD was released in April of the same year.

“Why Do We Fall...” by Alone is available online worldwide. Metal fans should get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coflo releases new EP 'Gazin'

The producer and composer of electronic music known as Coflo has released his latest EP album, “Gazin.” The extended-play record has been proudly published on the Catch the Ghost independent music label, which is also home to such popular up-and-coming artists as Tomahawk Bang and Noey Lopez. “Gazin” is composed of four tracks for an approximate total listening time of 30 minutes (the “Gazin” original version, plus three disparate remixes) making for a roundly satisfying and comprehensive introduction to Coflo's style. Mellow and sophisticated, excellent for dancing, background music, or night drives across town, “Gazin” by Coflo is reason to pay attention to this exciting new artist and recording label.

Coflo cites as main artistic influences Floating Points, Atjazz, Flako, Theo Parish, Moodyman, Tomahawk Bang, and DJ Cecil. While many similarities emerge when comparing “Gazin” to releases by these other considerable talents, Coflo's music is more subtle and reliant on sonic undercurrents than most EDM producers. His beats are solid and grooving, but not overt, and his bass is not the focal point of any one of the tracks. Coflo's instrumentation is carefully balanced and blended, marked by attributes of ambient music, and changes from track to track to produce entirely different feels without completely divorcing any one remix from its stylistic relation to the others.

Speaking of his impetus in composing electronic music, Coflo often talks more about dancing than he does composition.

“As a student of dance for the past two decades,” he writes, “music is fundamental in how I express myself.”

He describes his new EP in succinct and exact terms.

“'Gazin' is a journey through sound and syncopation. There are three very different mixes that provide a different sense of atmosphere, from a casual listen to a late-night dance floor.”

More than merely a dancer and music producer, Coflo busies himself with in-depth researches into the thoughts, theories and histories of dance. His official artist's bio states that “His respect extends to all of those who came before him and with great humility does his best to recreate the great lessons, thoughts and styles of the past … Creating something that is entirely new is all too difficult when we can probably benefit a lot more from respecting the past.”

“Gazin” by Coflo is available worldwide from Catch the Ghost (link provided below) and over 750 music outlets online.

-S. McCauley
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La ' Vega releases new single 'Nappy'

The rapper and songwriter known as La ' Vega has released her latest hip-hop single, “Nappy.” The track has been released on the MVB Entertainment Music Group LLC independent record label, which features the talents of such artists as Deno Corneliani and Ali Moore. It is the most widely distributed official release from La ' Vega to date, and anticipates two forthcoming releases in December 2014, her “Tipsy” single and “Best of La ' Vega 2014” compilation, both anxiously awaited by fans of the rapper. Smooth, jazzy, and empowering to listeners of all walks of life, “Nappy” by La ' Vega is a sure sign that this MVB entertainer is here to stay.

La ' Vega, who hails from the Bronx borough of New York, cites as main artistic influences Nitty Scott MC and Nicki Minaj, both of whom also have roots in NYC, as well as fellow East-Coast rapper J. Cole. Her own music is much like a balanced blend of the styles these rappers boast, having a velvety, classy overtone and direct, audacious lyric style. The topics about which La ' Vega raps widely vary, but in “Nappy” she has a very simple moral.

“You're beautiful,” writes the rapper, “no matter what you look like.”

Born to Dominican parents, La ' Vega was raised on the rough streets of NYC where hip hop itself was born. Not unlike many Bronx youths, La ' Vega found herself at odds with life in the hard town, and began writing poetry to express her thoughts and feelings. This, coupled with her burning enthusiasm for hip-hop music and culture, led her to begin recording music of her own and sharpening her skills as a rap artist.

She was signed to MVB Ent. Music Group in 2013, and the following year found her in the sound studio for much of the time (some of which material will be made available on her upcoming “Best of La ' Vega 2014” comp.). Several music videos have also been made available on her official website, link provided below.

“Nappy” by La ' Vega is available online worldwide.

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Lea Almazan releases new LP 'Liberata'

The singer and songwriter of Christian music known as Lea Almazan has released her latest LP record, “Liberata.” The album is composed of 11 Christian contemporary and rock tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without financial or managerial support from the corporate music industry. Passionate, rocking, and founded on the words of Jesus Christ, “Liberata” by Lea Almazan is a spirit-filled album that any fan of Christian rock can get behind.

Lea Almazan, a singer from the musical hotbed of Orange County, CA, cites as main artistic influences such champions of Christian music as Jesus Culture, Hill Song, Andrae Crouch, and Tracy G. Her own style of music on “Liberata” stems as much from aggressive alternative rock as it does from the rock of ages, and is peppered throughout with soft rock, blues rock, and even a lilting guitar-based lullaby. Her vocals, first showcased as clarion and femininely powerful on her debut record, “Revelation,” remain the main attraction on “Liberata,” though the LP also features some of the most top-shelf lead guitar in the Christian music category and secular music industries alike.

Also prominently featured on her new LP is songwriting of the highest caliber. Lyrically, believers will find “Liberata” to be a source of succor, empowerment, truth, and heavenly praise. Musically, her compositions are varied, innovative, and exceptionally modern while retaining their foundation in the traditions of her faith.

Speaking of the themes of “Liberata,” (Latin for 'released' or 'free') Almazan writes that the messages of her new record are: “Be Set Free; Move Forward in Jesus Christ; Be Fearless, Courageous, Relentless and Contagious. He was and so Now you are!”

The following is taken from Lea Almazan's official bio.

“I love Jesus Christ. The Spirit that lives in us is the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. I write songs that build up and encourage the listener to keep faith active in their lives. The circumstance does not determine the outcome, but as we allow the Holy Spirit to be active in our lives, we will have a successful outcome. I love to connect with people and build relationships. There is power in numbers sticking together.

“God bless.”

“Liberata” by Lea Almazan is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Paul Brett Sage releases new LP 'Emergence'

The rock 'n' roll veterans known as Paul Brett Sage have released their latest LP album, “Emergence.” The record is composed of 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes, representing the first official release from the band in almost as many years. It has been published on the Viral Discs and Downloads independent record label. Born equally from hard rock, psychedelic rock and folk roots, “Emergence” is a potent and highly imaginative record for fans of masterfully performed rock 'n' roll everywhere.

Paul Brett Sage is the rock crew led by UK guitar legend, Paul Brett. Having played in sessions and various other capacities for titanic bands such as the Strawbs, Tintern Abbey, and Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Brett is renowned as one of the world's leading guitarists, and a person of considerable note where '60s and '70s psychedelic rock is concerned.

His current troupe, Paul Brett Sage, pick up with “Emergence” where they they left off with their last LP, 1972's “Schizophrenia.” While Sage's members have changed, their spirit remains just the same, and fans of earlier Brett material are certain to be enthusiastic about the beauty and power delivered by this remarkable and poignant record. Brett himself has described the sound as “a mix of acoustic and electric tapestries.”

Neither have Brett's rebellious, “hippie” principles been watered down for the modern era. On the contrary, his lyrical content seems more aggressive than ever, one of the record's most rewarding qualities.

Speaking of the themes around which “Emergence” revolves, Brett writes, “The songs featured on this album in the main reflect the sign of the times we live in. Many topical issues including fracking, corporate morons, banking devils, chattering media classes and a couple of tracks inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.”

In addition to the aforementioned groups, Paul Brett has played in sessions and gigs or toured with bands such as Mott the Hoople, Motorhead, Manfred Mann, Keith Ralph (Yardbirds), Steve Holley (Wings), Andrew Lloyd Webber, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, and a great many others. He has his own brand of signature guitars distributed globally by JHS/Vintage guitars and is considered one of the world's foremost experts on vintage guitars.

Paul Brett Sage on “Emergence” are:

Pete Thompson – Drums
Gavin James Coulson – Electric Bass
Greg Robley – Stick Bass
Paul Brett – Acoustic and Electric Guitars / Vocals
Lyrics on Amsterdam – Shiloh Noone
Lyrics on Evening Star – Edgar Allen Poe

Vinyl and CD hard-copy versions can be purchased directly from Viral Discs and Downloads, link provided below.

“Emergence” by Paul Brett Sage is available online worldwide. Fans of psychedelic and classic rock, get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Emergence” by Paul Brett Sage –

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