Monday, January 30, 2017

Singer Anthony Mayler releases EP 'Simply Loving U' and single 'True Love'

The singer and songwriter known as Anthony Mayler has released his latest EP album, “Simply Loving U,” and an official single, “True Love.” The EP contains five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. Both have been proudly published on the Mind Music Production independent record label. Graced with smooth grooves and a cosmopolitan style built firmly on the roots music tradition, “Simply Loving U” and “True Love” prove Anthony Mayler to be one of the most intriguing names in roots for 2017.

Jamaica's Anthony Mayler has cited as main artistic influences Wayne “Sleng Teng” Smith, Ed Robinson, Randy Crawford, Marcia Griffiths, Cynthia Schloss, Pam Hall, Denise Williams, Skeeter Davis, and Johnny Gill.

His own sound is a mix of old-school reggae with rhythm-n-blues mellowness crafted in the spirit of soul. Fans of reggae, rhythm-and-blues and traditional roots music will find much to appreciate in Mayler's smooth, affirming vocals and minimalist instrumentation. Guitar and bass recall those of the Wailers, while the brass employed is reminiscent of Toots and the Maytals. It's easy to tell from the cover art that these new Anthony Mayler releases have romantic themes, but their heartwarming sound will appeal to anyone.

Asked to comment on his artistic aims, Mayler writes, “Music is the great comforter for the Body, Mind, and Soul. Music can heal any ills of the human psyche.”

Regarding his new EP, “Simply Loving U,” and “True Love” single, he says, “Love conquers all obstacles. Love binds us together … Place joy and happiness on your bucket list and remember that God’s love and tender mercies will guide you through all your life’s experiences.”

Anthony Mayler's current official bio says that he “wants his fans to be resilient, to be able to bounce back from obstacles or disappointments. They must be able to enjoy life no matter what they've been dealt.” It also notes that “Anthony sings because he is happy and he sings because he is free,” and ends with a blessing for his fans: “May the joy and happiness of his music console you and keep you well.”

Mayler has performed with a broad variety of popular artists, such as Gyptian, Ed Robinson, Courtney Melody, Michael Palmer, Tristan Palmer, Jah Mason, Chronicle, UU Maddo to name a few. His recent live shows include international appearances such as Tanya Mulling’s Walk of Fame in Canada, the Tony Cobb Show in the USA, and the Prospect Park Community Show in the USA.

Mayler’s music has been described as “especially created to foster love and relationships. It tells the story of how failures and disappointments can be instrumental in shaping the character and the personality of the individual. His music will accentuate the spirituality of individuals and bind them with the commonality of one cultural experience.”

The “Simply Loving U” EP and “True Love” single from Mind Music Production records are available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers beginning 28 January 2016.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Grammy-nominee Charlie Bereal releases gospel single 'You Are God'

The guitarist, singer and songwriter of gospel music known as Charlie Bereal has released his latest official single, “You Are God.” The track has been proudly published on the Bereal Entertainment and Productions independent record label without the direction or inclusion of the corporate music industry. Boasting rhythm and blues elements with notes of contemporary soul thrown in for good measure, “You Are God” by Charlie Bereal is a modern pop classic of gospel music for music fans everywhere.

Charlie Bereal cites as main artistic influences Marvin Gaye, and Sly and the Family Stone. His music makes it clear, however, that his main inspiration for writing, performing and producing music is in the Christian God. Bereal is lead guitarist and vocalist for the Grammy-nominated and Stellar Award winning gospel quartet, the Soul Seekers. He has described his songs as belonging to their own category he calls, “honest music.”

Bereal is a session guitarist in demand who has played on recordings such as “More than a Woman” (Aaliyah), “One Minute Man” (Missy Elliott), “Call Me I’ll Be Around” (Cee-Lo), “Love is Like Whoa” (Mya) and “Do What It Do” (Jamie Foxx), and others. He has performed live with acts like Jay Z, Ja Rule, P Diddy, Nelly, Busta Rhymes, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, Ashanti, Brandy, Mario, Tweet, Missy Elliott, Toni Braxton, Mary Mary, and many more.

Charlie Bereal's television appearances include the Tonight Show, Mad TV, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen DeGeneres, BET’s “Pepsi Smash,” the ESPY Awards, the Soul Train Music Awards, the Lady Of Soul Awards, the Grammy Awards, et cetera.

Asked to describe the theme of his new “You Are God” single, Bereal says it has a “positive message with truth that comes from the heart. It's food for thought.”

Charlie Bereal is a platinum-selling producer, musician, and singer/songwriter. He has been playing guitar since the age of nine. He performs in many genres, such as hip hop, R&B, soul, neo-soul, alternative, gospel, pop, urban adult contemporary, and rock.

“Music isn't something I do,” writes Charlie Bereal. “It's who I am.”

Bereal is sponsored by the Fender guitar company. He wrote and produced Tweet's 2016 album, which Rolling Stone pegged at #12 for the top records of the year. He has written and produced for Whitney Houston, Jamie Fox, Mary Mary, Chris Brown, Kelly Roland, and Mya. His debut solo record, currently untitled, is expected to drop before long.

“I love all types of music,” says Charlie Bereal. “I love epic-sounding music and you can hear that in my work. I love soul, and I love honesty in music, and that’s what my music is.”

“You Are God” by Charlie Bereal is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers now.

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Experimental musician B.E.N releases new ambient LP 'Be Easy Now'

The bassist and producer of experimental music known as B.E.N has released his latest LP record, “Be Easy Now.” The album contains six original instrumental tracks for an approximate listening time nearing one hour. It has been proudly published on the Crooked Pants Publishing independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Soothing, beautiful, and remarkable in its ability to carry the listener on bass lines alone, “Be Easy” is a mellow, mindful treatment of ambient music for 2017 and beyond.

Experimental music mastermind B.E.N has cited as main artistic influences Claude Debussy, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Bill Frisell, and Explosions in the Sky. While this distinguished roster colors him as a listener of much scope and perspective, the nods to Debussy and Eno have most in common with his “Be Easy Now” LP is concerned. Expansive, expressive and lush like the surface of an ocean, “Be Easy Now” is pleasant to hear in nearly every imaginable circumstance.

More than just ambient music, though, “Be Easy Now” is actually a work of meditation. Read from top to bottom, the track listings form a peaceful mantra not unlike those invoked by practitioners of yoga and Buddhism. They are, “Breathe In,” “Deep End,” “Be,” “Easy,” “Now,” and “Breathe Out.” Full-sounding yet minimalist in its composition, every sound on the LP was emitted from a bass guitar.

B.E.N's music has been described as, “the musical expression of regular, everyday life in a way that is completely irregular.”

His current official bio names him as Benjamin Ryan Williams, “a Texas-born, Atlanta-bred bassist with a penchant for combining his influences into a solo experimental musical style that is unlike any other.”

B.E.N has been a full-time musician since 2010, and has been performing and recording bass with folk icons, Indigo Girls, since 2012. He is also a first-call session player in Atlanta for top-shelf hip-hop producers such as DJ Burn One and DJ Toomp. B.E.N has stated that touring with a Grammy-winning folk group while recording with Grammy-winning hip hop acts helped him see “a common thread about harnessing the energy of originality through music: the rules are man-made.”

“B.E.N composes music with nods to folk, impressionism, and the avant-garde,” says the artist's official bio. “The music is entirely comprised of sounds from the bass guitar, exploring fresh and exciting boundaries for the instrument. With thoughtful harmony, odd song structures, and opaque timbres, listening to B.E.N's music is at times as similar to reading poetry as it is listening to a performance. Oddity made accessible … In a time when the music industry seems to have no rules, B.E.N has even less.”

“Be Easy Now” by B.E.N is available online worldwide beginning 28 January 2017. Get in early, ambient music fans.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rapper Dark Source releases LP album 'If Hip Hop Should Die...'

The hip hop artist known internationally as Dark Source has released his monumental full-length record, “If Hip Hop Should Die...” The album includes 15 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction or financial support of the corporate music industry. Mixing elements of old-school with sharp production and contemporary beats and melody lines, “If Hip Hop Should Die...” is an LP proving Dark Source to be one of the year's most intriguing artists.

Dark Source has cited as main artistic influences such legends of the mic as Tupac Shakur, Rachelle Ferrell, Micheal Jackson, Scarface, Master P, Nas, MC Breed and Dayton Family. His own lyric style blends highly narrative storytelling and urban poetry with an aggressive delivery. These are laid down over deep cuts and grooves which bring to mind the 808s and 909s of yesteryear. Fans of all hip hop scenes have something to look forward to in “If Hip Hop Should Die...”

Hailing originally from Michigan and residing now in Indiana, Dark Source is closest to the East Coast style of hip hop, but many elements of West Coast (and a few from Dirty South) rap are present in his work. He has been rapping and beatboxing since the age of six. He has been described as having “a unique style and the ability to learn fast, excellent with the lyrical content, voice, experience, consistency and patience.”

He has been performing live since 2003 and has been a member of the Gwapp City Gangstas in Grand Rapids, MI. He has recorded two albums and seven mixtapes available in more than 150 nations worldwide.

“I’m confident in my future all around Full Circle,” Dark Source writes, “because I’m determined with a lot of ambition.”

Asked to comment on his new “If Hip Hop Should Die...” album, he writes, “Adversity… Persistence… this is my story!”

“If Hip Hop Should Die...” by Dark Source is available online worldwide from more than 700 quality digital music retailers now.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Yeshua Alexander releases hip hop single 'Dream' feat. Ne-Yo

The hip hop artist known as Yeshua Alexander (AKA “yA”) has released his latest official single, “Dream” feat. Ne-Yo. The track has been proudly published on the yA Music Group LLC independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Packed with boom bap and featuring top-shelf urban poetry from yA as well as white-hot vocals by Ne-Yo, “Dream” is a single which will turn the heads of hip hop fans in every underground scene.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, yA balks, writing: “I do music in all genres. You can't just say I'm a rapper because one day I may feel like doing a country song, then the next day something pop, or R&B.”

This open-mindedness is present in “Dream” and results in a multifaceted, highly textured track with plenty of color and evocation.

“I love music from all over,” writes Yeshua Alexander. “I'm in tune with my soul and my emotions. I write and sing what I feel!”

Alexander's creative process isn't new to him, and in fact didn't necessarily begin with him. A man with music in his blood, he credits his dad with showing him the spark.

“I have been involved in music since the day I was born,” he writes. “My father who has passed away, as much as I can remember of him, he would always be singing, playing the guitar and piano around the house.”

But it's not just about family, he insists.

“Everyone I'm around is influencing the way I do music.”

Originally from Lincoln County, GA, Yeshua Alexander's most prominent album is “Evolution,” dropped in September of 2015. The LP features nearly an hour's worth of music in 15 original tracks. It has received radio circulation and plentiful accolades online, and continues to rack up fans going into 2017. He is rumored to have recorded eight albums and 50 solo singles ready to be released over the coming months.

Asked to comment on the theme of his new single, “Dream,” yA writes, “The message I want to send is this: enjoy life no matter how hard your situation may appear to be; try to live life to the fullest; live every day like there's no tomorrow!”

Yeshua Alexander's single, “Wait,” was created with Lil Uzi Vert, who was featured on the #1 Billboard single, “Bad and Boujee.” Another yA album, one inspired by his daughter, Nya, is titled “Concrete Rose” and due for release on 17 July 2017, Nya's birthday. Two more records, a pop album called “Coexist” and another hip-hop record, “Madness,” will drop on 3 March 2017.

“Dream” by Yeshua Alexander is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers soon.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Irish death metal band Sonus Mortis releases new LP 'Hail the Tragedies of Man'

The symphonic death metal project known as Sonus Mortis has released a new full-length album, “Hail the Tragedies of Man.” It contains 11 original tracks for a total of one hour of explosive listening. The record has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Building, burning and cresting like a sonic tsunami of fire, “Hail the Tragedies of Man” by Sonus Mortis is easily one of the most evocative and arresting examples of symphonic death metal ever recorded.

The sole creative genius behind Sonus Mortis and “Hail the Tragedies of Man” is veteran multi-instrumentalist Kevin Byrne. Dublin, Ireland's Byrne cites as main artistic influences Septicflesh, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ and My Dying Bride. He has described Sonus Mortis' music as symphonic death metal with elements of black metal and doom metal.

“Hail the Tragedies of Man' is the third full-length record from Sonus Mortis, which officially began in 2013. Although chiefly a studio project, Sonus Mortis has amassed a loyal following of over 10,000 online fans and counting. With the obvious power of “Hail the Tragedies...,” there seems little doubt that this number will grow exponentially.

Asked to comment on the themes of his new album, Byrne writes, “The financial and political landscape has led us to tempestuous and challenging times. We are witnessing the erosion of liberty through fear/paranoia with America melding into a fascist system of surveillance and intrusion. The Middle East is becoming more and more unstable, civil war and uprisings are savaging Yemen, Syria and many more areas. Religion still infects humanity's roots, and Europe is at the edge of an existential crisis.”

Clearly the album is no sleeper, and music fans with a mind for social issues and pertinent philosophy will find plenty of both in “Hail the Tragedies of Main.”

“[My record] explores all these themes,” Byrne writes. “It's tangled up with anger, sadness and despair. This is one man's view of the world explored through dark, bleak symphonic death metal.”

Bleak though it may be, the sound is a visceral experience, swirling like smoke and rushing like wind, almost palpable as it comes at the listener. Audiophiles are challenged to hear any track from “Hail the Tragedies of Man” by Sonus Mortis and remain unaffected. It will seize you.

“Hail the Tragedies of Man” by Sonus Mortis is available online worldwide at over 700 quality digital music retailers now. Get in early, metal fans. Very early.

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Gospel singer Rahn Anthoni releases new EP 'I'll Trust You'

The singer and songwriter of gospel and contemporary Christian music known as Rahn Anthoni has released his latest EP album, “I'll Trust You.” The record contains three original songs for an approximate total listening time of fifteen minutes. It has been proudly published on the Rahn Anthoni Music independent record label without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Devotional, inspirational, and filled with the spirit of the Christian God, “I'll Trust You” is evidence that Rahn Anthoni is a gospel voice to watch in 2017.

The Atlanta, Georgia area's Rahn Anthoni cites as main artistic influences Howard Hewitt, Michael Jackon, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and Fantasia. His own sound is a mix of hip hop and R 'n' B with roots reaching into the gospel tradition. The title single of “I'll Trust You” was written by Fred “Uncle Freddie” Jerkins, brother of Darkchild Records' Rodney Jerkins, while Anthoni penned the rest of the record himself.

“Music makes me feel free from all my problems that I have each day,” says Rahn Anthoni. “It gives me a getaway and expresses love to all my listeners – including myself.”

Rahn Anthoni has had a long and varied music career which began with his family gospel group, the Family Voices. Since that time he has released a popular single, “Hold On,” with Tate Music Group, and become the host of his own talk show, “The Rahn Anthoni Show” after appearing on “Starpower” for the BET Network. The program reaches over a million viewers on EOTM TV.

Singer Anthoni made national headlines in 2012 when his son, Aaron Hatcher was allegedly killed through the abuse of his teachers at school. The calamity triggered a heart attack in Anthoni, himself, who survived after emergency open-heart surgery. Since that time, Rahn Anthoni has been an outspoken advocate for students with special needs. The Aaron Hatcher Award is given out annually at the Special Needs Rock Awards founded by Rahn Anthoni after the death of his special needs son, Aaron Hatcher, in Atlanta, GA.

“This message is to Trust God No Matter What!” writes Rahn Anthoni of his new EP record. “I will still Trust You even in the midst of this horrific tragedy. This message is to advise people to hold on because these trials come to make you stronger in the middle of the storm.”

Like the rest of his repertoire, “I'll Trust You” is spiritual music through and through, with a foundation in Christian principles and values.

“We must not give in,” Anthoni writes, “because the Power of God has you even until the end of this earth. 'I Found You' is a song that will bring all to the love of Christ, because when I found God, my life became complete in spite of the things of the earth. I allow the fire to change my life.”

“I'll Trust You” by Rahn Anthoni is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers now.

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Z-Sides release flagship album 'Ad Infinitum'

The Bay Area indie heroes known as Z-Sides have released their new LP powerhouse, “Ad Infinitum.”
Like the rest of the Z-Sides repertoire, the full-length record has been proudly published as an independent release without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Raw and unpolished, yet sparkling like an uncut diamond on an exotic shore, “Ad Infinitum” takes its place among the great works of subculture art and proves that Z-Sides are keeping indie rock relevant in 2017 and beyond.

A sneak preview of the record has been made available at the Z-Sides official BandCamp page here:

Z-Sides cite as influences '90s mainstays like My Bloody Valentine,Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub and Wilco, but also less intuitive picks like U2, REM, Rush, Dream Theater, and Yes. Their sound is organic, cruising, sometimes driving and aggressive, other times narrative and rolling in the groove. Fans of records like “More Fun in the New World” by X and “Bee Thousand” by Guided by Voices will find a rare treat in “Ad Infinitum,” while new kids to the sound will find it growing on them until the realization sinks in – music like this is why people stopped listening to the radio.

Tracks of particular note include power-pop opening track, “Fortune Hunter,” surprising acoustic roller, “Something Begun,” and the back-to-back pairing of “Non-Plussed” and “Paper Thin,” the chunky, bassy grooves of which dovetail together nicely. “Good Thing Going” is slated to be one of those crowd pleasers Z-Sides will play near the end of their set for a strong finish, while the uber fuzz and telephoned vocals of “One Small Person” showcase primary songwriter Lane Pianta's fearless creativity.

For Pianta, the quality of these songs comes from equal parts earnestness and hard work.

“At its best, I think music can be the most life-affirming of all the arts,” he writes, “but it's also one of the most demanding. Sometimes it seems as if, for every grace note, a pound of flesh will be required. So, I think it's important to try to put something forward that gives listeners a genuine glimpse into who we are as people trying to make our way in the 21st century.”

The audible humanity of “Ad Infinitum” isn't the only element setting Z-Sides apart from the legions of me-too music groups, but it might be the most endearing. Besides a tone that can be reminiscent of Fugazi's mellower moments while evoking thoughts of fringe punk bands like Husker Du and 7 Seconds, Z-Sides' new record sports verve, passion, narrative and even bits of philosophy.

“Making music this way is not the normal thing,” says Pianta, “but if you hope to make something extraordinary, you can't conform to everyday expectations. You have to push yourself into unfamiliar territory at some point in each song, or else it's hardly worth the effort of putting an album together at all. If you're not a little uncomfortable with some of the truths you're expressing about yourself, you may not be expressing quite enough.”

Z-Sides are Lane Pianta, Joe Rubio, and Steve Chait. In addition to their considerable talents, “Ad Infinitum” also features arresting performances by cellist Michelle Kwon. Studio production is by Angelo Rossi of the Cave Studios in Mountain View, CA, with mastering by Vince Hudson.

“Ad Infinitum” by Z-Sides is available at over 700 online music stores worldwide beginning 30 December 2016, or from their official BandCamp page now. Get in early, indie rock, post-punk and power pop fans. Very early.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Hip hop artist Yayo releases new single 'Live It Up'

The hip-hop artist from Houston, TX known internationally as Yayo has released his latest single, "Live It Up." Like the rest of his repertoire, the single has been proudly published as an independent release on the MadMan Entertainment, LLC record label without the direction of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, brightly toned, and full of rhythm and groove, "Live It Up" is the latest evidence that Yayo is a name to watch for music fans and DJs alike in 2017 and beyond.

Yayo sites as main artistic influences Kanye West, Jay Z, Rihanna, and Young Jeezy. These tastes appear in his own music several ways, including his penchant for writing infectious hooks, the use of analog and digital instrumentation, and writing lines and rhymes that are as fun as they are easy to sing along with.

Asked to talk about the themes of his new single, Yayo writes, "My single is about enjoying life. Live It Up means being grateful everyday for the time we get to spend with our family and friends. Live it up! You could die any minute. Everyday you gonna see me living to the fullest."

Yayo attended Curtis High school in Staten Island, NY and graduated from Kashmere High School in Houston, TX. He played basketball at the University of New Orleans, and a year later, transferred to Yuba College in Yuba City, CA, where he continued his passion and love for basketball. While attending Yuba he suffered a knee injury, and his search for self-expression led him down a new path: music.

After leaving Yuba college, Yayo enrolled at San Jose City College to finish up school, but soon made a life-changing decision to pursue his passion for music. Yayo made a personal commitment to remain in San Jose and enjoy the California lifestyle of beaches and mountains – his source of inspiration and motivation to complete his debut mixtape: “No Sleep + Hustle.”

“Live It Up” by Yayo Is available from over 700 quality digital music retailers online worldwide now. Get in early, hip-hop fans.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rapper P.O.P. releases full-length album 'As We Know It'

The indie hip hop artist known as Patterns of Perfection (P.O.P.) has released his new LP record, “As We Know It.” The full-length album contains 10 original tracks for a total listening time of over half an hour. Like the rapper's other material, it has been proudly published on the World Records® independent music label without the aid or direction of the corporate music industry. A work of both perceptive urban poetry and colorful melodic character, “As We Know It” is further evidence that Patterns of Perfection is one of hip hop's most inventive indie artists today.

Asked to cite some influences for his “As We Know It” LP, Patterns of Perfection points to “All genres of music. Any musician or band who has a unique sound or art that they have developed. Philosophy, politics, history and dreams.”

While this may sound too broad to glean anything about the album, in fact P.O.P.'s record sounds exactly like this. If unique styles from several categories of music and creativity were poured into the ear of a man with a taste for old-school hip hop, and if this man were socially aware and had plenty of thoughts on a range of topics, he might produce a record very much like “As We Know It.”

Audiophiles can get a good grasp of how singular Patterns' brand of rap is by paying attention to the open-verse method and reflexive use of vocabulary on “Elsewhere,” Track 3, and by listening to the catchy melody lines and pop sensibilities present in “Matrimony,” Track 7. The songs are very unlike one another, and they are much unlike the other songs on the record. It is a multifaceted LP with something for every fan of hip hop (or even only of poetry).

Also notable is the analog methodology behind P.O.P.'s music.

“My music is created from scratch from start to finish,” he writes. “There are no pre-made samples. I use virtual or physical instruments, including beat boxes, and implement everything manually.”

This translates into textures which allow for minimalism in instrumentation, letting his lyric talent stay in the spotlight where it belongs.

Asked to describe the overall theme of the record, Patterns of Perfection is concise.

“That nothing truly ends,” he says.

“As We Know It” by Patterns of Perfection is available from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, hip hop fans.

-S. McCauley
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