Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rapper Sir releases new single 'Till I Fall'

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known only as Sir has released his latest single track, “Till I Fall.” The track has been proudly released under the independent Young Society Music Group label. Indomitable, melodic, with a powerful back beat and moments of great intensity, “Till I Fall” is easily one of the best pop tracks to come from an independent rapper in quite some time.

Sir cites as main artistic influences a broad array of pop and hip-hop stars including Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, the Notorious B.I.G., Eminem, Nas, Canibus, Clip Heatwood, Slick Rick, and Michael Jackson. A particularly eloquent master of the mic, Sir's lyrics are deliberate and concise, chosen for sound, rhythm and meaning in equal measures.

“I started off managing a rap group by the name of Young Society,” writes Sir of his start in hip hop. “After realizing that my true gift was being behind the mic and impacting people from the stage, I decided to turn to the life of recording and performing.”

A man of great drive and personal direction, Sir's music has always been about improving the world around him. Though the power and groove of “Till I Fall” stand out as clear priorities for the artist, it is the reason underpinning the track with which Sir is chiefly interested.

Speaking of these themes, Sir comments, “My music gives people looking for a way to express how they feel about today's society (music, media, etc.) a voice to be heard, received by the masses. 'Till I Fall' speaks for those who have smelled, tasted, and experienced success and the things that happen while being at the top of their respected fields. There are going to be people that enjoy seeing you be the best … however, there are also always going to be people who want to see you fall. 'Till I Fall' speaks about going until you fall while planning to never do so.”

Sir was born Sir William Christopher Alexander in Jacksonville, FL. He has been honing his craft since the age of 13.

“Till I Fall” by Sir is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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“Till I Fall” by Sir

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

La ' Vega releases new single 'Kill'em' on MVB Ent.

The rapper and songwriter of hip hop known as La ' Vega has released her new, highly awaited single to much critical and fan acclaim. The track has been proudly published on the MVB Entertainment Music Group LLC independent record label. MVB has been spearheading their recent efforts with the seemingly endless amount of hip hop coming from La ' Vega over the last few months.

These MVB Ent. releases from La ' Vega have included October 2014's “Nappy” single, November 2014's “Tipsy” single, and her crowning achievement, the “Best of La ' Vega 2014 [#Work]” full-length record, for which she has garnered a considerable global fan base. Cool, feminine, and as explosively direct as her fans have come to expect, “Kill'em” is the new year's best reason to get into La ' Vega for fans of hip hop everywhere.

To describe La ‘ Vega's signature sound is not as simple as listing other hip-hop stars with whom she shares similarities. Still, such comparisons are unavoidable. Like the music of Nitty Scott MC, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown, the NYC-born La ' Vega takes her groove and attitude from the New York hip-hop tradition, where the music style was born more than three decades ago.

With less than two months on MVB Ent.'s official YouTube channel, “Kill'em” by La ' Vega has already racked up approximately 30,000 views with hardly any marketing at all. Her official video for June of '14, “The Girl You Like,” has surpassed 125,000 views and shows no sign of slowing down.

MVB Ent. has, to date, published more than 30 singles from La ' Vega and is likely to drop a great many more by her before too long, if her quick rise to prominence in 2014 is any sign, but this latest single is of particular note for its especial high quality, even in comparison to the rest of her repertoire, which is already of a very high quality.

“Kill'em” by La ' Vega is available online worldwide. Fans of hip hop around the world should absolutely get in early.

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“Kill'em” by La ' Vega –

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Ma$kon Ngmb releases new single 'Greedymoneyboy'

The rapper, songwriter and producer of hip hop known popularly as Ma$kon Ngmb has released his latest official single, “Greedymoneyboy.” The track has been proudly published on the Getit2Death Entertainment independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music power structure. Gritty, real, and characteristically in-your-face as Getit2Death has become known for being, “Greedymoneyboy” by Ma$kon Ngmb proves that he's a rising hip-hop star with motivation for miles and beats to spare.

Ma$kon Ngmb (usually stylized MA$KON NGMB) cites as main artistic influences such legends of the mic as Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. Like the work of these megastars, his own songwriting and performance are marked by an aggressive, explosive delivery of rhymes and lines and the likes of which denotes the unadulterated sound of urban poetry.

Asked to comment on the themes or messages of his latest track, Ma$kon Ngmb writes that “Creative music and making your own lane still exists.”

A quick listen through of the “Greedymoneyboy” single is enough to hear that in this Ma$kon is not mistaken. The track is unlike any releases in the category of hip hop to be released in recent months.

Appropriately, therefore, the artist's current official bio is a blend of symbolism and city cyphers, faithfully reproduced below:

“I'm a symphony of music, and a book of words to any genre
Independent type so it is supposed to be hard to find me
I'm bossing over here at getit2death ent., and never been the type looking for a label to sign me
The masked rapper the needygreedymoneyboy
Maskon Ngmb underground but free
Ghost rhythm ghost writer true creator non biter they losing Attention of the listeners but the getit kid gonna get them
I do music for the world but I'm forever a Carolinian New single Greedymoneyboy
But that just the beginnin
I'm not gonna getit unless it's way beyond wealth
I'm not gonna getit unless I'm getting it to death”

“Greedymoneyboy” by Ma$kon Ngmb is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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“Greedymoneyboy” by Ma$kon Ngmb -

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vices and Adulation release new single 'Have You Ever'

The popular duo of dark melodic metal known as Vices and Adulation have released their latest official single, “Have You Ever.” The track is the most significant release from Vices and Adulation in some time and is expected to fuel even more interest in this undeniable Goth-rock crew the world over. With stunning vocals from acclaimed lead singer Lucy-may and razor-sharp guitar work from multiple-award winner Fabian Upton, “Have You Ever” is the latest reason fans of alternative rock have to warm their ears against the emotional fireball that is Vices and Adulation.

Asked to cite a few artistic influences, Vices and Adulation guitarist Fabian Upton names a variety of legends, including '80s giants like Def Leppard, new-millennium groups like Evanescence and Paramore, and European melodic metal crews like Children of Bodom and Dimmu Borgir. Perhaps unsurprisingly with inspirations such as these, the autodidactic Fabian Upton has been revered online as the 8-Finger-Tapping Guitar World Champion for four consecutive years, and once as the Sweep-Picking Guitar Champion.

While this helps one imagine how his song composition and style of guitar playing might sound, the picture is far from complete without the impeccable singing of Lucy-may Upton, whose crystalline vocals have helped to garner more than 250,000 fans on Facebook and other social media, and whose arresting harmonies – possibly never before showcased as strikingly as on “Have You Ever” – have been turning heads around the heavy-metal world.

Speaking of the themes of their new single, Vices and Adulation write that “Everybody feels pain. We should care more about our surroundings and the people that surround us.”

Vices and Adulation was born in 2013. In addition to her renowned singing, Lucy-may Upton is a published poet and highly skilled artist from West Midlands, UK. Both she and guitarist Fabian are entirely self-taught musicians. Their first instrumental album released on 4 February 2013 continues to be heard on SoundCloud and other outlets to the tune of more than a quarter-million plays. Their first non-instrumental release, “Dragon Princess 2,” followed in March and won the Akademia award for Best Alternative-Rock Song and gained the group a Facebook's coveted Rock-Music Crown award.

“Have You Ever” by Vices and Adulation is available online worldwide from the band's official website and elsewhere [link provided below]. Fans of alt- rock, Goth- rock and melodic metal should absolutely get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Eudecous and John Moses release new single 'You Girl'

The producers and performers of roots music known as Eudecous and John Moses have released their latest official single, “You Girl.” The track has been proudly published on the Stride Music Productions independent record label without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music industry. It is the most significant and highly awaited single from Stride Music since their popular May 2014 release, “Drum Stick Riddim.” Like the best tracks from that roots reggae collaboration, “You Girl” takes the best traditional elements of the roots sound and adds to them innovative and fresh qualities for a new listening experience that transcends the same-old, same-old groove.

Eudecous and John Moses cite as main artistic influences on “You Girl” such legends as Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Dennis Brown, and Marcia Griffiths. Their own sound on this single is contemporary, cutting-edge and entirely unique while staying true to the most important roots attributes. Perhaps for these reasons, their latest track has occasionally been listed under the rare roots-rock subcategory.

Speaking of the themes and aims of their “You Girl” single, singer Eudecous Haughton writes of their new song, “The message my song shares to its listeners is to motivate, uplift and give a positive vibe.”

In this, the track will not disappoint old fans nor will it fail to attract new ones to these veteran music makers from the reggae hotbed of St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Stride Music Production is based in the Dunbeholden District of Greater Portmore. The production company prides itself on creating and making roots reggae available from the locale where the heart of reggae music beats stronger than anywhere else in the world. Fans of such homegrown artists and dancehall heroes as Kabaka Pyramid, Chronixx, Konshens, Darrio, Teetimus and Vybz Kartel are certain to be greatly enthused by this latest offering by Jamaica’s own Stride Music Production record label.

An enterview of Stride Music executives Eudecous and Mr. Fre-ssh by Television Jamaica's capital entertainment news program, Entertainment Prime was conducted in June of 2014. It is currently available for viewing at the music label's official website [link provided below].

“You Girl” by Eudecous and John Moses is available online worldwide.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blues man Terence Lording releases new single 'Forecast Lightning'

The songwriter of blues music known as Terence Lording has released his latest official single, “Forecast Lightning.” The single has been proudly published without the influence or participation of the corporate music power structure. A sonic landscape of shadows, mystery and intrigue, “Forecast Lightning” by Terence Lording is a contemporary reminder of how very ice-cold cool blues can sound.

Terence Lording has cited as main artistic influences such musical legends as the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, and Led Zeppelin. His own sound takes elements of each of these (the innovative creativity of the Beatles, the slyness of Hendrix, the blues and rock blend of the Stones, for example) and makes of them a fresh amalgam that is not often found in modern blues music.

Asked to describe any themes or meanings which his “Forecast Lightning” might have in store for listeners, Lording writes simply that his sounds are intended to paint “musical imagery.” In this, his latest track excels in spades. For this reason, the song is not only excellent for personal, casual listening, but also lends itself easily to background scores for cinema and other purposes.

Terence Lording is a born American, raised in the west and south of the United States, as well as in Europe. His music journey began at the age of four, when he started learning to play guitar. Largely an autodidact, he was classically trained at the ages of eight, 17 and 25, but leans mostly on those lessons he taught himself. His college years found him playing in experimental music crews, while by his thirties he had picked up bass guitar.

He has stated that his main music interests include blues, jazz, soul, hard rock, blues rock, classical music, rock 'n' roll, rhythm 'n' blues, pop, and writing and recording.

“Forecast Lightning” by Terence Lording is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Forecast Lightning” by Terence Lording –

Country singer Rhea Francani releases debut single 'Dizzy'

The performer of country music known as Rhea Francani has released her anxiously awaited debut single, “Dizzy.” The track is the first glimpse of her upcoming freshman EP release, “I Want You to Know,” which becomes available online everywhere 10 February 2015. Both have been proudly published on the Limestone Records, LLC independent music label. Relentlessly catchy, colorfully upbeat and undeniably fun, “Dizzy” is a track that country fans of every generation can get behind.

Rhea Francani originally hails from Buffalo, NY and comes from a broad musical experience.

“I have a great appreciation for a lot of genres of music and artists,” she says in her current official bio. “I've performed jazz and theater, and grew up listening to Motown soul.”

She mentions being drawn to the energy of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, an energy her new single has in spades. It was popular country music that finally snared her, though, with its narrative lyrics and storylines.

“I gravitated toward country music because the stories the songs conveyed stole my heart,” says Francani.

As main influences to her own sound, Francani cites pop-country stars like Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum.

“Lady Antebellum is a really big inspiration that got me into country pop. All these artists reached me in different ways, and still motivate and encourage me every day. I want my music to relate to people. If one person is moved, I’ll feel accomplished.”

Rhea Francani's “Dizzy” has also been concurrently released with an official music video, available for viewing online everywhere. Shot on-location in Nashville, it serves as a fine introduction to this surprise new country talent from Western New York. As it is in the single, itself, Francani's exuberance is infectious, her joie de vivre palpable.

“I was utterly amazed the first night going into OmniSound Studios and meeting the musicians. I was very moved and excited at the same time, to be around so many talented people who shared the same love for music. They were doing the Nashville number charts as we were getting ready for scratch vocals and right before I sang the first note I started getting teary-eyed. The music I had in my head was coming to life – they helped my music come alive. They added their talents to my songs … It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

Rhea Francani is an honors graduate in Musical Theatre Performance from Wagner College, NYC and impending alumna of Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC with a Master’s Degree in Music and Music Education.

“I am so excited to share my music, my dreams, and my heart with you!” she writes. “Thank you so much for your support. Stay tuned!”

The “Dizzy” single and official music video by Rhea Francani are available online worldwide. Country fans should get in early. Be sure to watch also for her debut EP release in February, “I Want You to Know.”

-S. McCauley
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“Dizzy” by Rhea Francani –

“Dizzy” official music video –

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pop/folk singer Kelsey Forsberg releases new EP 'Lost'

The singer and songwriter of pop/folk music from Northern California known as Kelsey Forsberg has released her debut EP “Lost.” The album has been proudly published on the Radiant Soul Records independent music label without the involvement of corporate music entities. It comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. Warm, heartfelt, and written in the true spirit of the folk and country tradition, “Lost” is the latest example that the real voice of America is in the singing of her independent artists.

Kelsey Forsberg cites as main artistic influences Miranda Lambert, ZZ Ward, Sheryl Crow, Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, and Banks. Her own songwriting style fits in well with that of the legendary performers on this list, but her singing is more down-to-earth, more genuine, and more accessible to listeners of various music genres than many of them. Her natural tone seems to reach through the music to shake the listener's hand, leading one through the singing of her musical narratives as if down a country road.

This is appropriate, as her debut record revolves around the ins and outs, ups and downs of life – anyone's life – everyone's life.

“The 'Lost' EP shares the struggles that people go through every day,” writes the singer of this. “It has songs ranging from heartache to getting revenge on a former bully, to being lost in a big city where no one knows your name. The lyrics reveal a discovery of oneself that I hope listeners can relate to.”

While singing has been a lifelong love for Forsberg, it wasn't until high school that she began taking it seriously.

She writes, “I have loved music and singing since I was a little girl but I really started getting involved in the music scene at age 15, when I began taking vocal lessons and entering into local singing competitions. I took these experiences and began writing my own music. It wasn't until I started playing at open mic nights in Folsom, CA that I really started to expand my style of music and booking local gigs.”

Now the author and performer of a globally distributed EP album, Forsberg sees music as a part of herself more than ever before.

“Music has become a way of expression and happiness for me,” she writes.

“Lost” by Kelsey Forsberg and co-written and produced by Radiant Soul Records' David Warren is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Lost” by Kelsey Forsberg –

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New York's DJ SeanKev releases new LP 'HouseFunkysco'

New York's famous spinner of vinyl records known as DJ SeanKev has released his latest LP record, “HouseFunkySco.” The long-playing album comprises 16 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of nearly one hour, making for a comprehensive serving of the mix master's material. It has been proudly published on the Seankev Records independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Aptly named, “HouseFunkysco” is packed with endless amounts of funk and groove, and represents one of the best examples of the 1990s tradition of mixing beats from vinyl to be released in more than 20 years.

DJ Seankev hails from NYC's Queens area, where he learned to spin and mix vinyl albums in the 1980s and '90s. Often referred to in purist DJ circles as “Doctor of the Mix,” Seankev has been a traditional house-music DJ since the very innovation of the sound.

“I, myself, have been influenced by past and present DJs from around the world,” he writes, “but what separates me is my unique style of how I mix and play.”

This style was standard nearly three decades ago when the musician was learning the ropes from legends like producer Boyd Jarvis. But today, even headlining giants like Deadmau5 have pointed out that many modern DJs simply “press play” on a CD player and do precious little else during live performances. By contrast, SeanKev's shows are analog and non-digital. His discs are high-quality vinyl, many of them prized antiques in pristine condition. His record collection is a work of art in itself, bearing the highly selective taste of their owner.

SeanKev's new release, “HouseFunkysco,” showcases the aplomb with which he brings these beats and sounds together from albums pressed long ago. In his music old and new are seamlessly blended. His LP is a fresh group of songs imagined through an old tradition, realized by mixing classic, vintage records for a brand-new, 2015 release.

“My album shares a real, divine message of dancing and of feeling free to the music,” writes the DJ of his new LP. “It gives off a certain vibe to the body and soul, takes a person back in the good-old days in New York City when the clubs of my era in the '90s were 'the place to be.' I had a real good time producing this sound for the world to enjoy.”

SeanKev has performed live with titans like Natasha Diggs, among others. A characteristically humble man, he outspokenly believes that the sound of soul music can spiritually heal a person and align their chakras. He considers the uniformly positive reaction of dancers at his live shows to be living proof of this.

“HouseFunkysco” by DJ SeanKev is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of beats and dance music. Very early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

HouseFunkysco” by DJ SeanKev –

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Shaniece Page releases new single 'Number One Fan'

The singer and songwriter known as Shaniece Page has released her latest single, “Number One Fan.” The track has been proudly published on the In Us We Trust LLC independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. A track with melody, energy, and infinite danceability, “Number One Fan” is an RnB single that DJs around the world are absolutely certain to agree on.

Shaniece Page cites as main artistic influences Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, “and many more.” Her own style reflects the raw talent of Carey, the vocal precision of Houston, the taste and class of Blige, and the undeniable grooviness of Khan. Her music is accessible to nearly every group of music listeners.

Playing into this strength, Page has released her new single in three editions, one with unadulterated explicit content, another edited for radio and public play, and a third remix with digital elements specifically produced for that unmistakable European-house-music sound.

The characteristically humble, yet powerfully confident Page began her singing career in a church choir. She writes of the themes of “Number One Fan” that her single talks about “keeping your significant other's attention and making sure they are your Number One Fan.”

An extremely well-traveled American singer, Shaniece Page was born in Florida and spent time in Georgia, Texas, Canada and New York before settling in the music hotbed of Atlanta. She has commented that her greatest inspirations have been Whitney Houston and her mother, Cynthia Colston.

The age of 25 found Page attending Morris Brown where she performed in the choir under the celebrated music director, Dr. Gregory McPherson, whose work with the New Kids on the Block helped ensure their legacy. After polishing her direct and arresting stage performance to a high shine, Page began playing every venue she could fit into her increasingly busy performance calendar. Her official bio points out her fan bases in the Virgin Islands, California, Texas, New York, Georgia, and many other states, besides.

Shaniece Page is currently working on her debut record, “Wife, Friend, Freak.” The album will feature her new single as her flagship, signature song.

“Number One Fan” by Shaniece Page is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Number One Fan” by Shaniece Page –

Young Ent releases new single 'United We Stand'

The rapper and songwriter known as Young Ent has released his latest hip hop single, “United We Stand.” The single has been published on the VanDyke Entertainment independent record label with loud, proud endorsement by the Fight...Win...Survive outreach and ministry [#FightWinSurvive]. A timely American anthem of encouragement and civil rights, “United We Stand” is a rap song fans of any music genre can get behind.

Young Ent cites as main artistic influences such legends of the mic as Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G., Scarface, Ludacris, Run DMC, Busta Rhymes, Cash Money, Master P., Eminem, and DMX. His own sound on “United We Stand” combines the best traits of these while adding powerful attributes all his own, not the least of which is Ent's rich, rolling natural singing voice.

Yet, perhaps the most powerful characteristic of the single remains its crucial lyrical content, the meaning of which strikes at the heart of today's social injustices. “United We Stand” remarks upon the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO and suffocation of Eric Garner on Staten Island, NY. Both deaths were at the hands of police officials. Neither of these African-American victims were armed.

Speaking with regard to the themes of his new single, Young Ent writes, “This song signifies the climate right now in America and the hope and desire to not be overtaken by it. Two grand jury decisions not to indict white cops who killed unarmed black men, the riots, the protests, the marches, the call for change, the hope for a better future, America and world.”

Not necessarily a straightforward hip-hop track, “United We Stand” has elements of rhythm 'n' blues, rap, and gospel music. It has been concurrently released with an alternate, “Lord's Prayer Mix” version, available from online music outlets as “United We Stand (Lord).” This second, more spiritually profound edition includes Young Ent reciting the Lord's Prayer at the end of the track [Matt. 9:6-13].

“United We Stand” is co-published by Fight...Win...Survive. Asked to comment on the motto of FWS, owner Steven A. VanDyke remarked, “Life's circumstances can sometimes knock you or a loved one down, but it doesn't have to knock you or them out!”

Fight…Win…Survive describes itself as “an encouragement merchandiser and ministry outreach that touches lives all over the world through positive reinforcement of love, trust, belief, inspiration, encouragement and faith.

“In this life everyone has to deal with something,” writes VanDyke. “When you stop and think about it, it is absolutely true!”

A recent statement from Fight…Win…Survive concerned their “Good Grade Challenge,” which the company has described as “a positive answer to the foolish challenge games that our kids were playing and posting online.”

FWS emphasizes that their new single, “United We Stand” “is all about everyone coming together for what is right. This song is set to be the theme of – not the civil rights movement of the past – but the 'justice for all' movement of the future.

“It's not only about color,” writes VanDyke. “It's about liberty and justice for all!”

“United We Stand” by Young Ent is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pussy Stomp releases new LP 'Guide for Shy Guys'

The purveyors of alternative blues music known as Pussy Stomp have released their latest full-length record, “Guide for Shy Guys.” The album has been proudly published on the Hopetone Records independent music label, which has been steadily garnering attention since its popular release of Takoma's “Kerosene Belts” LP in late 2014. An aggressive, rocking and rolling blues record with a Gothic heart and a punk-rock soul, “Guide for Shy Guys” is an album with a ton of grit and style to spare.

Pussy Stomp cite as main influences many legends of sonic subculture such as the Birthday Party, the Cramps, Talking Heads, Joy Division, Big Black, Cop Shoot Cop, the Jesus Lizard, PJ Harvey, the Smiths, the Fall, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Nevertheless, their own sound is largely founded on the same blues tradition which gave rise to performers like Lightnin' Hopkins and John Lee Hooker.

“We adore those bands from the British new wave of the '80s and the post rock of the 1990s,” they write, “but we also love old blues and folk songs.”

Pussy Stomp are an Italian duo consisting of Skip Roberta and Buddy Chu Vanvera. Their official website pegs their sound as having come from out of the desert of Sardinia, one of the largest and most historically significant desert systems of Europe. Their new “Guide for Shy Guys” has been published on the heels of their “Superslut” EP, which hit shelves in 2014 courtesy of the Two Side Records label.

Asked to comment on the themes of their new record, they write, “We are not that wise! And we sing about even-less-wise characters. You know, people like Teddy Beer, or Belly Worm...”

Music by Pussy Stomp, like many of the most time-honored blues songs, is full of storytelling and narrative, much of it shadowy and amusingly irreverent.

“Maybe our album is a guide and an ode to shy guys like them, but all we feel like saying is B-Loose!” The advice alludes to one of their more prominent singles on the LP. “Find your own way, even in the darkest swamp.”

“Guide for Shy Guys” by Pussy Stomp is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Guide for Shy Guys” by Pussy Stomp –

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“Twist a Jellyfish” official video –

Europa's Ocean releases new EP 'Ambient Vivid Dreams'

The producer and composer of digital music known as Europa's Ocean has released his latest EP record, titled, “Ambient Vivid Dreams.” The extended-play album has been published on the Europa Records independent music label, entirely without the financial or managerial support of the corporate music power structure. Bearing six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 36 minutes, it is closer to a full-length album than to a traditional EP and provides a roundly comprehensive showcase of music by Europa's Ocean for listeners not yet acquainted.

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Europa's Ocean has cited as main artistic influences such popular music groups as Secret Garden and Sigur Ros, with groups like Swans, Grimes, Tiësto, and Seven Lions as favorites also. As might be gathered from its title, the “Ambient Vivid Dreams” record is largely a work of ambient music, though terms like 'chillout,' 'cinematic soundscape,' and even 'new age' also appear as tags for the EP on the artist's official BandCamp page.

While 'ambient' is certainly an appropriate descriptor for Europa's Ocean's new album, fans of the genre might be surprised at its highly melodic content. A category populated by soundscapes and sonic textures, rather than by orchestrated chord progressions and verse-chorus structuring, ambient does not typically offer many of the attributes contained in “Ambient Vivid Dreams.” Among other characteristics, Europa's Ocean has written his music with traditional instrumentation and phrases over a background of ambient sound, making the record far more accessible to fans of many different music styles than it otherwise might be.

“My sound is crafted with harmonically rich synth pads and a strong piano melody,” writes the artist in his official bio online. “My goal is to create ethereal sonic landscapes with supernal reverb and huge stereo delay.”

With regard to the chosen name of his music project, he writes that “Europa’s ocean is the only other place in the universe where we are certain liquid water exists. And the possibility of life there is significant. My music is inspired by astronomy, theoretical physics, and of course Love of all forms.”

Europa is the sixth-closest moon of the planet Jupiter and is thought to be composed largely of ice.

“Ambient Vivid Dreams” is preceded by Europa's Ocean's “Ambient Ocean of Stars” EP published 1 April 2014 on his official BandCamp page.

“Ambient Vivid Dreams” by Europa's Ocean is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Ambient Vivid Dreams” by Europa's Ocean –

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Musician Taylor James releases 'Say It's Me / Living for You' official video

The musician and songwriter known as Taylor James has released his latest official video, “Say It's Me / Living for You.” The video has been released worldwide as one of the most anxiously awaited videos of Q1 2015. A classy, razor sharp video for a classy, razor-sharp track, the “Say It's Me / Living for You” video by Taylor James is accessible to fans of any music genre and an instant classic [link provided below].

Taylor James (not to be confused to be with James Taylor) is a singer of soul and R 'n' B music best known for his signature blend of James Brown and Quincy Jones. James' style is bass-driven and full of funk, retaining the best qualities of soul and rhythm-n-blues from the '70s and '80s while simultaneously adding his own attributes for a contemporary edge. Unlike much of the pop music churned out by the corporate music machine in the modern era, music by Taylor James has a live, analog quality that can't easily be found amid the highly digitized and auto-tuned tracks which populate top-40 radio. Rich, real and full of groove and attitude, Taylor James' “Say It's Me / Living for You” video is not to be missed.

The video is the capstone of a series of capital Taylor James releases which began in November of 2014 with his “Good News” single and instrumental, rose to a crescendo with his popular “Olde School” LP, and mellowed for the holiday season with his newest EP, “A Taylormade Christmas.” Each of his recent releases has been published on the Hearts of Gold Music independent label to much fanfare and universal approbation.

Taylor James was born in 1953 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He is a graduate of Jackson State University with a degree in music and a minor in recording engineering. He has been writing, recording and producing music since the age of 17. James served as drummer and lead vocalist for Wynd Chymes, whose two LP albums are still in circulation online. His own first album, “No Way Out” appeared on the Great Southern Productions (GSP) music label in 1984. He wrote and produced music under GSP from 1976-1990, after which time he built his own studio and recorded such popular artists as Willie Clayton, Bobby Rush, the William Brothers and the Canton Spirituals.

The “Say It's Me / Living for You” official video by Taylor James is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Rock band Matyas & the Hybrid Mind release new EP 'The Mornings'

The crew of rockers from Hungary known as Matyas and the Hybrid Mind have released their new EP record, “The Mornings.” The record has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Usually billed as pop rock but equally accessible to fans of alternative jazz or even adult contemporary music, “The Mornings” by Matyas and the Hybrid Mind is a piano-driven pop record of a quality one doesn't hear often.

Hybrid Mind bandleader Matyas Bacsó is a Hungarian-born, classically-trained, award-winning pianist, singer, songwriter and composer. He cites as main artistic influences fellow pianist and composer from Hungary, Péter Máté, as well as jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, and Oscar Peterson. He names composers like Bach, Beethoven, Bartók, Strauss, and Gershwin, and rounds out his favorites with pop legends: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, the Beatles, Billy Joel, Abba, Queen, Stevie Wonder…

As this list might suggest, “The Mornings” by Matyas and the Hybrid Mind is a synergy of moods, modes and tones. The early work of Elvis Costello comes to mind, as well as the best piano music by Joe Jackson. Nothing like it is currently being produced anywhere in the world.

“As far as I remember I always wanted to be a pianist,” Matyas writes of his start in music. “When I was seven I started learning to play the piano. Very soon after I was already composing my first pieces. A few years later I got into singing and very much enjoyed that I could accompany myself on the piano.”

Particularly notable about “The Mornings” is that it contains two bonus tracks written in the songwriter's native Hungarian. Even more interesting is that the EP represents his first collection of songs written in English, and certainly the listener could never suspect it.

But what of 'the Hybrid Mind?'

“The name 'Hybrid Mind' comes from Matyas' dilemma of not wanting to limit himself to a particular genre,” the band writes. “As he describes it, 'When I had to play classical music I wanted to play popular music. When I played popular music I was hoping get into jazz, and after I got into jazz I started to miss classical music.' Eventually he realized that he is a 'hybrid mind,' and in his music he is combining elements of various genres: pop-rock, jazz, funk, R&B, instrumental and classical music.”

Founded in 2013, Matyas and the Hybrid Mind are based in Colchester, UK. The band members met at the Colchester Institute where they were working towards their degree in music. They became friends, then band mates. Matyas writes their material and collaborates lyrically with member Peter Scott-Presland, an accomplished lyricist from London.

“The Mornings” by Matyas and the Hybrid Mind is available online worldwide. Get in early.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'I Want You' official debut video released by Swedish rockers One Vision

The Swedish rock trio known as One Vision have released their highly awaited debut video, “I Want You.” The video was shot on-location at Bohus Fortress, built in 1308 on the old border between Norway and Sweden, from which castle the surrounding county takes its name. The video has been produced by Joakim Poromaa Helger. Exciting, melodic, and bearing the tale of a young noblewoman and her sworn protector, “I Want You” is a rock video which hearkens to the beat of romantic history.

[A link to One Vision's official “I Want You” video debut is provided below.]

One Vision are guitarist Roger Pettersson, keyboardist Pia Pettersson and lead singer Stefan Palmberg. They have cited as main artistic influences such legendary bands of the rock genre as Whitesnake, Journey, U2, and fellow Swedish crew, Europe, as well as their musical contemporaries from the Netherlands, Within Temptation.

As might be surmised, One Vision's own sound is a blend of the above with certain key similarities making them stand out from the rest. Their blend of soaring electric guitar and agile, dynamic keyboard sounds is reminiscent of Europe's early work, while the overall production, narrative lyrics and symphonic rock feel are closer to those of Within Temptation. Many of One Vision's songs are inspired by a Gothic or Medieval sound and their lyrics are often narrative. The opening bars of “I Want You” seamlessly connect One Vision's brand of rock music to the music of lute-playing minstrels in the Middle Ages.

One Vision's current official bio describes them as a “soft hard-rock band” from Gothenburg. The band was started in 2012 by guitarist Roger Pettersson and lead singer Stefan Palmberg. Roger started his music career in the early 1980s and has since toured with many different Swedish bands while sometimes working as a studio musician. In 2012 Roger began for real to produce his own songs and started One Vision with Stefan.

Stefan has always had a special love for music and in particular towards the rock genre. At the age of 14 he joined his first group of fellow rock lovers as a drummer. It was several years later that he realized his potential as a singer and the urge to develop as one. Since then he has played with several other bands and musicians before finally meeting Roger and joining One Vision.

The official “I Want You” debut video by One Vision is available for viewing online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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“I Want You” official video by One Vision

Rapper Shawn Lewis drops new single 'Spend A Lot Of Money'

The rapper from Florida known as Shawn Lewis has released his latest single, “Spend a Lot of Money.” The single is the prominent front-running hit from his up-and-coming mixtape, “Life Overseas.” The single has been proudly published as an independent underground rap release without censorship or interference from the corporate music industry. Rattling and humming, bumping and pounding, “Spend a Lot of Money” is the latest reason that fans of hip hop and rap need to be paying close attention to the recent work of Shawn Lewis.

Rapper Lewis cites as main artistic influences such legends of the mic as Nas, the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Eminem, as well as James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Jimi Hendrix. His own style takes the best qualities of these performers and creates a new blend from them which is fresh and new, sharp and direct. Unafraid to say exactly what's on his mind, Shawn Lewis' lines and rhymes aren't just words thrown together with an 'explicit language' sticker on them for show; his rap is premeditated, unadulterated, and ready to take him to the big time.

Asked to describe his start in rap, Shawn Lewis writes, “I always listened to music as a kid. It's just in my blood.”

“Spend a Lot of Money” was selected by Next Hit Record for inclusion on a mixtape series less than one week after its initial debut. While the attention of his fans is being drawn mostly toward this new single, which becomes publicly available 7 January 2015, Lewis is actually gearing up to release his “Life Overseas” mixtape in short time. Hence, “Spend a Lot of Money” features the same cover art which adorns his upcoming LP.

Writing of the themes of his impending mixtape release, Lewis comments that his album's message is “That anything is possible. Work hard and stay consistent, and most importantly, have fun.”

Lewis describes himself as “a laid-back, down-to-earth person, humble and driven by doing better in life or whatever I am doing. All it takes is one opportunity for me to show what I can do, and I can take this industry by storm.”

“Spend a Lot of Money” by Shawn Lewis is available online worldwide. Watch also for his up-and-coming mixtape, “Life Overseas,” due out soon.

-S. McCauley
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JaCee and the Jags release new LP record 'Moon Kiss Sun'

The multifaceted rock band known as JaCee and the Jags have released their latest LP album, “Moon Kiss Sun.” Comprising eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of over half an hour, the full-length collection represents a round JaCee experience for listeners not yet acquainted. Kaleidoscopic, remarkably written and bearing studio production rivaling the best work of Phil Spector, “Moon Kiss Sun” is the latest reason audiophiles should be paying very close attention to this versatile crew from Massachusetts.

Bandleader JaCee has cited various inspirations for his music. These have particularly included Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Henry Mancini, and the Beatles. For “Moon Kiss Sun” especially, JaCee has emphasized the influences of Kinks leader Ray Davies, French accordionist Francis Lai, '60s rock, and the best of pop music in general.

Leading the series of new songs for JaCee's 2014-2015 year is title track “Moon Kiss Sun.” A calypso-styled single which trades the pinging and panging of steel drums for the patter of congas, “Moon Kiss Sun” marries the traditional Caribbean sound to go-go guitar tones for a groovy rock result that could only have come from one of the most unpredictable songwriters of the modern era.

Speaking of the genesis of “Moon Kiss Sun,” JaCee writes, “'Moon Kiss Sun' is a calypso song and has a happy island feel. The song was composed imagining myself as an old Jamaican fisherman on the beach, singing and fixing nets. The fisherman praises the sun and moon and dreams the moon is his lover and that he is the sun, itself.”

The LP, which JaCee of JaCee and the Jags affectionately refers to as “MKS” for short, largely revolves around the chord progressions of that initial title track. It was the seed that sprouted the tree in all its sonic splendor.

“You see, I bought a new acoustic guitar,” JaCee writes, “(a Greg Bennett design D-5CE) and I wanted to show off the way the strings ring. That's how 'MKS' got started. From there the calypso theme emerged and other variations – the 'Is This Luv?' song, for example.”

This is not the first time JaCee and the Jags have fully explored the character of one or more singles, however. Their debut “Risky Luv” LP utilized this method of songwriting, too.

“My hope is listeners will enjoy hearing JaCee's song variations,” writes the bandleader. “For me it's the same as an artist with canvas offering up a thematic series of pictures, etc.”

JaCee and the Jags are a moving, changing crew of collaborators. This 2015 incarnation of the Jags includes Smokin' Squibb on sax and keys, and Tips Shoemaker on keys and trumpet, both of whom return from their sparkling performances on last year's “Risky Luv” LP.

“Moon Kiss Sun” from JaCee and the Jags is available online worldwide. Get in early, calypso, jazz and '60s-pop fans.

-S. McCauley
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Folk songwriter Asher Wolfson releases new single 'Beautiful Girl'

The singer and songwriter of folk music from Sydney, Australia known as Asher Wolfson has released his latest single, “Beautiful Girl.” The track has been proudly published on the Wolfling Records independent music label entirely without financial support from the corporate music power structure. Natural, sonorous and accessible to fans of any music genre, “Beautiful Girl” by Asher Wolfson is the latest example of the power of the folk tradition that endures around the world today.

Asked to cite a few artistic influences, Wolfson mentions not a one. But the chief importance of music in his life is something he's quick to point out. In fact, he takes it with him everywhere he goes.

“It's always been there,” he writes. “Some people complain about having a song stuck in their head – I always have one in there, it's just a matter of which song.”

While this phenomenon may not be singular to Wolfson, alone, it's at least more notable in his case for informing original tracks like “Beautiful Girl.” It's a plainly heartfelt song, one with warm, acoustic overtones and playful chord progressions which make a pleasant canvas upon which Asher Wolfson paints his soft vocal textures.

It's not all about sound, though. Music by Wolfson is poetic and deliberate, while retaining an intuitive quality that makes it seem somehow off the cuff.

He writes of the themes of “Beautiful Girl,” saying, “Today's society has a culture where a guy can't tell a girl she's beautiful without expecting something in return. This song is saying that by the time you hear the message of your being beautiful, I'll already be gone, so you can be sure that the only reason I'm telling you is because it's true.”

Asher Wolfson cut his musical teeth in what he calls “a church environment where singing was a weekly experience.” His (short) official bio describes him as a “gentle and generous, loud and friendly” young man. It concludes by stating that Wolfson is “the kind of guy who will strike up a conversation in an elevator with a complete stranger.”

“Beautiful Girl” by Asher Wolfson is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Beautiful Girl” by Asher Wolfson –

Sterlen Roberts releases debut LP 'Alivenwell'

The producer, rapper and songwriter of hip hop known as Sterlen Roberts has released his debut LP record, “Alivenwell.” The album comprises 17 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of over one full hour. It has been proudly published on the Oakland to Paris Music Group independent record label entirely without the involvement of the corporate music industry. With razor-sharp lines and rhymes, endless amounts of bass and groove, and a slick studio production to rival that of the most popular hip-hop records of all time, “Alivenwell” by Sterlen Roberts is sure to be the most significant release of Q1 for 2015.

In addition to the skills of Sterlen Roberts himself, the LP also features the talents of Kara Hesse, Ab Fifi, Taylor Conti, Reno Jr. and Ron, Strict, Adrian Battle, Chris Aaron Smith, Mack C, Mike Jeffries, Lyrica Anderson, Rob Porter, Mr. Fabb, and San Quinn. Roberts has cited as main artistic influences such legends as Stevie Wonder and Prince, but is more often compared to Drake, Big Sean, and J Cole. He has infused this new record with plenty of R-'n'-B and gospel flavor.

Notable songs from Sterlen Roberts' “Alivenwell” include “Before I Start,” a hip-hop track with a uniquely gospel flavor and a powerful message, “Bottles On Me,” a rap song with jazz-inspired vocals, “Twerkabop,” which showcases a new hip-hop craze called 'bopping,' and the early popular single, “30 Min.”

While the album sounds like the result of an enormous musical collaboration, the truth is that “Alivenwell” is a solo record programed, written, performed and produced by Sterlen Roberts, himself.

Roberts' label, Oakland to Paris MG, says of their artist, “We have never seen an artist like Sterlen. He is so talented, it's almost as if he can do anything. He can perform – amazing piano player – rap, produce, write, he can even direct his own music videos; he is that creative and gifted. There is no doubt in my mind that with our team and his talent, OTP Music Group and Sterlen Roberts will be a force to be reckoned with.”

Sterlen Roberts' official bio describes him as born in the city of Oakland, CA, raised in a Pentecostal household where church played an important role. “This is evident in the strains of gospel that erupt in the production he creates, staying true to his roots,” the bio runs. “While still in high school Sterlen dedicated himself to the 8x12 room where he honed his prowess as an intellectual entrepreneur, not just an artist who has others create for him.”

“Alivenwell” by Sterlen Roberts is available online worldwide beginning 6 January 2015. Hip-hop, R-'n'-B and pop music fans should get in early.

-S. McCauley
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