Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bar Code Born releases double singles 'I Miss the You I Knew' and 'Still Crazy for You'

The singer and songwriter known as Bar Code Born has released two new single tracks, “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You.” The singles have been made available as a bundled duo in the tradition of the single and B-side 7” record. They have been proudly published as independent releases entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Impeccably produced, cleverly written and masterfully performed, Bar Code Born's “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” have a style all their own and are likely to appeal to a broad range of music fans.

Bar Code Born's new tracks are variously categorized as electronica and pop music, though they can also be found in the indie pop and alternative rock bins, among others. The artist cites as main music influences Smashing Pumpkins and the Psychedelic Furs, as well as the singer-songwriters of the oldies genre. Fans of these are likely to be well pleased with the similarities they find in these new offerings from Bar Code Born. Full, lush harmonies and melodic song structures make “I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” excellent additions to any music lover's collection.

Speaking of the themes of his new songs, Bar Code Born writes, “The songs take listeners on a complex journey between missing the old honeymoon phase days of relationships … but at the same time growing into a more mature love where 'crazy days are over,' but still being passionate where dreams can fade but somehow stay.”

Bar Code Born began as the three-piece band, Barbie's Gun in 2001, but changed their name due to lawsuit threats from Mattel, Inc. They have been courted by music labels such as Jet Speed Records and received an award from the Unisong International Songwriting Competition. They have previously been awarded a grant from the Arts and Cultural Council for Greater Rochester, and featured on public television WROC channel 8.

“I Miss the You I Knew” and “Still Crazy for You” by Bar Code Born are available online worldwide beginning 3 August 2014.

-S. McCauley
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Sunstack Jones releases new LP 'Roam'

The alternative-rock crew known as Sunstack Jones have released their latest LP record, “Roam.” The record comprises 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Mammoth Bell Recording Co. record label as an independent release without support from the corporate music industry. Populated with acoustic guitars, rolling beats and consistently remarkable songwriting, “Roam” is a lo-fi record that fans of indie music and Brit pop will be able to agree on like no record before it.

Sunstack Jones cite as main artistic influences such musicians as Ryan Adams, Nirvana, Mazzy Star, the Sundays, Beachwood Sparks, Scott Walker, Lee Hazlewood, Pink Floyd, and Sonic Youth. Attributes of each can readily be found in “Roam,” particularly in the cases of Mazzy Star and the Sundays. The open-air, other-worldly feel of Pink Floyd runs like a strong undercurrent throughout the record, and a raw simplicity ties Sunstack Jones to Sonic Youth in terms of songwriting and apparent artistic principle.

Asked to expand on the themes of their album, Sunstack Jones writes simply – “Things are bad, we know.”

Their official band bio describes their sound and style as “ethereal dream-pop psychedelia,” a descriptor which colors them appropriately, though their overall effect is not as complicated as the compound adjective might suggest. On the contrary, “Roam” by Sunstack Jones is an incredibly accessible rock album, one which both the casual listener and true audiophile can quickly dive into and thoroughly enjoy.

Sunstack Jones were formed in the UK in 2011. Their debut LP, “Surefire Ways to Sweeten
The Mind” appeared in 2012. Soon after making live appearances at Britain's popular Cloudspotting Festival and with This Is The Kit, they hit public radio on Mark Radcliffe's BBC Radio 2 Music Club show. Recording sessions for BBC Merseyside's Introducing followed, as did spots on Tom Robinson's 6 Music Mixtape Show and Fresh Faves.

The Verve's Nick McCabe has called their “Sun in Your Eyes” track, “Beautiful!”

“Roam” by Sunstack Jones is available online worldwide beginning 2 August 2014. Get in early.

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Roam” by Sunstack Jones –

The Stereojack releases new single 'Believe'

Up and coming artist the Stereojack has released his latest single, “Believe.” The track has been released on the Bugs Records music label and warmly received by audiophiles of the Internet everywhere. Upbeat, exotic and unstoppably positive, “Believe” is yet another example of how much more easily independent music can reach the hearts and personalities of the world's most discerning music aficionados.

The Stereojack's “Believe” single has been categorized as pop, euro- pop and pop rock respectively, but it has much in common with other subgenres, as well. An unmistakable reggae groove runs throughout, with vocal and instrumental overtones that take cues from the ska tradition. Mixing remarkably well with this island warmth are trappings of the old-school house music scene.

Digital elements such as mixed drum beats and surprising, delightful synth phrases blend so discretely in “Believe” that fans of house music could miss the ska attributes altogether, even as evident though they are, while longtime listeners of the Specials and Madness could feasibly focus on the vocals and blasts of brass, and never notice the synthesized characteristics of the Stereojack's single at all. An entire LP of such music could passably warrant a new subgenre all its own.

The Stereojack himself cites as main artistic influences a broad, sweeping list of musicians who share only a consistent thread of absolute quality between them. Among these are the Beatles, Queen, Kraftwerk, Allister Brimble, U2, Waltari, David Bowie, Orbital, Fatboy Slim, Underworld, Morcheeba, Beck, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Regina Spektor, and Norman Cook. This copious collection is an iceberg's tip, and one gets the impression that the Stereojack has a library of musical interests (and activities) that he prefers to keep separated.

All in all, “Believe” is a blue-collar masterpiece for anyone who appreciates feel-good music that seems written for the listener and performed directly to the listener – or to put it more succinctly, it's for everyone.

“Believe” by the Stereojack is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Believe” by the Stereojack –

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Shantay B releases new single 'Michael Kors'

The singer and songwriter known as Shantay B has released her latest single, “Michael Kors.” The track features an appearance by popular independent recording artist, MC Moe Diamondz. It has been produced by Novaman and published on the Novamanmusic independent record label. Smooth, ultra-feminine and classy from head to toe, “Michael Kors” by Shantay B is a single built on both natural and polished talents, and one which fans of both R 'n' B and hip hop are sure to appreciate.

Shantay B cites as main artistic influences such legends as Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and Frank Ocean. The style of her own track, “Michael Kors,” bares resemblance to the songwriting style of Beyonce, while the crisp, clean quality of the vocal tracks are more akin to Whitney Houston. The end result is a display of sonic finery which matches the themes of the track very well.

Speaking of these topics, Shantay B collaborator and co-writer Pierre Lawson explains, “The single appeals to every individual that has a shopping fetish. The hip-hop culture is becoming more influential on high fashion in 2014 and this song is all about designers, hence, 'Michael Kors.'”

Shantay B was born and raised in West Berlin, Germany. Her musical journey began at four years old, singing and playing piano. By the time she was a teenager, she had moved back to Louisville, KY with her family and begun operating as the music minister of the church where her father was a pastor. It wasn't until she moved to Charlotte, NC, however, that Shantay B finally met producer, Novaman. The meeting would culminate in the writing, recording and publication of “Michael Kors.”

Her official artist's bio relates their meeting and collaboration on the single: “This was a pivotal point in Shantay's music career because she never worked with any producer that could convey her ideas and help to polish her writing abilities. One day, Novaman was inspired by Shantay's normal fashion apparel, which is usually an array from designers including Christian Dior and Michael Kors. He was inspired to develop the 'Michael Kors' track and presented it. Shantay was highly impressed and immediately began inking her thoughts and emotions.

“The record was written and recorded the same day. To add more 'girl power' to the record, independent female recording artist MC Moe Diamondz provided her Harlem flow to finesse the urban side of the record.”

Shantay B is currently recording her new EP and has stated plans to impact the music industry in a positive way.

“Michael Kors” by Shantay B is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Vidos release new EP 'All the Time'

The Vancouver rock trio known as the Vidos have released their latest EP record, “All the Time.” The EP is composed of five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. The album has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without support of the corporate music industry. Upbeat, poppy, raw and quirky, “All the Time” by the Vidos has everything fans of indie rock look for, and for which fans of indie rock keep coming back.

The Vidos cite as main musical influences such bands as the Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Foo Fighters and Sonic Youth. Their official Facebook page also gives mention to the Vaccines, the White Stripes, Weezer, Marilyn Monroe, Radiohead, and Smashing Pumpkins. While this amalgam may seem unlikely and varied at first glance, a consistent thread appears in terms of imaginative tones, general irreverence and clever songwriting throughout. Each of these sonic attributes is clearly evident in “All the Time” by the Vidos, and audiophiles in the Vancouver area have been taking notice.

Describing their own sound and character in a few words, the Vidos write, “Bass, guitar, vocals and drum skins as loud as they can go, sometimes a little louder than that, even. We provide an unrelentingly energetic show and write really upbeat 'n' catchy songs about girls, death, and food. We're here to bring the funk back.”

Exuberant, youthful and eternally energetic, the Vidos list among their favorite things Mario Kart, “(awful)” movies, hockey, art, exotic cheeses, tetherball, and the color orange. Their bizarre collective sense of humor is integral to the overall Vidos experience, one which affects their music from its writing to its performance, and from its performance to its recording. One track from their previous LP record, “2012,” includes vocals recorded through a tiny microphone implanted in a toaster, into which their singer projected his voice.

Formed in 2011, the band's live videos drape across the Internet like a blanket and can be viewed from an assortment of websites including their official band site (link provided below). Live interviews on public radio stations are also available for listening.

“All the Time” by the Vidos is available online worldwide beginning July 25, 2014, and directly from the band's official website now. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Darkside releases new EP 'Free Agent (Tru Stories)'

The DJ, rapper, and music producer known as Darkside has released his latest EP album, “Free Agent (Tru Stories).” The EP contains six original songs and has an approximate total listening time of 22 minutes. It proudly has been released on the Born Famous Entertainment independent record label. Heavy on the bass, racked with rhythm and packed with urban poetry, “Free Agent (Tru Stories)” by Darkside is clearly one of the indie rap titles to hear in the summer of 2014.

Darkside cites as main artistic influences some of the most seminal songwriters in hip hop, including KRS-One, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, DMX, the Notorious B.I.G.,and Jay-Z. These inspirations speak volumes about the material listeners can expect from Darkside on “Free Agent (Tru Stories).” His natural groove and unstoppable flow loom second only to the weight of his carefully penned lyrics. Like much of the work of KRS-One, Tupac Shakur and Michael Franti, Darkside's material is gritty, true-to-life and cleverly worded.

Darkside, who started as a DJ at the age of 10, was raised in Baltimore with hip hop in his bones and a message in his mind.

“My message to my listeners,” he writes, “is that if you have a dream, pursue it. Everyone has their ups and downs in life but if you stay focused on your dreams, then the sky's the limit.”

The dual title of his new record is both literal and appropriate. It is his debut solo release, having collaborated with other artists for many years. It is also a work of non-fiction.

“Everything that I write is real,” Darkside comments. “If you're good at writing and telling stories, then share it with the world. Whatever you feel God has blessed you with, take advantage of your gifts and pursue your dream. You will never know how successful you can be if you don't try. Be as real as possible and strive to be the best at everything you do in life.”

“Free Agent (Tru Stories)” by Darkside is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Free Agent (Tru Stories)” by Darkside –

Fighting Bear Bulldozer releases new single 'Go Time'

The rappers, songwriters and performers known as Fighting Bear Bulldozer have released their latest hip-hop single, titled, “Go Time.” The track has been proudly released independent of support from the corporate music infrastructure and bares only the Fighting Bear Bulldozer copyright on over 750 digital music outlets all around the world. The track is a modern, cutting-edge example of hip hop from the mouths and minds of the people to the ears and hearts of listeners everywhere.

Fighting Bear Bulldozer's “Go Time” is packed with vibrant, aggressive rhythm and equally direct, in-your-face vocal work. The back beat keeps time with a pounding bass and bursting snare combo, filled with steady hi-hat work that makes a curtain of rattlesnake shake for a backdrop. Against this sibilant backing rhythm, Fighting Bear Bulldozer raps in the upper register with sharp, machine-gun phrases written with the specific intent that the listener should be encouraged to stand for what he or she believes in and fight for the cause.

Asked to discuss the reason for and theme of the “Go Time” single, Fighting Bear Bulldozer writes simply, “Inspiring action.”

When one listens to the track, the lyrical emphasis on this basic principle is clear; it is simply “Go Time,” after all, when the flame runs out of wick and the powder takes to charge. Fighting Bear Bulldozer are building an explosion. Fans of such artists as Jay-Z, the Notorious B.I.G., Kanye West, DMX and other such legends of urban poetry will not be disappointed by this new offering from Fighting Bear Bulldozer.

“Go Time” by Fighting Bear Bulldozer is an affiliated music project of, which bills itself as “Your 1 stop entertainment complete supersource.” The site advertises instrumental music “easy and problem free,” and currently features a downloadable full-length film, “Always Rise” with a viewing time of nearly 21 minutes.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Bozea releases debut single 'Countin' 100's'

The rapper and producer of rap and hip hop known as Bozea has released his debut single, “Countin' 100's.” The track has been proudly released without support from the corporate music industry on the Full Profit Entertainment music label. Gritty, aggressive, and coming from one of the street's most direct urban poets, “Countin' 100's” pulls no punches and proves that Bozea is one of Cleveland's voices to hear in 2014.

Bozea cites as main music inspirations such legends of the mic as Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, Scarface, Snoop Doggy Dogg (now Snoop Lion), 50 Cent, and the Notorious B.I.G. As such, his own single, “Countin' 100's” is a blend of hardcore, old-school themes and cutting-edge tones and styles. He has been making his own brand of hip hop since his early days at high school.

Asked to discuss his start in music, Bozea writes concisely, “[I started in music] at age 12, experiencing and seeing rugged things in the streets.” Appropriately, he states that his music paints a non-fictional portrait of growing up in the inner city. “[My music describes] realities of the 'hood and of street life,” he writes. “This particular song focuses on my status and the passion to make money.”

Bozea takes his name partially from his nickname, “Bo.” His official artist's bio states that “he is noted for having a prophetical flow full of truth in the likeness of a prophet,” wherefore the second half of his name is taken from the Biblical character, Hosea.

Bozea's understanding of the hardships of the street are genuine. After moving at the age of 16 to East Cleveland, he began selling hard drugs and was eventually sentenced to three years in prison. He spent his time at Lima Correctional Institution boxing and attending college. Years later, he has since co-founded the Full Profit Ent. record label and earned his Assoc. Degree in Business Admin. with a 3.95 GPA.

“Countin' 100's” by Bozea is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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Rapper Klutch releases new single 'That's Klutch'

The rapper, songwriter, and performer of hip-hop music known as Klutch has released his latest single, “That's Klutch.” The single has been produced by Hollywood Legend and published on the Halo Nation LLC music label. “That's Klutch” is the first official release from the hip-hop artist which will be promoted over public radio, and has been edited for radio play. Rhythmic, bassy, and packed with lyrical flips and turns to entertain listeners with ears for urban poetry, “That's Klutch” is the most recent reason why fans of rap and hip hop have been paying so much attention to this rapidly climbing star of the street.

Klutch cites as main artistic influences such musicians as Eminem, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses, and Michael Jackson. As this widely varied grab bag of monumental talents may imply, “That's Klutch” showcases Klutch's sound and style to be an eclectic mix of tones from the old school and the new, with polished horn samples and catchy piano melodies, sonic elements in both the high and low frequencies. The back beat leaves plenty of space for groove while remaining one of the song's best attributes. The beats don't try to be the main attraction, however, which spotlight is appropriately taken up by Klutch, himself.

Asked to comment on the direction he and Hollywood Legend took with his new single, Klutch writes, “[I think] the song shows my lyrical ability flowing smoothly on a non-traditional hip-hop beat, showing my diversity of skills.”

Hailing originally from the Philippines, Klutch was born in 1987 and raised in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia. He moved to America for schooling without his family when he was 15 years old, and is now based in Milwaukee, WI. Klutch had learned to play guitar by the age of 12. Talent shows and other public venues gave him all the room he needed to develop his stage presence and delivery, and by the time he had reached his junior year of college, the public started to take notice.

“In 2010,” writes Klutch, “my junior year in college, it transitioned from a hobby to a career. The rest is history.”

Klutch is expected by many audiophiles to be the first Filipino/Asian hip-hop artist to break out of the underground scene.

“That's Klutch” by Klutch, produced by Hollywood Legend, is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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That's Klutch” by Klutch –

MondoTunes Dubstep Contest winner SubOxyde releases new single 'Ballistic'

The composer and producer of digital music known as SubOxyde has released his new single, “Ballistic.” The dubstep single garnered SubOxyde a first-place win in the 2014 Official MondoTunes' Dubstep Contest, making him the Grand Prize Winner for the electronic dance music subgenre. The contest had been hosted by MondoTunes, DarkElixir, Audeze, Audix, and PlayMeRecords, and was judged by dubstep experts such as DarkElixir, Reid Speed and James Mormile. “Ballistic” is a bass-heavy, ingenious example of what sets dubstep apart from other electronica music categories, and solid proof that SubOxyde is a digital producer to watch out for in the coming months.

St. Louis' SubOxyde cites as main artistic influences such DJs, producers and musicians as D-jahsta, Cyberoptics, 12gauge, Mantis, Datsik, Downlink, Getter, Sadhu, Jphelpz, Barron, and Megalodon. His sounds are earmarked for their particularly low frequencies, a loud statement in a genre populated by bass sounds. Asked to describe the message his award-winning single has for fans and listeners around the world, SubOxyde writes only, “Drop bass, melt face ;).”

Like many young composers of digital music, SubOxyde cut his teeth on a Mixman DM2 before adding the popular music production platform, FLStudio to his digital audio workstation. His official bio paints a colorfully accurate picture of his sound using descriptive language which showcases not only the tone and feel of “Ballistic,” but also the imagination which achieved it:

“[SubOxyde's] surgically detailed masterpieces have everything – twisted, churning, robotic bass lines which morph continuously like they're speaking to your subconscious, sublimely hypnotic melodies and clever little twists packed deep into every bar of his rich, seismic bangers. Producing from an early age, there is no end in sight, no limits to what can be created in SubOxyde's hands. An open mind and attention to the tiniest, most minute elements lay the foundation for his signature LOW Frequency, HIGH Voltage works! This is a no-brainer folks, top-quality Dubstep all the way for the heads, and amazingly dynamic soundtracks for the quality bass-music aficionados.”

The award-winning “Ballistic” by SubOxyde is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Ballistic” by SubOxyde –

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nmisol releases new single 'I'm a Cowboy Forever'

The rapper, music producer, singer and songwriter known as Nmisol (In My Soul) has released his new single, “I'm a Cowboy Forever.” The track has been added to the official Dallas Cowboys play list and is considered by many fans to be the definitive anthem of the Dallas Cowboys national football team. It has been released on the J26 Publishing music label. Heavy hitting and direct with a sonic aggression that matches the vigor and spirit of the Dallas Cowboys, themselves, “I'm a Cowboy Forever” by Nmisol is the song every Dallas super fan can agree on as a background score for the real action on the field.

Asked to describe the theme of his song, “I'm a Cowboy Forever,” Nmisol writes simply, “This song demonstrates my passion, and the passion of others, toward the Dallas Cowboys.”

The rapper cites as main artistic influences such legends as Michael Jackson, Prince, and El Debarge, as well as “by the southern roots of Memphis, TN,” his place of birth. His official Facebook page describes his music concisely, saying that his “style and delivery has mainstream sound, while captivating the listener with inspiring words. Nmisol's delivery is real, and applies to everyday life and the struggle that we all go through to keep the faith through hard times.”

Nmisol has been a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan since the 1980s. He has performed for thousands of Cowboys fans all over the world, including at AT&T Stadium for Cowboys vs. Steelers. He has also performed with the popular Dallas-area rap crew, the Lab Boys, with whom he performed as an opening act for such headliners as Petey Pablo and Cash Money, as well as at various high-profile car shows. Nmisol also recorded two studio albums with the Lab Boys and received plentiful and positive reviews.

“I'm a Cowboy Forever” by Nmisol is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

I'm a Cowboy Forever” by Nmisol –

Therapie Primitive releases new single 'What the Difference Is'

The Brooklyn band known as Therapie Primitive have released their latest single, “What the Difference Is,” featuring Toronto singer and songwriter, G. Krissa. The track has been published proudly and independently without support from the corporate music infrastructure. It has been bundled online with a B-side track, “Already.” Both tracks have been edited for play on public radio. “What the Difference Is” has also been concurrently released with a corresponding official music video (link provided below). Rhythmic, chill, and endlessly stylish, “What the Difference Is” stands as evidence that the borough that first made the beats still has the best bass, even now in the 21st century.

Therapie Primitive describes their particular brand of electronica music as down-tempo dance-funk and soul music. Though this string of adjectives may seem cluttered, Therapie Primitive's signature rolling grooves are anything but. Like the scalloping of dark water as low clouds come in above the ocean, Therapie Primitive have a highly textured surface with impeccably smooth undertones.

The band's official bio talks of their music as “gumbo for the ears.”

“[Our music is] a mixture of organic performances (human elements) and sounds that cross all boundaries and cultures,” it states. “A gumbo is made up of lots of strong, individual ingredients that stand out on their own, contributing to the richness of the dish. Therapie Primitive makes its own brand of musical gumbo, a dish in which the sum is greater than its parts.”

Therapie Primitive have been picking up steam since the widespread, positive reception of their instrumental track, “Bain Douche.” The project features varying vocal talent from around the world, and has included the famous R 'n' B singer, Carmen Bascombe.

“What the Difference Is” by Therapie Primitive is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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“What the Difference Is” by Therapie Primitive” –

“What the Difference Is” official video –

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saxophone quartet Art&Sax release new EP 'Gare Saint Lazare'

The international saxophone quartet known as Art&Sax have released their new EP record, “Gare Saint Lazare.” The EP is composed of six tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, making for a round introduction to one of the world's most eclectic and ingenious groups of classical performers. It has been released on New York City's best-kept musical secret, the underground Scotch and Murder independent record label, which is known as the publisher of albums by such popular musicians as Fjazz and Krychek among others.

The “Gare Saint Lazare” EP by Art&Sax features well-known and loved classical pieces by the likes of Gabriel Pierne, Peter Tchaikovsky, and Johann S. Bach. These titles include such popular works as “Gare Saint Lazare,” “String Quartet No. 1, Op. 11, Mvt 2. Adagio,” “Introduction et Variations Sur un Ronde Populaire,” “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 1. Allegro Moderato,” “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 2. Adagio,” and “Brandenburg Concerto No.3, Mvt 3. Allegro.”

The title track, “Gare Saint Lazare,” is named after the second-busiest rail yard in Paris, which is also the second-busiest such station in all of Europe. It has been the subject of many works of art including one famous painting by Claude Monet. The cover art for Art&Sax's “Gare Saint Lazare” is also a fine representation of the building, itself.

At the heart of Art&Sax is their co-founder and baritone saxophonist, Fernando Arruda. Arruda's bio at his official website describes him as “an expert in music theory, history and performance (School of Music of Brasilia; University of Brasilia; Australia’s Performance Arts Unit; The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Eugene Lang College), Fernando Arruda graduated both as a performer (B.F.A.) and as a historian (B.A.). Currently he pursues a Master’s Degree (M.M.) at New York University’s Steinhardt for Film Scoring, Multimedia, and Concert Composition.”

“Gare Saint Lazare” is the debut record from Art&Sax and Arruda's first classical release.

“Gare Saint Lazare” by Art&Sax is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Gare Saint Lazare” by Art&Sax –

DJ Pad releases new LP 'A Trip in My House Part 2'

The French composer and producer of digital music called DJ Pad has released his latest LP record album, “A Trip in My House Part 2.” Like his previous material, it has been published on the 4000 Records music label. The LP is the third full-length record to be officially released from Pad in less than a single season. It is the latest in a series with which Pad has been cataloging his sonic personality with precision, efficiency, ingenuity and imagination the EDM world has perhaps never seen before.

DJ Pad's “Dubstep: First Strike” album appeared in May, boasting a whopping two-and-a-half hours of EDM, to be closely followed by “A Trip in My House Part 1” in the latter part of the same month. As the first installment of DJ Pad's new series, “A Trip in My House Part 1” also came out of the box with over 150 minutes of music, meaning that the unbelievably prolific DJ Pad released approximately 60 original songs in the month of May alone. This latest edition, “A Trip in My House Part 2” has capped this achievement with yet another 30 songs, making for a grand total of seven-and-a-half-hours of excellently creative, colorful, and engaging digital music from Pad in less than twelve weeks.

DJ Pad has cited as personal influences such artists as Afrojack, Sebastian, Swedish House Mafia, Infected Mushrooms, ATB, Cosmic Gate, Atomic Cat, as well as founding fathers of the scene such as Hanz Zimmer and Mike Oldfield.

High points of interest on “A Trip in My House Part 2” include the delicate and classical, “Poizon” and the baroque-inspired “One More Kiss.” DJ Pad shows off his old-school, house music chops in “Time to Wake Up” and “Remember Me,” both of which are especially suited for playing at dance clubs at midnight anywhere in the world. “Yet Another Track,” shows what Pad can do with live, mixed and highly varied instrumentation. This proves to be quite a lot, as Pad has more than 16 years playing accordion and understands melodious interplay explicitly.

DJ Pad’s official bio states that he has written and produced more than 500 songs in about 30 different genres, but focusing mostly on electro-house, trance, and dubstep. He has been making beats since late 2008.

“A Trip in My House Part 2” by DJ Pad is available online worldwide. It stands as a monument to one of the most inspirational work ethics music has ever known.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

A Trip in My House Part 2” by DJ Pad –

DJ Pad's Official Soundcloud –

Lil Raucy releases new single 'Number 1 Girl'

The singer, songwriter and performer known as Lil Raucy has released his new official single, “Number 1 Girl.” The track has been proudly released on the Slaapin Music Group record label. Fun, upbeat, and affirming in terms of both attitude and spirit, “Number 1 Girl” is a highly danceable reminder that deep down inside, everybody's got a 'number one.'

Lil Raucy cites as main artistic influences such pop legends as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Jake Miller, Michael Jackson, Mac Miller, Bow Wow, and Tupac Shakur. His own performances showcase him as a front man as well as a singer, one who takes his dancing at least as seriously as his singing and songwriting.

Raucy's live shows, which are scheduled frequently and have consistently high turnouts, have proven extremely popular with fans of rap and hip hop, and of pop music in general. While “Number 1 Girl” serves as professional-grade music listening on headphones, in the car or on the dancefloor equally, the Lil Raucy experience is not truly complete without his vibrant stage performance to go with it. This is at least partially because Lil Raucy entered music by way of dancing.

“I started dancing at the age of 12,” he writes, “entering dance battles for fun. I started rapping around 14. With a large number of compliments from friends and family, I began to take music serious. After convincing my manager to get behind me, I recorded five songs and performed two dates in Las Vegas and Fresno in March, 2014. Shortly after that, I went on to perform 7 school dates on a school tour in Los Angeles, CA between April and June 2014.”

Raucy's highly successful School Tour capped out at a combined maximum capacity of approximately 5000 persons over nine Southern California locations. Shortly thereafter, he started booking larger venues.

“I landed a performance on the big stage as an opening act in-concert with over 3000 in attendance for the young and famous group, Mindless Behavior, in Ontario, CA at the Citizens Business Bank Arena on 24 May 2014,” Raucy writes.

But what message does single share with its listeners?

“It paints a real picture that causes people to experience positive emotions,” writes Lil Raucy. “My music promotes fun, good energy, positive relationships and clean lyrics.”

“Number 1 Girl” by Lil raucy is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Number 1 Girl” by Lil Raucy –

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ill Justice releases new LP 'Industry Standard'

The performer and producer of hip hop known as Ill Justice has released his new LP record, “Industry Standard.” The LP contains 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has proudly been released on the independent Antonik Records LLC music label without support from the corporate music power structure. Hard-hitting, well-written, and packed with groove and intensity, “Industry Standard” is a genuine sound and true voice from the heart of urban America.

Ill Justice cites as main artistic influences such legends as Rakim, Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, the Notorious B.I.G., and Eminem. As such, his own signature sound combines both old-school chops with new-school tones for an eclectic and creative album that has plenty of character. Asked to describe his start in rap music, Ill Justice describes his experience participating in Pittsburgh neighborhood rap battles, avidly garnering inspiration from mixtapes and the radio.

“As a child growing up in Pittsburgh, there was a lot you had to prove,” writes Ill Justice. “They would say, 'I'm from the show-me state, so don't talk about it, show me.' Back then you had to know how to battle if you wanted respect. We would go from borough to borough battling all comers. It was a good time back then.”

These competitions tempered Ill Justice's skills and sharpened them to a fine point. He developed a wide variety of music tastes, something his album showcases very well.

“['Industry Standard'] is a record that fans can enjoy from beginning to end,” Ill Justice writes. “I have a variety of songs on it from inspirational, club, R 'n' B, battle, and storytelling. Some people say it's a lost art but I think fans can listen to this album and really begin to understand who I am as an artist.”

The rapper's official bio notes the decline of quality hip-hop and rap music in recent years, and declares his intent to turn the beat around.

“Industry Standard” by Ill Justice is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Industry Standard” by Ill Justice –

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Wayon releases new single 'Slow Motion'

The singer, songwriter and music producer known only as Wayon has released his latest rap and hip-hop single, “Slow Motion.” The track has been released proudly on the Camp Inc Records independent music label without support from the corporate music industry. It is the most significant official release from Wayon to date and has been distributed globally to music outlets everywhere online. In addition to the skills of Wayon, himself, “Slow Motion” also features the talents of Kevin Cossom.

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Wayon lists only the rapper from Atlanta, GA known as T.I., and popular entrepreneur and hip-hop megastar, Jay-Z. Wayon's own style and tone on “Slow Motion” bears many of the most notable earmarks, and many of the best attributes of these artists while remaining uniquely true to Wayon's own inimitable sound.

Wayon, born Wayman Thurl Davis in Newark, New Jersey, began his music career as a naturally skilled writer of poetry and quickly gravitated to the art of rap and hip-hop music. Before graduating high school, Wayon had already begun recording, mixing and producing his music under the early stage name of “Dub-D.” Finishing high school at the young age of 17, Wayon attended Johnson and Wales University in North Miami, FL.

Wayon has participated in several hip-hop talent competitions and emerged victorious, and often performs on the public stage at open-mic nights. He has been signed to the independent Camp Inc. Records music label, which opened their doors in 2008. Wayon's official bio closes with the following quote from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in times of challenges and controversy.”

The “Slow Motion” single by Wayon is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Slow Motion” by Wayon –

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Uno Flow releases new LP 'Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1'

The performer and producer of rap and hip hop known as Uno Flow has released his new LP record, “Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1.” The album contains an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes, but is composed of a surprising 17 tracks including 12 original Uno Flow songs and five audio skits written and directed by the artist. In addition to the numerous skills of Uno Flow, himself, “Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1” features the talents of Savelli Xaous, Da Mista, Profit, Bryant, and Kolazize. The album has been released proudly without support from the corporate music industry on the Uno & Out Entertainment independent music label.

Uno Flow cites as main artistic influences Tupac Shakur and Chad “Pimp C” Lamont Butler. His own sound is a cross between these legendary mixologists and masters of the mic, with the added octane of his own characteristic urban poetry and aggressive vocal performance. The beats on “Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1” are optimized for maximum groove, pop and thump, and Uno Flow's distinguished writing make the LP one of the hip-hop albums of summer 2014 which fans of rap and hip hop will want to pay particular attention to.

“Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1” has been written by Uno Flow without contribution from professional songwriters. Speaking of the thematic and lyrical material of his new LP album, Uno Flow writes, “The 'Bridging da Gap Mixtape is one that you can pop in your CD player and vibe to. It's party music, it's hustle music, it's struggle music, but overall I feel that anyone can relate.”

The “Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1” LP by Uno Flow is available online worldwide everywhere professional digital music is sold.

-S. McCauley
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Bridging da Map – the Mixtape Vol. 1” by Uno Flow –

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Studio Tann releases new EP 'Error$oul'

The composer and producer of digital music known as Studio Tann has released his latest EP record, “Error$oul.” The extended-play album comprises five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published independent of support from the corporate music industry. Groovy, chill as ice and endlessly stylish, “Error$oul” is the kind of record that keeps digital music popular with listeners of all genres.

Studio Tann (also sometimes known as DJ Jonah) cites as main artistic influences J. Dilla, Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Bjork, Madlib, Hudson Mohawke, and Mount Kimbie. Like the more soul- and jazz-minded DJs of the post-2000 era, such as Japan's legendary Towa Tei, and popular Los Angeles favorite, Teebs, Studio Tann uses a smorgasbord of instrumentation to achieve a highly textured sonic experience that works in virtually any circumstance.

Tann's representative writes of his signature style, “Studio Tann evokes errors in sound to create soulful music. Some of the most creative ideas come from mistakes; they are alternative ways of looking at an idea. 'Error$oul' is about learning from mistakes. This is the foundation of the Studio Tann sound. These elements are used to compose beats and melodies in a forward-thinking style and a laid-back vibe.”

Studio Tann's new EP is best categorized as glitch hop, or experimental beats, but is commonly found online as electronica or simply dance music.

The Orange Press says of the record, “Here's a lovely slice of bottom-heavy, glitchy, dubsteppy biz, care of Studio Tann, also known as DJ Jonah. I'm loving it.”

Studio Tann has collaborated with such top-shelf artists as Alphamama, DJ Triptrix, KillaQueenz, Radical Son, Kween G, Lotek, and Skylounja. His “48 Ways 2 Live” features prominently on the “Headroom Vol. 1” compilation album, available online from the Frequency Lab music label.

“Error$oul” from Studio Tann is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Error$oul” by Studio Tann –

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sleeping Thunder releases new LP 'Still Lost, in Thought'

The instrumentalist and composer known as Sleeping Thunder has released his new LP music album, “Still Lost, in Thought.” The LP is a re-release of his fan favorite, “Lost, in Thought,” which has been garnering Sleeping Thunder avid new listeners since its original debut. Sleeping Thunder's dedicated fan base on Jango Radio approaches 200 and is steadily climbing. The album may be variously labeled as world music, new-age music, or even simply instrumental music, but its warm, raw, natural tones are likely to appeal to fans of virtually any genre or category.

Sleeping Thunder cites as main artistic influences the popular jazz legend, Paul Winter, the gurus of experimental and psychedelic rock, Tangerine Dream, and multi-instrumentalist and grammy-award-winning composer and performer, “Weird” Al Yankovic. While certain elements of creativity and ingenuity appear in the works of these artists and also in the multifarious sounds of “Still Lost, in Thought,” Sleeping Thunder's LP is a collection bearing great individuality and character, and cannot be described in derivations.

Asked to explain any inherent themes, motifs and messages in “Still Lost, in Thought,” Sleeping Thunder writes that “It's OK to be yourself. Explore. Even if you stumble and get a little scraped up, you could find something to make it worth the trouble.”

Much of the color and adventure of “Still Lost...” may be glimpsed by merely reading the names of the thirteen songs included on the LP: “Out on a Limb,” “Stormy,” “Have Faith,” “Midnight,” “Pyramids,” “King's Messenger,” “Blue Agate,” “Raptor,” “Damnit,” “Zombie Waltz,” “A Pond,” “T'kumasey,” and “Ta Dee.”

Sleeping Thunder's official bio describes him as a New-England-based artist inspired by hiking and kayaking trips. He plays keyboard, woodwind, recycled percussion, and uses real nature sounds. He also does photography and makes necklaces. His English and French family line can be traced to the Mayflower and to Jamestown, but interestingly includes no Native American heritage.

“Still Lost, in Thought” by Sleeping Thunder is available online worldwide beginning 15 July 2014.

-S. McCauley
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“Still Lost, in Thought” by Sleeping Thunder –

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Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie release new LP 'Dreamscape'

The composers and musicians known as Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie have released their latest new-age LP record, “Dreamscape.” The album is entirely instrumental and has been proudly published as an independent release entirely without support from the corporate music industry. Sculpted using Native American flutes, piano, and a variety of digital production and other instrumentation, “Dreamscape” is a ship to a world within our world that lies just beyond the threshold of commonplace concerns, a place where the mind and its natural surroundings become one.

Asked to cite main artistic influences, Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie's Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka present a clear, concise list: “nature, meditation, and the healing qualities of music,” they write.

The flowing nature of their compositions on “Dreamscape” demonstrates what this means to them. The sounds soothe, but also carry the listener in the way that various forms of meditation have been known to bring human consciousness to places unreachable by usual means. Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie describe the overall theme of “Dreamscape” thus:

“A sense of peace, introspection, and a way to connect with nature that is part of our very DNA which we sometimes lose in the chaos of 21st-century living. The Native American flute has a timeless, almost haunting quality that can transport listeners to a completely different place and time, somewhere where they can create their own dreamscape.”

This is where the real therapy can occur while listening to Hung Phuc Ly with Alchymie.

“Within this dreamscape we can perhaps discover those quieter and elusive emotions or thoughts we tend to overlook,” write the musicians.

“Dreamscape” by Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie is available online worldwide beginning 11 July 2014.

The following are selections from the artists' official bio pages:

Hung Phuc Ly was born in South Vietnam and taken to the USA as part of “Operation Babylift” in 1975. He was on the last flight to leave Saigon for the United States, where he was adopted
by a family from Minnesota. He grew up in rural Rockford and has spent his lifetime not only
discovering who he is now, but also where he came from. Hung Phuc Ly believes in the healing qualities of the Native American flute and the sound it produces. He feels that the sound of wood is ingrained in our DNA and that by playing a wood flute one can harness nature, itself. Hung has been playing the Native American flute for eight years. He has studied piano, guitar, and choir at the college level.

Alchymie was started by pianist and composer Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka as a platform for her instrumental recordings. The art of alchemy is believed to have the power of transformation, much like music does with it's listeners. It is with this in mind that Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka composes, records, and performs for Alchymie. Trained as a classical pianist Jennifer has been performing and composing for over 25 years internationally for major label artists and independent artists as well.

Ruzicka has recorded and toured for independent and major label artists in the USA and in Europe, such as international R&B recording artist Alexander O'Neal, Paisley Park recording artist David "T.C." Ellis, and Mallia "The Queen of Funk" Franklin from the original Brides of Funkenstein and Parliament Funkadelic. She has also performed and recorded with legendary Czech artists such as Pavel Bobek, Ilona Csakova, Karel Sucha, Helena Vondrackova, and the well-known Czech alt-rock jazz group, Laura a jeji tygri (Laura and Her Tigers).

Alchymie focuses mostly on the piano but also uses electronic sounds generated by keyboards and sound generators along with effect processing to meld the acoustic piano sound along with ambient soundscapes, electronica and even ambient drone qualities to paint alchemical atmospheres of sound. Alchymie does not limit itself to only piano and keyboards but will often incorporate other instruments such as Native American flute, guitar, or percussion for recordings or performances with a conceptual focus. Having an open mind and an experimental approach towards her art, Jennifer Theuer Ruzicka continues to follow Alchymie in music always searching for the beauty of transformation.

-S. McCauley
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Dreamscape” by Hung Phuc Ly and Alchymie –

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Dishking releases new LP '1O1'

The singer and songwriter known only as Dishking has released his new LP album, “1O1.” The record contains 13 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. “1O1” is the latest full-length record in a growing series of albums from Dishking including 2010's “Sell Yourself in Gold” and 2009's “The Power of a Loaded Gun,” both of which were published on the AG Music label. With a plain yet polished studio production and a soulful, raw overtone, “1O1” presents the best proof to date that Dishking is among Holland's best sonic exports in decades.

Dishking, who takes his name from a blue-collar job he worked to feed himself while writing music, cites as main artistic influences such titans as Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Tom Waits, Elvis Presley, Ry Cooder, T-Bone Burnett, and Daniel Lanois. His own sound takes what he likes best from each while maintaining a unique, non-derivative angle that is easy to identify.

A consistent stylistic thread of Cash and Presley runs throughout, made volatile by his Bowie-esque aggression and pensive by his Waits-like, shadowy drawl. The effect of Lanois appears mostly in Dishking's attention to studio precision and crispness of timbre. Perhaps his strongest trait of all, though, is his knack for narrative songwriting in the tradition of the American South, which is akin to his penchant for Cooder and Burnett.

Speaking of the lyrical content of his record, Dishking writes, “The main message my album '1O1' shares is to deal and learn from your mistakes. [It's about] being able to reflect on yourself as an outsider. It's literally a one-on-one conversation that was needed to know where and who you are right now in return to act and choose differently, starting of a new day, a new beginning, a new page. That's where the title comes from.”

The title of the LP is therefore not “One-Zero-One” like the first class in a college course, as the record is sometimes listed online, but rather, “1O1” (One-On-One).

Accolades for Dishking's music are easy to find. Mike Garson, keyboardist for David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails told the artist, "You're a good songwriter; I especially liked the 'Brimstone' song a lot!" Dutch radio host Simone Walraven compared his scraping, bluesy voice to those of the Crash Test Dummies, saying, “Holland's got its own Brad Roberts.” The popular European music review site, Platomania, proclaims, “Is it his voice, sounding unhesitated like Johnny Cash's but warm like a Jim Reeves? Is it the influences of Cash, Elvis, Tom Waits, Tony Joe White and David Bowie he's using to make his songs so captivating? It's a combination. And based on this, one could and should only wish him the successful career that a hard-working, talented man earns.”

“1O1” by Dishking is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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1O1” by Dishking –

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stiltz releases new EP 'Written in the Scars'

The singer and songwriter of rap and hip hop known as Stiltz has released his new EP “Written in the Scars.” The EP comprises six original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release without support from the corporate music industry. Heavy-hitting, personal, and populated with tales from today's urban landscape, “Written in the Scars” by Stiltz is the non-fiction result of an artist's genuine efforts to change the world.

Stiltz (often stylized StiltZ) cites as main musical influences such popular rappers as DMX, Eminem, Tupac, Big L., Xizbit, and the Notorious B.I.G. Many of the best traits of his own “Written in the Scars” record bear similarities to these legends of the mic. Also figuring into Stiltz's highly imaginative work are some of the greatest rock bands of all time, Led zepplin, Queen, Lynard Skynard, and others. This inclusive nature as a music fan stems from Stiltz's rocky youth – just as his new EP does also.

“I went through a really rough time at a young age and then I found music and used it as a release,” Stiltz writes. “It's my therapy.”

Having found succor in the music world for himself, the rap artist seeks to do the same for others in similar predicaments.

Stiltz writes of this, “I would like to think that I'm sending a message of hope [with the “Written in the Scars” EP]. To everyone who has been where I've been, and especially to the ones who are there as we speak. I want to let them know they aren't alone.”

While Stiltz has not signed to a religious record label, he still maintains a steady moral course.

“I do not cuss in my albums,” he notes, “nor do I promote or condone sin.”

Stiltz's official bio appropriately closes with the following lines: “Help Stiltz accomplish his dream of changing the world, for it's people like him who can make great change and help people see the good in all the bad.”

“Written in the Scars” by Stiltz is available online worldwide 11 July 2014.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Written in the Scars” by Stiltz –

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Kio releases new EP 'A Temporary State of Euphoria'

The producer and composer of digital music known as Kio has released his latest EP record, “A Temporary State of Euphoria.” The record comprises six original songs and an intro for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes, making for a comprehensive Kio experience with a size comparable to that of a full-length album. It has been released on the Pushbang record label. Widely varied, expertly executed and optimally engineered for dance floors everywhere, “A Temporary State of Euphoria” is proof that Kio is a digital musician to watch in the coming months.

Kio (often stylized KIO) cites as main artistic influences Skrillex, Deadmau5, Afrojack, Shockone, Chemical Brothers, and Daft Punk, but also pays homage to the music he grew up loving, such as that of Tool and Rage Against the Machine. This latter side of his listening taste makes frequent appearances in his compositions on “A Temporary State of Euphoria,” as it forms the foundational history of his musical development.

“I started out playing the guitar briefly, before joining my first rock band in primary school playing the drums,” writes the artist from Sydney, Australia. “Soon after high School I was playing in many rock outfits before discovering dance music and trading my drum set for a set of decks.”

Asked to describe the themes and motifs of his new record, Kio writes that “A Temporary State of Euphoria” is about, “Real vs Artificial feelings and emotions.” He goes on to state, “For example: the feeling you get from an act of kindness vs the similar feeling you can get from just popping a pill.”

“[The album isn't] 'for' or 'against' any of the above,” he explains, “but as the EP title and artwork suggest, it's about working out the difference between these different mediums, and their lasting effects, whether long term or only temporary.”

While critics of electronica sometimes opine that modern dance, house, or club music can seem too similar to other works belonging to the genre, Kio speaks to this directly.

“The songs [on 'A Temporary State of Euphoria'] are unique in the sense that they are not just mainstream short shelf-life DJ tracks that are being spewed out by the thousands at the moment. Each track is a journey, constructed meticulously, with no exception to time taken, wholesome and epic songs that tell a story. The EP is a perfect blend of the 'rock track' and the 'big floor dance tune.'
You can sit down, listen and really get into the layers and intricacies of the song, or just let go and dance away without thought!”

“A Temporary State of Euphoria” by Kio is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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A Temporary State of Euphoria” by Kio –

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Hooyoosay releases new EP 'Googly Goo'

The mysterious musical collaboration known as Hooyoosay have released their latest EP, “Googly Goo.” The EP comprises two original tracks, “Googly Goo,” and “Tare Too Te Rut Te,” packaged with their instrumental remixes for an approximate total listening time of 12 minutes. It has been published on the DisKcovermusic record label. Kaleidoscopic, startlingly creative and youthful in the extreme, “Googly Goo” is the latest evidence that this bizarre and remarkable, amorphous crew from who-knows-where doesn't need names to turn heads.

“No credits, no gigs” is the founding motto of Hooyoosay (often stylized hooyoosay), whose previous releases include the full-length “In dekay,” as well as singles and EPs, “My obsession,” “Don't You Lie to Me” and “Come on.”

To use artistic influences as a barometer for what the band themselves sound like is an exercise in futility. Their repertoire of digitally released tracks spans from blues to pop, rock, country, chanson, vaudeville, and light entertainment, and is just as likely to invade the shores of any subgenre imaginable.

Nevertheless, consistencies do exist: Hooyoosay play upbeat, positive music that lifts spirits and irresistibly invites a good time. Comparisons can be made with the happy, vernal work of They Might Be Giants, and with the endlessly mad ingenuity of Oingo Boingo, too. But in the end the listener must be content with the inconclusive conclusion that Hooyoosay are Hooyoosay, and content also in the knowledge that their next release will potentially sound as far from “Googly Goo” as Toledo is from Bangladesh.

Asked to describe the themes of “Googly Goo” and “Tare Too Te Rut Te,” Hooyoosay paint pictures of exultation.

“The lyrics may seem like a lot of nonsense,” they write, “but actually they do have an underlying meaning, and a very positive one. 'Googly Goo' expresses the immense joy of a young kid discovering this fascinating online world when wiping a tablet. 'Tare Too Te Rut Te' simply is another way of shouting 'we feel fine,' 'we're so glad,' 'we're alright.'”

Played back-to-back, “Googly Goo” and “Tare Too Te Rut Te” can also tell a coming-of-age story. The EP describes in sonic terms, as the band puts it, “the evolution from the young, joyful innocent kid in 'Googly Goo,' to the smiling young teenager when 'Tare Too Te Rut Te' opens, and then to the more self-conscious and mature teenager by the end of 'Tare Too Te Rut Te.'”

Also notable is that “Googly Goo” features a performance by the group's youngest collaborator. The band haven't provided an exact age, but the title of the track seems to bear evidence that the artist is somewhat younger than 30.

“Googly Goo” by Hooyoosay is available online everywhere. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
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Googly Goo” by Hooyoosay –

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Emma Stenbeck releases new single 'Anymore'

New Zealand singer and songwriter Emma Stenbeck has released her latest single, “Anymore.” The track has been published on the Li'l Dog Records New Zealand music label. Sonorous, poppy, and laced with the upbeat old-school synth sounds of the eighties and nineties, “Anymore” is another example of Stenbeck's crystal-clear, heartfelt singing style, and of the continuing quality of Li'l Dog NZ releases in general.

The tone of “Anymore” is brighter than the bluesy, jazzy undertones of her previous single, “Something About You.” Stenbeck herself speaks of this difference saying, “I love to sing such a broad range of music and have idols in all genres so I am so happy to be able to showcase the different sides to me and my voice.”

Stenbeck has been lauded for the personal slant she gives her lyrics, adding character and soul to a genre populated by nonsensical, throw-away words.

“Anymore is about that feeling you get when you are questioning whether a relationship is still working,” she writes, “and what it will mean to either stay in it or move on. I think everyone has experienced the moments that are expressed in this song.”

“Something About You” kept the number one spot on the iTunes Vocal Chart for two weeks. It maintained the 14th slot on the New Zealand Singles chart overall for the same amount of time. This track, along with her new single, “Anymore,” herald the upcoming release of her debut EP record, the title of which has not yet been published. Li'l Dog Records has stated that for this new album, “32 tracks have been worked on in the course of recording – with the only the very best tracks being selected for release.”

“Anymore” by Emma Stenbeck was recorded, engineered, and produced by mPHATic for Li'l Dog Records, and mastered by Tekram Ltd. in association with Philthy at Taufactor in New Zealand. It is available online worldwide beginning 7 July 2014.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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