Friday, July 18, 2014

MondoTunes Dubstep Contest winner SubOxyde releases new single 'Ballistic'

The composer and producer of digital music known as SubOxyde has released his new single, “Ballistic.” The dubstep single garnered SubOxyde a first-place win in the 2014 Official MondoTunes' Dubstep Contest, making him the Grand Prize Winner for the electronic dance music subgenre. The contest had been hosted by MondoTunes, DarkElixir, Audeze, Audix, and PlayMeRecords, and was judged by dubstep experts such as DarkElixir, Reid Speed and James Mormile. “Ballistic” is a bass-heavy, ingenious example of what sets dubstep apart from other electronica music categories, and solid proof that SubOxyde is a digital producer to watch out for in the coming months.

St. Louis' SubOxyde cites as main artistic influences such DJs, producers and musicians as D-jahsta, Cyberoptics, 12gauge, Mantis, Datsik, Downlink, Getter, Sadhu, Jphelpz, Barron, and Megalodon. His sounds are earmarked for their particularly low frequencies, a loud statement in a genre populated by bass sounds. Asked to describe the message his award-winning single has for fans and listeners around the world, SubOxyde writes only, “Drop bass, melt face ;).”

Like many young composers of digital music, SubOxyde cut his teeth on a Mixman DM2 before adding the popular music production platform, FLStudio to his digital audio workstation. His official bio paints a colorfully accurate picture of his sound using descriptive language which showcases not only the tone and feel of “Ballistic,” but also the imagination which achieved it:

“[SubOxyde's] surgically detailed masterpieces have everything – twisted, churning, robotic bass lines which morph continuously like they're speaking to your subconscious, sublimely hypnotic melodies and clever little twists packed deep into every bar of his rich, seismic bangers. Producing from an early age, there is no end in sight, no limits to what can be created in SubOxyde's hands. An open mind and attention to the tiniest, most minute elements lay the foundation for his signature LOW Frequency, HIGH Voltage works! This is a no-brainer folks, top-quality Dubstep all the way for the heads, and amazingly dynamic soundtracks for the quality bass-music aficionados.”

The award-winning “Ballistic” by SubOxyde is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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