Thursday, July 3, 2014

MfLI releases new single 'Suzan'

The composer and producer of ambient music known as MfLI has released his latest single, “Suzan.” The track has been released as an independent accomplishment proudly without support of the corporate music industry. Uplifting, bright, colorful and effervescent, “Suzan” is a testament to MfLI's taste, experience, and imagination in the European electronica underground.

MfLI is a Finnish DJ and digital composer who makes his home in Helsinki. In “Suzan,” MfLI has constructed an eponymous ode, homage and tribute to a woman whose character, spirit and smile are well-represented in its bubbling opening notes, flowing melodies and inspirational warmth. The track was re-posted and shared more than a hundred times in the first week of its private publishing on MfLI's personal SoundCloud account, and played more than a thousand times within the first week.

“I mainly work as a producer with house, trance, chillout and ambient music,” MfLI writes. “[DJing] is my serious second life :).”

MfLI's music is unaffected by the trend of dubstep which overran electronica undergrounds in the US and Europe between 2005 and 2010, favoring instead the original methods of digital songwriting, which utilize fugues and minimal synthetic instrumentation to achieve power and emotional release. He writes of his methods only that, “Ableton and Mixmister are my chosen platforms. Check out my sample DJ Mixes online (link provided below).”

MfLI admits that he sometimes performs live, though perhaps not as often as he once did. “I DJ very rarely and I’m really picky with the venues.”

This is not a problem for fans of MfLI new and old, however, since his music is being distributed worldwide and can be heard virtually anywhere with the help of a smart phone or computer.

“Suzan” by MfLI is available everywhere digital music is sold online. Fans of dance, trance, and electronica in general will be enthused.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Suzan” by MfLI –

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