Thursday, July 17, 2014

Therapie Primitive releases new single 'What the Difference Is'

The Brooklyn band known as Therapie Primitive have released their latest single, “What the Difference Is,” featuring Toronto singer and songwriter, G. Krissa. The track has been published proudly and independently without support from the corporate music infrastructure. It has been bundled online with a B-side track, “Already.” Both tracks have been edited for play on public radio. “What the Difference Is” has also been concurrently released with a corresponding official music video (link provided below). Rhythmic, chill, and endlessly stylish, “What the Difference Is” stands as evidence that the borough that first made the beats still has the best bass, even now in the 21st century.

Therapie Primitive describes their particular brand of electronica music as down-tempo dance-funk and soul music. Though this string of adjectives may seem cluttered, Therapie Primitive's signature rolling grooves are anything but. Like the scalloping of dark water as low clouds come in above the ocean, Therapie Primitive have a highly textured surface with impeccably smooth undertones.

The band's official bio talks of their music as “gumbo for the ears.”

“[Our music is] a mixture of organic performances (human elements) and sounds that cross all boundaries and cultures,” it states. “A gumbo is made up of lots of strong, individual ingredients that stand out on their own, contributing to the richness of the dish. Therapie Primitive makes its own brand of musical gumbo, a dish in which the sum is greater than its parts.”

Therapie Primitive have been picking up steam since the widespread, positive reception of their instrumental track, “Bain Douche.” The project features varying vocal talent from around the world, and has included the famous R 'n' B singer, Carmen Bascombe.

“What the Difference Is” by Therapie Primitive is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“What the Difference Is” by Therapie Primitive” –

“What the Difference Is” official video –

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