Friday, April 28, 2017

Rapper Nicky Monroe releases new EP album 'Next'

The rapper and songwriter from Palm Beach County known as Nicky Monroe has released her latest EP record, “Next.” The record contains six original Nicky Monroe tracks for an approximate total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Godfather Records independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Punchy, groovy, packed with drum 'n' bass and lines 'n' rhymes, “Next” by Nicky Monroe is a towering achievement by one of the most determined talents in Florida.

Nicky Monroe cites as main artistic influences Missy Elliott, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez, Eminem, Meek Mills, Migos, Nicki Minaj, Too Short, Ying Yang Twins, Drake, Future, Sons of Funk, Twister, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and 3 Pc. Her own music takes elements of the first two and adds her own unique character for a blend of old-school and new which is sure to attract fans of pop and hip hop alike.

“You can get to know her very well just by listening to what she says in her music,” says Monroe's label, Godfather Records. “From her dress code to the track, she shows nothing but versatility.”

Nicky Monroe feels she has been destined for the music studio from a very early age. A consummate writer and performer, she prioritizes music over the public's perception of her.

“I want to gain my respect as the first stud artist in the game,” says Monroe of this. “I want to be respected through my talents, and not frowned upon because of the image I portray.”

As a clear symbol of her dedication to hip hop and to her goal-oriented life, Nicky Monroe has persevered through years of hard times in pursuit of her dream, including homelessness and unemployment.

“My friends, family, and fans haven't gave up on me, so I'm not going to let them down,” says Nicky Monroe. “I just need the right team and promotion, but I see my numbers going up. Music is my hustle.”

“Next” by Nicky Monroe is available beginning 28 April 2017 from over 700 quality online music retailers worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Pop singer Steven C releases new single 'Amaka' feat. Speedy

The singer and songwriter of African pop music known as Steven C has released his latest official single, “Amaka,” feat. Speedy. The track has been proudly published on the Cytoch Media independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Exotic, uplifting, danceable and keyed for radio play around the world, “Amaka” is a track DJs and music fans alike can get behind.

“Amaka” means 'good' in the Igbo language of southeastern Nigeria, but Steven C's song revolves around more romantic themes than one might think.

“The back-story of 'Amaka' is one of wanting something you can’t have, though you are willing to do anything to get it,” writes Steven C. “He sees a beautiful girl who, at first glance, they have a connection he cannot get out of his head. He later gets her by doing everything in his power.”

This tenacity is indicative of Steven C's character both as a performer and as a regular person. Born into a forward-thinking, polygamous family, he bettered himself by studying electrical engineering at Dorben Polytechnic at Abuja in Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory.

Also helping to make “Amaka” one of the most important music exports from Africa in 2017 are the hip hop talents of Speedy. Having been invited to the sound studio for a listening session by Steven C's manager, Mr. Charles Enemchukwa, Speedy jumped at the chance to be included.

“[Speedy] was so impressed, he said he would not mind being featured,” writes Steven C. “I was absolutely mindblown that he had agreed, as he has been in the industry for a long time and is a huge artist.”

Steven C's music career began in the church choir, which found him being elected choirmaster before long. He founded a singing group called Team Age but was left unfulfilled. With little more than the blessing of his mother, Steven C decided to move to South Africa in 2014 to pursue his dream as a music artist. He was signed to Cytoch Media in 2016. “Amaka” is his most prominent official release to date.

“Amaka” by Steven C feat. Speedy from Cytoch Media is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital retailers now.

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“Amaka” by Steven C feat. Speedy –

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jagger Spacy releases debut self-titled EP

The pop and rap singer known as Jagger Spacy has released his awaited debut EP album, “Jagger Spacy.” It contains five original Spacy tracks for a total listening time of 20 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent pop release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Full of life and rhythm, groove and personality, “Jagger Spacy” is an EP to put Jagger Spacy in the spotlight for 2017 and beyond.

The message I want my music to portray is that it's OK to be you,” Spacy says of his new record. “I never made music to be the cool kid or to impress people. I always used it as a way to express things I didn't really like to talk about. I think listening to a lot of Eminem kind of influenced that.”

Direct right from the start and heartfelt from start to finish, Jagger Spacy's album is both personal and easy to relate to. A pop singer with hip hop in his veins, finding social commonalities with music artists and with his own fans is important to him.

The 'lifestyle' music is great and all, but I can't relate to that,” says Jagger Spacy. “I don't live the party life and never got into drugs. Yeah, I might bump Migos with my homies to get hype, but 'clean' is kind-of my motto.”

This makes Spacy's album singular in that it's urban music without the vices. The Jagger Spacy EP is neither violent nor womanizing, and doesn't pose with guns, drugs or liquor.

“Don't get me wrong,” Spacy says, “I respect the music a lot, it's just not me. I feel like there's enough of that music out there right now.”

Instead, Jagger Spacy explores themes of fun, fame and humanity.

He writes about his new record, “For this EP I tried to hit emotions that I've felt, but also ones that I feel a lot of people could relate to. I want people to know, 'Hey, I've felt this too – I'm there with ya,' you know? I feel like I've accomplished that goal with this project so I'm pumped.”

“Jagger Spacy” by Jagger Spacy is available online worldwide from over 700 quality music stores now.

-S. McCauley
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“Jagger Spacy” by Jagger Spacy –

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

John Law releases single 'Gotta Do It' feat. Yvette

The rapper and songwriter known as John Law has released his latest official single, “Gotta Do It” feat. Yvette. The track has been proudly published on the Raspucious Records independent music label without the involvement of the corporate record industry. Imaginative, unique, and full of pop and groove, “Gotta Do It” by John Law is one of the most interesting and original hip hop songs to emerge in the new millennium so far.

John Law hails from Fairfield, a city in the music hotbed of California's Bay Area. He has cited as main artistic influences such legends as J. Cole, Kanye West, and Lupe Fiasco. His own sound seamlessly blends contemporary rhymes with an old-school feel on the back beat and a minimalist production style. The result is a single which will appeal to fans of hip hop all over the globe, and especially listeners who truly appreciate that classic, vinyl-record ambiance that is so hard to come by in hip hop these days.

This undeniably fresh sound comes from John Law's goal to do his own thing in music. Asked to describe his start in hip hop, he replies, “People were rapping who I knew, and I wanted to be different.”

But there is more to “Gotta Do It” than just great style.

“The message my song shares with listeners,” John Law writes, “is that when you have something to do, don't procrastinate. Get it done (or do it) because if you don't it will never get done.”

A man of action, himself, nothing could be timelier than “Gotta Do It” in terms of Law's music career. An official single was just a matter of time.

“Procrastination leads to nowhere or to lateness,” says Law. “I'd rather be early than late because I know you've heard the saying, 'the early bird gets the worm,' and I need to eat.”

“Gotta Do It” by John Law is available online worldwide from over 700 digital music retailers now.

-S. McCauley
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Eric Slater releases new single 'Following the Blind'

The Los Angeles-based musician known as Eric Slater has released his newest single, “Following the Blind.” The single is Slater's most significant musical release since his popular song, “Dead Men” hit digital shelves around the world in February, sending ripples throughout the audiophile underground everywhere. Fans of Slater old and new are sure to be delighted with this latest offering, which boasts all the exceptional sonic qualities his following have come to expect from him.

Speaking candidly of the themes of his latest single, Slater writes, “'Following the Blind' was directly inspired by a short story from a good friend of mine. He shared the idea with me and I wrote the song with the general theme in mind, but putting more of a personal twist on it.”

“Following the Blind” is a parable of timeless proportion and relevance that has many current events at heart. It speaks to everyone alive in today's chaotic world.

“The song touches on the sheep and the shepherd thing. Everyone thinks they have the answer, yet no one really has much of a clue. Heroes can easily become villains and vice versa. I guess you can say it’s a satire on the absurdity and fickleness of popular opinion.”

Slater cites as main artistic influences a broad array of sounds, including Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Sublime, Wu Tang Clan, Jeff Buckley, and Miles Davis.

Slater's acoustic solo debut album, “On the Edge of Something More,” was released in 2005. He has contributed his vast talents to various acts, including guitars, songs and vocals to bands such as Martha Davis and the Motels, Bomb Squad, Moflo, Off Limits, Aurora Beckons, Astral Aliens, and Tres Aliens.

“Following the Blind” by Eric Slater is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
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Eric Slater releases new single “Dead Men”

Musician Eric Slater has released his newest single, “Dead Men.” The track is an introspective, triumphant, yet darkly bleak rock waltz that plays on mortality for its theme. It is the first published single for Slater as a solo artist since his 2007 LP release, “Redemption & Disorder,” the light and airy nature of which shares few characteristics with the lurking and sinister, “Dead Men,” except that both are quality works of music from the same artist. In many respects, though, “Dead Men” is the superior result.

Slater's guitaring, though he is capable of playing in a wide variety of styles, is slowly strummed for this track in a black and blue tone that contains goth and punk-rock tendencies, reminiscent of Nick Cave's work, or of TSOL's mellower side (“Weathered Statues,” for instance). The song is crooned out by Slater in an intimate, cracking voice that sounds like a shadowy and more masculine Neil Young with a tinge of David Bowie, like the Verve's Richard Ashcroft, although more mid-west American in the delivery.

It is to the track's benefit that Slater's vocals are way out front in the single's mix, too, because his performance is a studied, yet natural perfection, showcased plainly here where he can be enjoyed without too much ornamentation to get in the way. The real show-stopper, though, is almost certainly Slater's songwriting. His lyrics are poetic, precise, and use a mixture of repetition and creative phrasing that keeps the narrative of “Dead Men” interesting from turn to turn; however, it is important to note that the vocals and instrumentation, together with a groove that tit-tat's along like the wheels of a carriage on cobblestones, are more than enough to keep a music fan's interest alone.

“Dead Men” represents the culmination of Slater's last six years spent meticulously honing his talents as a solo performer, and if the music world has much more of this to look forward to from him, then the sooner his next full-length is ready for distribution, the better off it will be for music listeners everywhere.

Eric Slater's “Dead Men” is available everywhere beginning 16 February 2013.

-S. McCauley
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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Rapper Shawn Lewis releases new LP album 'Life Overseas'

The writer, performer and producer of hip hop and R&B known as Shawn Lewis has released his latest full-length album, “Life Overseas.” It contains 13 original Shawn Lewis tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 minutes. The LP has been proudly published as an independent release without the support or direction of the corporate music industry. Smartly written, sharply delivered, and full of the best rhythms modern hip hop has to offer, “Life Overseas” is everything fans of Shawn Lewis have been waiting for and more.

Shawn Lewis, a rapper and R&B artist, has been variously billed as a musician, a rapper, a singer, a songwriter, a producer and a sound engineer, all of which duties he performs with expert skill on “Life Overseas.”

“Life Overseas” is the third official Shawn Lewis release from his growing repertoire, which also includes two singles from 2015, “Spend a Lot of Money” and “Brand New Girl.” Both of these 2015 tracks have been included in the set list chosen for this new release, “Life Overseas,” making it an excellent introduction to this rapidly rising star from Florida.

“I started rapping and singing as a child,” Shawn Lewis says of his music talent. “It's just in my blood.”

Asked to cite some main artistic influences for “Life Overseas,” Shawn Lewis says that these days, he's building his artistic vision on a veteran foundation of his own vision.

“At this point in my career,” he says, “I influence myself.”

Like all music from Shawn Lewis, “Life Overseas” has themes of perseverance and courageousness at its heart.

“['Life Overseas' is all about] determination, never giving up, wanting more in life, loving what you do and timeless music,” writes Shawn Lewis.

“Life Overseas” by Shawn Lewis is available online worldwide beginning 11 April 2017.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Life Overseas” by Shawn Lewis –

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Matt Record releases new EP 'Black Swan'

Acoustic-pop musician Matt Record has released his latest album, “Black Swan.” The record is an EP release containing five Matt Record originals for a total listening time of about 20 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Captain Beardo independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Catchy, groovy, thought-provoking and pleasantly mellow to hear, “Black Swan” is a sign that Matt Record deserves all the attention he's been getting.

Indiana's Matt Record cites as main artistic influences Wilco, Sturgill Simpson, the Allman Brothers and bluegrass music, as well as certain “elements of the Grateful Dead and Phish.” This classic rock / folk rock / indie rock blend is exactly what music fans can expect from “Black Swan,” with the surprising bonus that Record's EP album is neither predictable nor derivative.

Asked about the themes of his new EP, Record writes, “A Black Swan is a catastrophic event that comes completely by surprise. This EP touches on some of the things we think about in relation to these catastrophic events in one’s personal life as well as those that can affect everyone worldwide.”

The result is relaxing, intriguing music that makes “Black Swan” a subtly philosophical little album for music fans who like some meat on their lyrical bones. Matt Record goes on to explore the effects of sudden tragedy on the individual – tragedies like death – explaining:

“Death in general is a Black Swan. In preparing for something that we cannot possibly prepare for, we lose sleep from thinking too much. We probably have regrets. We think about the passing on of our genetic information. Sometimes we just decide to have fun while we wait for the inevitable when we will return, in some ways, the energy that makes us alive back to the universe.”

Matt Record's current official bio describes him as a “singer/guitarist/songwriter performing and recording in a multitude of genres.” His singing has been called “dynamic and soulful,” his guitar work, “expert,” and his songwriting, “raw and handcrafted where small town roots meet big city struggles.” He has written, recorded and performed acoustic rock, indie folk, soul, funk, country and bluegrass music. Originally from Plymouth, Indiana, Matt lived and performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, Oregon and London before returning to Indianapolis, IN for this present release of “Black Swan.”
“Black Swan” by Matt Record is available online worldwide from over 700 digital music stores now. Get in early, singer-songwriter fans.

-S. McCauley
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“Black Swan” by Matt Record –

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Dutch music artist Madbello releases new EP 'New Acid Wave' feat. Dyezzie

The musician and producer known internationally as Madbello has released his latest EP record, “New Acid Wave” feat. Dyezzie. The EP contains four original tracks, but provides more than an hour's worth of quality electronica music. It has been proudly published on the Madbello independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Widely varied, full of groove, and featuring the original Euro-house music sound, “New Acid Wave” is an EP record for nightclub DJs and music aficionados alike.

Madbello, who hails from Holland, cites as main artistic influences several whole genres, including house, jazz, Latin, samba, death metal, and alternative music. His own style is a contemporary spin on the foundational house-music sound which arrived in the early nineties, the same early digital sound which would eventually morph into the global EDM scene as it is known everywhere today.

This makes sense, coming as it does from Madbello, whose first prominent releases were a full-length LP and a shorter EP which came out on the Polydor Records Italy major music label circa 1992. A quarter of a century later, Madbello has returned as a solo artist with a humble mission.

“I hope you will enjoy my music,” writes Madbello. “I try to create my own sound with the resources and knowledge that I have – but not for the money. I've made music with love. This is music from Holland with LOVE and a Dutch kiss.”

Madbello is Mike A. Di Bello, who has been playing music since 14 years old when he started on recorder, then guitar. Bass guitar followed, then drums, flute, violin, piano and synthesizers.

“I did this until the computer was powerful enough to take over all the instruments, add up to the final production,” Madbello says. “Before that I’ve been in several bands of various styles, from punk, metal, rock, new age and alternative styles. I worked for years with a four-track recorder and experimented a lot with it.”

True to form, Madbello's “New Acid Wave” EP is entirely solo.

“The only record deal I ever got was from Polydor in 1992 when I worked with my companion. Ultimately, this resulted in a flop; therefore, I'll now bring out my work by myself.”

“New Acid Wave” from Madbello feat. Dyezzie is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores now.

-S. McCauley
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Sam Levin releases debut LP 'Frame of Mind'

Young singer and songwriter Sam Levin has released his debut full-length album, “Frame of Mind.” The record contains 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Clarence Productions independent record label. Boasting heartfelt lyrics and equal portions indie rock and alternative pop styles, “Frame of Mind” makes it clear that Sam Levin will be a prominent voice for the next few years, and potentially for decades to come.

Sam Levin, 15, has cited as early artistic influences the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne. Today Levin says he listens to the likes of Herbie Hancock, Bon Iver, Alt-J, Childish Gambino, Galactic, Gorillaz and JJ Grey (among others). Fans of these legends have much to look forward to in “Frame of Mind,” which builds on classic song structures while featuring many contemporary qualities that polish it to a high shine.

“'Frame of Mind' is really about the last year and a half of my life,” Levin says of his debut's theme. “It's not a good thing or a bad thing, it's just what happened.” says of Levin's music, “[Sam Levin] weaves together complimentary melodies and tight rhythms with ease and finesse … From the acoustic base, Levin adds in tasteful electronic albums, giving them a modern, folktronica style.”

In a piece titled, “Amazed by the Music of Sam Levin,” Beat.Media writes, “Sam Levin is only fifteen, but he has the musical genius of someone much older than his decade and a half … He can only get better, and he’s already creating amazing music far beyond his years.”

Sam Levin has been recording and releasing music since the age of seven, with his first EP record, “I'm In Here,” appearing in 2014. He writes everything, and performs nearly all of the instruments on his studio projects. His music is warm, welcoming, soulful, and introspective without sounding self-absorbed.

“Frame of Mind is exactly that,” writes Clarence Productions about the record. “It's full of loneliness and love, friendship and struggle. It's about choices, changes, reflection and joy.”

Levin himself says, “It's about music's place in all of that, in my life.”

Sam Levin has been performing live since the age of seven, too, and is known for his dependably entertaining shows at festivals and humble venues in the New York area and beyond. Last year saw him on a week-long open-mic tour in London. Live performance also plays a major role in his new official video, “Everything's Okay” (link provided below).

“Frame of Mind” by Sam Levin is available online worldwide from over 700 digital music stores now. Get in early, singer-songwriter fans and fans of the Head and the Heart, Kings of Leon, the Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Bon Iver, Bahamas and Jose Gonzales. Sam Levin will be around a long time.

-S. McCauley
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“Frame of Mind” by Sam Levin –

Everything's Okay” Official Music Video –

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Paragone releases new compilation album 'Eastern Society'

Paragone has released his latest compilation LP record, "Eastern Society." The album showcases performances by a bevy of artists including Bronze Nazareth, Timbo King, William Cooper, 9th Prince, Leech, Pone-Op, Purpose, Str8 Bizz, Shannon Sharp, Sume, Pistola, Salute, and additionally features Blue Raspberry, Solomon Childs, StoneFace, Majesty, Napoleon, Dexter Wiggle, and Shaka Amazulu the 7th. Many of them are are affiliates of the Wu-Tang Clan. It has been proudly published on the Black Stone of Mecca independent record label.

Aggressive, creative, clever and blending old-school qualities with a contemporary edge, "Eastern Society" is a towering example of what Paragone and Black Stone of Mecca can do for the underground hip hop scene.

We asked Paragone who were some of his artistic influences and he mentioned NWA, Ice-T, Public Enemy, Easy-E, Rakin, Guru, Tupac Shakur, the Wu-Tang Clan, Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Cypress Hill to name a few.

"Hip-Hop music has always been a part of my life ever since I was young," writes Paragone. "After going to several different studios with some of the homies back in the days, I just knew it was something I wanted to get into and be a part of."

While "Eastern Society" is nearly an hour long with 14 different tracks, it's a work of non-fiction. Paragone describes the LP as a kind of window into the life we live on a day to day.

"It basically depicts our lives and what we see and go through on a daily basis," Paragone writes. "Nothing is fabricated or exaggerated, we just spit about reality and circumstances we deal with on the daily."

Paragone is the founder of along with Kevlaar7 RIP. Kevlaar7 is blood brothers with Bronze Nazareth and Kev tragically passed a few years ago. Basically they wanted to create an outlet that would showcase artists with real lyrical skills who don't conform with the mainstream media trash!'s bio page says: "Along with [Paragone's] partner, Sunez, contributing his hip hop element as executive editor, has become the most progressive online hip hop music publication. has now connected with Classic Storm Radio and DJ Toshi to interview artists on their podcast featuring exclusive news and music, launching and promoting different concerts and artist showcases all around the New York City area." You could see some of these interviews on Premiere's Youtube page at

Paragone also mentioned that he has recently teamed up with Mr. Ceza from 1WorldMagazine to design their physical magazine and there currently working on issue #3. 1World is a hip hop publication that focuses on artists from all around the world and brings you indept interviews, news and album reviews. Paragone also developed there website which can be seen at 1World recently signed a magazine distribution deal which will put them on store shelves all around the world!

“Eastern Society” by Paragone and Black Stone of Mecca is available online worldwide from over 700 quality music stores now. A limited edition CD of the album (only 200 copies available) can be bought directly from

Eastern Society” by Paragone and Black Stone of Mecca –

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Hip hop and dancehall performer Malik releases single 'Bad Mammi'

The music artist of hip hop and dancehall music known as Malik has released his latest official single, “Bad Mammi.” The track has been proudly published on the Eternal March Craft Records music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Sexy, classy, and thumping with an unstoppable back beat, “Bad Mammi” is evidence that Malik is one of the most likeable hip-hop/dancehall crossover artists to date.

A uniquely intercultural musician, Belgium's Malik cites as main artistic influences Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Coldplay. His own sound can't be imagined in terms of this trio, however. “Bad Mammi” is a mellow, warm-toned song with an infectious bass drum and extremely subtle, well performed vocals. It's backing synth melody is chill and pretty, but unobtrusive. Fans of hip hop, dancehall, pop music and even reggae are likely to appreciate this independent music gem.

A solo performer and songwriter, Malik became a musician with a simple desire which blossomed into a recording career.

“I wanted to record songs but I needed beats,” he writes, “so I decided to learn how to produce music. Since then it only went further.”

Asked to comment on the themes of his new track, Malik writes: “My single shares a refreshing feeling to its listeners. I always try to express myself and give a message through my songs. It's mostly about real-life situations and that's why I think people enjoy it.”

Malik is a young music artist at just 17, but he's not new to the game. Having been writing and recording music for about a third of his life, music makes up much of his identity. His songs have been called “emotionally driven and uplifting sounds.” He first bounded into public view at 16 with the international release of his debut mixtape, “Red Light.”

The success of “Red Light” led to his being courted by several American labels, but he obtained publishing through Universal Music France and founded his own indie label, Eternal March Craft Records, under which umbrella “Bad Mammi” has been released.

“Bad Mammi” by Malik is available from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide beginning 31 March 2017.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Bad Mammi” by Malik –

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Swedish POP-music crew The Kollektiv release debut single 'Harder' feat. G. Curtis, produced and written by Mani & Siie

The artists and producers of contemporary pop music known as The Kollektiv have released their debut single, "Harder," feat. G. Curtis. The track has been proudly published on the Heart Attack Music independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Slick, exciting, and fun for fans of pop, funk-pop, and contemporary pop music alike, "Harder" feat. G. Curtis is the latest track from the popular music group from Sweden, written and produced by Mani & Siie

Asked to cite some main artistic influences, The Kollektiv [often stylized, THE KOLLEKTIV] say they enjoy listening to "Everything from pop to classical music." Their new "Harder" single boasts heavy pop elements with funky frills, while back beats and melody lines will appeal to fans of pop, funk-pop, and contemporary pop music and other electronic genres. Vocals by G. Curtis are impeccable, and painted with contemporary studio effects which make the song a shoo-in for radio and club play lists alike. The production value of "Harder" couldn't possibly be higher, which is unsurprising considering the caliber of sound Heart Attack Music is known to release.

The Kollektiv are a collective of approximately ten songwriters and producers working together to make some of the most exciting music in Europe and beyond. The Kollektiv are also the owners and operators of Tuff Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden. Among a great many other productions, Tuff has produced three Ace of Base records, several tracks for David Hasselhoff, and sound for the award-winning, classic children's film, Ice Age.

The current official bio for The Kollektiv describes them as having "come to light at the famous Tuff Studios" as "an ambitious group of young, Swedish writers and producers who have decided to put their heads together and release their favourite tracks on a regular basis."

"We're used to pitching tracks to major labels," writes The Kollektiv. "Now the team have decided to move forward and promote their work collectively as a production unit."

"Harder" by The Kollektiv is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores now.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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Musician Eric Slater releases new collaboration 'Ride the Night' with Brian Graye, produced by Cory Yothers

The guitarist and songwriter t known as Eric Slater has released his latest collaboration pop/EDM single, “Ride the Night” with Brian Graye. The track is a collaboration between Eric Slater, DJ Brian Graye, and producer Cory “Cnote” Yothers (Snoop Dogg, Nikki Flores, Christoper Breaux/Frank Ocean). It has been proudly published on the Harvest Product independent record label. Energetic, upbeat, and exploding with the spirit of good times, “Ride the Night” by Eric Slater & Brian Graye is one of the easiest dance tracks of 2017 to recommend so far.

Asked to cite the main artistic influences for “Ride the Night,” Eric Slater writes, “Our personal influences range widely because we all come from different musical backgrounds. Brian and I are from the same hometown and thought it would be cool to do a song together. I played a guitar riff and sang a vocal line, and Cory took the production from there. We didn’t have an exact idea what it was going to be, we just wanted to do something that fused our styles and tastes together.”

The track has a surprising analog feel, regardless of its falling squarely within the bounds of electronica and dance music. While boasting a catchy, creative rhythm and unique, yet intuitive melody lines, it showcases prominent vocals as one of its chief charms and is therefore a revisiting of traditional electronica more than it is a hardcore house music track.

“The song is all about losing yourself in a moment,” Slater says, “and sharing that with someone else. Letting go, taking chances, being free, being young, being yourself.”

Eric Slater's previous releases include “Following the Blind” (2016), “Dead Men” (2013), “Redemption & Disorder” (2007), and “On the Edge of Something More” (2005).

“Never be afraid to try something new, different, or unexpected,” writes Eric Slater. “The surprises teach us what we’re truly capable of.”

“Ride the Night” by Eric Slater & Brian Graye is available online worldwide beginning 31 March 2017. Get in early, music fans.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Ride the Night” by Eric Slater & Brian Graye –

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Rapper yA releases historic eight LP albums at once

The rapper known internationally as yA (Yeshua Alexander) has released a historic eight LP records at the same time. This is the first time in known music history that an artist has released as much music virtually overnight. The records have all been proudly published on his own yA Music Group LLC independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Packed with more lines and rhymes, tunes and beats than a typical music fan can even listen to in a single day, yA's new collection for 2017 is a true moment in independent rap music history.

Yeshua Alexander's new titles include “Madness (The Ides Of March),” “Coexist,” “Block Muzik,” “Reficul (The Angle Of Music),” “Blue (Lost Pieces),” “Vintage Music 2008,” “Fruition,” and “Concrete Rose.” Too difficult would be the task of breaking down each LP in a single press release, but fans of yA are sure to find many of the same hooks and grooves which have helped Yeshua Alexander build a fan base and name for himself already in these three-score and more tracks.

Asked to describe his main artistic influences, Alexander writes, “I'm like a sponge, I am influenced by everything and everyone around me. Music is everywhere.”

One single in particular, “Wait,” was created with Lil Uzi Vert, who was featured on the Migos #1 Billboard single, “Bad and Boujee.” Another single, “Dream” feat. Ne-Yo, has also been making waves since its recent release.

Regarding the overall themes of the records, yA writes, “Enjoy life, never give up, always believe in yourself, and stay positive!” and, “If your dreams don't scare you, then I'm afraid to say that your dreams aren't big enough!”

Yeshua Alexander's “Madness (The Ides Of March),” “Coexist,” “Block Muzik,” “Reficul (The Angle Of Music),” “Blue (Lost Pieces),” “Vintage Music 2008,” “Fruition,” and “Concrete Rose” are all available online worldwide from yA Music Group now.

The following information has been included by the artist's label, yA Music Group.

Production by Mix Engineer and producer Lu Diaz, three-time Grammy Award winner with over 30 gold and platinum awards credited to his name. He has been mixing and producing some of the biggest names in the music business for the past 20 years.

Additional Production by Jimmy Douglass (also known as the Senator), an American four-time Grammy-winning recording engineer and record producer, whose prolific career has spanned more than four decades, by Amara Freeman, by Sidney Samson, Jean “Casely” Carlos, by Phillipe Rodrigues,
by D-Sharp International, by Juss Lu, by Bam Savage, by Clinton Sparks partner Bobby Kariotis (BK), and by Timbaland's protégé, J.Mizzle.

Yeshua Alexander aka yA has worked with Chad Hugo, the other half of the Neptunes. The Neptunes are an American production duo composed of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. The Neptunes went home with two Grammy Awards in 2004, one for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical, and another for Best Pop Vocal.

RIP: John Fiore Thank you for the cover art for “Coexist” and all you've done! I told you one day I would use the photo as the cover art for one of my albums.
It's now 2017; here it is!!

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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Website –

Rapper Ace Freez releases new LP 'The Red Print'

The artist and producer of hip hop known as Ace Freez has released his latest full-length album, “The Red Print.” The record contains 15 original Freez tracks plus an intro and closing for a total listening time of nearly an hour. It has been proudly published on the Strickly Digitz Entertainment independent music label. Aggressive, cleanly produced and highly narrative, “The Red Print” is the best work of urban poetry from Ace Freez yet.

Toronto's Ace Freez makes his own way in the hip hop community by setting his style apart from that of others. He has cited his main influences as “East Coast, West Coast, and Down South.” His delivery combines natural flow and true-to-life storytelling with colorful harmonies and back beats which make for a unique tone unlike that of most rappers on the mic today from any scene.

This last is part of what Ace Freez intends to do with “The Red Print.”

Asked to describe the themes of his new record, Freez writes, “'The Red Print sends a message that it doesn't matter the person, or what part of the world. The real will always rise from any metropolitan to reveal nothing but the sour and harsh truth from the bottom to the top. The truth of the true, will always come to light. From one young person in the north to another person in the north, reaching out as a 6 culture [West Toronto] filled with a smooth, action-packed ride. From the streets to childhood experiences, to partying and to coming to an ongoing road of greatness.”

Ace Freez is Rasheed Sayed. Sayed began rapping in a childhood group, the Outlaw Fam, which he started with longtime friend, Tizzie. Sayed and Tizzie would freestyle battle regularly, a practice which would sharpen Freez up for what was to come. He began writing and recording his own EP albums under the name Big C.

Now recording under the moniker, Ace Freez, the reason for his new title has been described as, “He's Freez because all his family and friends are kings, not above everybody. Freez came from having a really ice-cold style, and from having a lot of cold days and nights growing up in the north, and from being one of the most talented since he was 15.”

“The Red Print” by Ace Freez is available online worldwide from over 700 digital stores now.

-S. McCauley
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Goth electronica artist Viii releases new singles 'Lovedecay' and 'Lovesong'

The performer and producer of goth electronica known as Viii has released his latest single, “Lovedecay,” with companion B-side, “Lovesong.” The twin release has been proudly published on the Voodoo Creation Records independent music label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Mellow, sensual, shadowy and techno-chic, “Lovedecay / Lovesong” is the most prominent release from Viii yet.

Viii, which is pronounced 'Vee,' cites as main artistic influences Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) Crosses, Banks, Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Massive Attack, and Prince. His own material takes the softly thumping rhythms of Portishead and mixes in a dash of Massive Attack's melody style, then tops the blend with vocals that are understated, elegant and sincere.

Also notable is that “Lovesong” is an electronica cover of the third single from the Cure's “Disintegration” LP. Fans of the above groups are sure to be enthusiastic about “Lovedecay / Lovesong” from Viii.

Asked to comment on the themes of “Lovedecay,” Viii writes, “'Lovedecay' is a story of two lovers who know their relationship is close to an end. They are both extremely unhappy and are causing each other emotional harm in their reluctance to leave due to the fact that being without each other is a frightening unknown to them.”

Viii has referred to himself as “a painter of frequencies and thoughts channeling his views, experiences and surroundings into sonic creations of varying style.”

His current official bio describes him: “An artist raised in the music scene, Viii has been producing and engineering artists since 2005, as well as being involved with numerous projects of his own. Not content with fitting ideas into a predefined genre, he sought freedom under the moniker 'Viii' in 2016 and drew from his eclectic assortment of influences ranging from triphop, trap and pop, to industrial music, goth rock, and everything in between.”

Viii has said he plans to release several EP records over the course of 2017.

“Lovedecay / Lovesong” by Viii are available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores beginning 24 March 2017.

-S. McCauley
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“Lovedecay / Lovesong” by Viii –

Website –

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Singer-songwriter Jeff Livingstone releases new EP 'A Matter of Time'

The singer and songwriter of modern folk music known as Jeff Livingstone has released his anxiously awaited EP record, “A Matter of Time.” The album contains seven original Livingstone tracks for an approximate total listening time of 23 minutes. It has been proudly published on his own Livingstone Productions independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Heartfelt, sonorous and bursting with sonic poetry, “A Matter of Time” by Jeff Livingstone paints a comprehensive portrait of this talented multi-instrumentalist from Long Beach, CA.

Jeff Livingstone cites as main artistic influences legends ranging from John Lennon and Bob Dylan, to Jeff Tweedy and Mac DeMarco. His own sound focuses on song structure and instrumental mastery without ever seeming forced or pretentious, while keeping the spotlight on the introspective nature of his lyrics and his intimate yet unassuming vocal style.

Asked to comment on the overarching message of his record, Livingstone writes: “Reflecting on my experiences, good and bad, throughout my younger years. I also think it is about the process of how those experiences become real and how I can represent those feelings in songs.”

He has described his latest release as a representation of himself both as a person and as a music artist.

“This album reflects my most current work,” he writes. “It shows my strengths as a musician and my passion for playing multiple instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keys, mandolin, and vocals.”

Livingstone goes on to explain that the title of the record, “A Matter of Time,” has a dual interpretation.

“'A Matter of Time' comes from the lyrics of the album's opening song, 'On Your Own.' But to me it has another meaning, which is that I have been writing songs and recording my music for years now, and it was only a matter of time before I finally put some music out to the public.”

Jeff Livingstone's first instrument was the clarinet, which he learned at the age of nine. By 10, he had taught himself guitar, and during his freshman year of high school, he began taking private guitar lessons. By 15 he had begun writing songs, forming bands and performing at local venues. After earning an AA degree in music from Cypress College, he went on to further his music pursuits at the California State University of Fullerton.

Today, Livingstone enjoys performing as a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and mandolin player. When he is not recording original music in his home studio, he teaches private music lessons and performs locally in groups, including his band, Brown Stone Love.

“A Matter of Time” by Jeff Livingstone becomes available online worldwide beginning 24 March 2017.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“A Matter of Time” by Jeff Livingstone –

House music artist Troy Fernandes releases single 'Take Me Away'

The singer and songwriter of house music and electronica known internationally as Troy Fernandes has released his latest dance single, “Take Me Away.” The track has been proudly published on the All In Entertainment independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. “Take Me Away” by Troy Fernandes has been made available in both radio-edit and extended versions. Sharply produced by Gabriel Robella and energetically performed by Troy Fernandes, “Take Me Away” is a track certain to find its way on playlists from Ibeza, Spain to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a track dancers and house fans alike are sure to enjoy.

Troy Fernandes cites as main influences artists as disparate as Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, and Tone Depth Just. This melange lends his style an uncommon tendency to shirk the same-old, same-old trends in house music, a rare trait in the EDM scene. His emphasis on great vocals on top of beats and melodies which would work fine on their own balances well with the work of Gabriel Robella (Cr2 Records, House Calls, KULT Records NYC, Kultivated Sounds BMI) whose music manages to blend sounds without burying any in the mix.

Asked to comment on the theme of his new track, Fernandes writes, “The message is that in life no matter what you wanna do or where you wanna go, there will always be obstacles and challenges along the way.”

“Take Me Away” answers this uplifting sentiment with a suggestion and an invitation to all music fans.

“Everyone has their own special place where they would like to be taken to,” says Fernandes, “a place that gives them a feeling they've never felt before, a getaway from the everyday feeling inside that needs to fed, eventually. We all experience this!”

“Take Me Away” manages to deliver on this promise by elating the listener and transporting him or her on a wave of sound and emotion which is just as nice to relax to with earbuds as it is to dance to alone or at a nightclub, party or rave.

This may seem like an unlikely offering from musician in Canada. The fact is, Fernandes is actually from the island of Trinidad off the Venezuelan coast, where many colorful music cultures intersect, including calypso, soca, chutney, and many more, all of which express themselves to the world during the world-famous Carnival festival celebrated in South America.

The exceptionally international Troy Fernandes, who made a name for himself with his group, Made by Monkeys, has performed and/or worked with Chris Kurbanali of Trinidad, Alex Poxada of Colombia, Tall Rick of Puerto Rico, Ivan D of Miami, and of course, his long time mentor, Gabriel Robella. He has lately been lauded for his collaboration with DJ and producer Omar Cito Perez and the signing of their track, “House Music” with Pacha Records, Ibiza.

Fernandes has said he “intends to leverage his international style with his Caribbean roots to develop his own niche in the house music world.” With the present release of “Take Me Away,” he has clearly crossed the vestibule of this goal.

“Take Me Away” by Troy Fernandes and Prod. by Gabriel Robella is available online worldwide early April. Get in early, house music fans.

-S. McCauley
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Website –

Rapper Bigface Dolla releases debut single 'Dumb Hard'

The rapper and hip hop recording artist known as Bigface Dolla has released his first official single, “Dumb Hard.” The track has been proudly published on the Pipeline Entertainment, LLC independent record label with veteran producer Yak Beats of Winners Circle Worldwide behind the production of the exceptionally well executed, “Dumb Hard” record that is destined to make hip hop fans and industry executives sit up and take notice.

Asked to cite some favorite performers, Bigface Dolla lists Jay Z, tha Notorious BIG, Nas, T.I., Beans, and Styles P. Judging solely by his sound on “Dumb Hard,” it's difficult to tell how much of these are in the same lane as Dolla's own sound, but easy to tell his music is heavily influenced by the greats, but with an original and unique sound that can be best defined as East Coast Rap.

“I grew up in the streets of Philly,” Dolla writes. “Music wasn't just a way to escape, it was a way of life.”

From there, he hasn't aimed at simply emulating his hip-hop heroes.

“The great ones don’t want to be as good as the ones they looked up to,” he says. “They strive to do better.”

Underneath the catchy hook and impressionable verses of “Dumb Hard” are deeper levels of philosophy stemming from Bigface Dolla's personal view on life. His brand of empowering urban poetry breathes with forethought and a genuine attempt to connect with the listener. It's not just music that makes the listener move – it's music that’s relatable. The emotion behind the words are so visceral and palpable that the lyrics for many become a credo to live by.

When asked about the lyrical content of his first commercial release, Bigface Dolla said without skipping a beat, “Dumb Hard is about doing whatever it takes and never letting up until you make it. It’s basically going crazy hard … being aggressive – having your own. I came up from the streets of Philly with nothing in my pockets. The only thing I had was the determination to make something of myself.”

The listener can feel Bigface Dolla’s conviction in the music, in the vocals, in virtually everything about the single from the selection of world class production to the state of the art studio where the vocals were tracked, to the meticulous mixing to ensure the commercial viability of the sound. Dolla isn't just making records to make money. He's a true artist with passion, a metric ton of self-expression, and luckily for us, a microphone to capture the message.

“The lyrics to this record aren’t words I just wrote on a piece of paper,” Dolla writes. “This has been my mantra since I was a kid growing up on the streets. Some people say that I’ve recently become an overnight success. What they don’t realize is that I’ve been at this game for a long time. It’s been a daily grind that’s finally paying off for me.”

Bigface Dolla recently signed to Pipeline Entertaniment, LLC and is currently in the studio working with several world-class producers such as Mr. Beatz from Cash Money Records. Dumb Hard may be the first record produced by Yak Beats of Winners Circle Worldwide, but it definitely won’t be the last.

“Dumb Hard” by Bigface Dolla is available online worldwide from over 700 quality digital music retailers now. To all of you hip-hop and rap fans, don’t hesitate to take action and “get yours” by going to any major digital retailer to download the record now.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Dumb Hard” by Bigface Dolla –

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Rapper Lord Olo releases album 'Super Pisces Robot Kingdom'

The songwriter and performer of hip hop known as Lord Olo has released his latest LP album, “Super Pisces Robot Kingdom.” The full-length record contains 12 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Varied, colorful, stylish and aggressive, “Super Pisces Robot Kingdom” is easily one of the most inventive and entertaining hip hop records of 2017 so far.

Seattle's Lord Olo cites as main influences Kanye West, MF DOOM, Lex Luger, Eminem, and Snoop Dogg. Of these, his overall sound lands closest to Doom's, but Olo is an artist with a unique tone, a unique image, a unique message, and a unique delivery. His rhymes and lines sometimes recall the fundamental pioneers of rap and sometimes sound like innovations branching from hip hop artists from 2005 and later, but when his beats and backing melodies are stirred in, the result is often mysterious, enigmatic, and occasionally even mystical – in other words, unique.

This cryptic feeling is integral to the Lord Olo experience, as evidenced by comments from the man, himself.

Asked to describe the theme of “Super Pisces Robot Kingdom,” Lord Olo writes, “This work of Piscean art is to express the true Nature of myself. Inspired by my overwhelming breakdowns and depressions of 2016, I realized that my sign the Pisces is the root of my problems: Understanding more than I want and feeling more than what's necessary. This Art piece is for anyone who thinks and feels above the modern expectation but especially molded for my water-sign friends.”

Lord Olo, originally from Akron, OH, has been crafting rhymes since third grade. 10th grade found him recording his first mixtape, “Novus,” followed by his “L O R D” full-length in grade 12. By 2016, he was ready to collaborate with Wann Sklobi on a third album, “Goldenfist.” wrote of the record, “While the production may be unconventional, [Lord Olo's] flow and lyricism is not. He’s confident on the mic, delivers bars and puns, and has real talent. And even the production itself, which uses sampling, is great.”

In the end, “Super Pisces Robot Kingdom” is a chimerical monster which deserves plenty of attention. The songs average out at three minutes each so the whole album moves, and each track is a beast of a different color. Hip hop fans should definitely apply.

“Super Pisces Robot Kingdom” by Lord Olo is available from over 700 digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Super Pisces Robot Kingdom” by Lord Olo –

Music artist Lady Plush releases self-titled mini-album.

The writer and performer of music known as Lady Plush has released her self-titled mini album, "Lady Plush." The album contains five original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published on the Lady Plush Records independent record label without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Shadowy, smooth, and blending elements of jazz, goth, dark country, avant-garde music and more, "Lady Plush" by Lady Plush is one of the best indie records to emerge in 2017 so far.

Lady Plush (Barbara Parise) cites as main artistic influences the great experimenters of the last few decades, including proto- and post-punk rock bands, synth-pop and new-wave music, as well as electronic pioneers and minimalist composers, besides. In passing, she names the singer Nico, and the post punk electronic legends, Joy Division as great sources of inspiration.

Lady Plush's sound is her own, however, a principle which guides her music perhaps more than any other. Asked to comment on the overall theme of her EP, she writes: "Be different. Be yourself. Be one-of-a-kind. Break all the rules one by one"

Lady Plush's current official bio describes Lady Plush as an "'indisciplinary,' DIY, UK-based creative project," and has operated under the tag line, "Artistically Indisciplinate since 1980."

Her word, 'indisciplinate,' is a portmanteau of indiscipline, meaning unruly, and interdisciplinary, meaning a mix of several kinds of music, art and more. It's a fitting term to describe the tones of her EP. It has the stylish creativity of bands like the Velvet Underground, the gloomy edginess of groups like Bauhaus, and the posh classiness of a nineteen-forties jazz club. That the album has been released on her own Lady Plush Records label is a sign of this, too, and Cosmic Bird is the name of her new, upcoming audio-visual art project also on her own Cosmic Bird Music label.

This crossover mentality permeates Lady Plush's character. She has been described at different times as a maverick, eclectic composer, singer, songwriter, producer, writer, poet, filmmaker, photographer, painter, illustrator, graphic designer, fashion designer, performer, dancer, actress, model, art director, event promoter, conceptual-art shop/gallery owner, curator, programmer, tutor, multitasking entrepreneur, and even philosopher.

Considering that the imagination responsible for all the above has produced 2017's "Lady Plush" mini album, chances are excellent that the world can expect to hear more surprises coming from Lady Plush's mind in the future, and that's a very good thing.

'Lady Plush' by Lady Plush is available worldwide from over 700 quality digital music stores online now (link provided below). Get in early, art fans.

"Lady Plush" at Amazon –

Official Facebook –

Friday, March 3, 2017

Jamaican artist Jahreign releases new reggae singles 'Fall Down' and 'Genie Love'

The rising star of Jamaican music known as Jahreign has released his latest singles, “Fall Down” and “Genie Love.” Like the rest of Jahreign's growing repertoire, the tracks have been proudly published on the Mind Music Production independent record label. Positive, affirming, performed and produced with the same mindset which made roots music Jamaica's most important global export, “Fall Down” and “Genie Love” are the newest reasons for reggae fans to sit up and take note of Mind Music Production's Jahreign.

Jahreign cites as main artistic influences Bob Marley, Sizzla Kalonji, Midnite, BuJu Banton, Shabba Ranks, Capleton, Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur, and Kenny Rogers. His own music tends toward a blend of equal parts traditional roots music and pop songs which appeal to people of all walks of life. The result is a sound which fans of any genre of music enjoy and enjoy listening to time and time again.

Regarding Jahreign's new singles: “Fall Down” is warm, uplifting, full of pop potential and delightful to hear. “Genie Love,” unsurprisingly, is a romance in the reggae tradition, neither melodramatic nor too predictable, but rather welcoming, inspiring and sounding much like a sonic hug. The tracks suggest that there will be an album in Jahreign's near future, something listeners should anticipate with glee because more music like “Fall Down” and “Genie Love” will be good for the world.

Speaking of the themes of his new songs, Mind Music Prod. writes, “Jahreign hopes that his fans will listen to his music and become inspired to do their very best at life’s challenges. His greatest wish is that we live in peace and unity. Love for humanity is his gentle cry: always give a helping hand to your fellow human being, no matter what your life circumstances may be.”

Also guiding Jahreign's music is true Jamaican spirituality. He writes of this, “Jahreign will always stand in the presence of Jah and his holy angels beating down wickedness in high and low places.”

Always grateful and eternally humble, Jahreign shares much of his success with “Fall Down” and “Genie Love” with everyone who has seen greatness in his music.

“Special thanks to Mr. Donald Levy from Musical Links Production,” writes Jahreign, “and to his team for valuing my music and for keeping my dream alive. I want to tender my sincere thanks and appreciation to Ms. Sharon Perez and her team from Mind Music Production for believing in my musical talent and for releasing my music to the world.”

Of course, Jahreign's fans rank high on this distinguished list.

“Last but certainly not least, I want to thank all my fans from all over the world. I want you all to know that your support and financial contributions are greatly appreciated. I love you all and may God continue to bless you and your family. One love, peace, prosperity, and happiness.”

“Fall Down” and “Genie Love” by Jahreign are available from Mind Music Production from over 700 quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Link to Music –

Instrumental heavy metal crew Manoue releases album 'All the Devils Masters'

The veteran of orchestral heavy metal music known as Manoue has released his new full-length album, “All the Devils Masters.” The record contains 10 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has been proudly published as an independent work without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Towering, sweeping, aggressive and creative in equal parts, “All the Devils Masters” by Manoue is a collection of instrumental metal which deserves attention from metal fans around the world.

Manoue is Francois Jacques Manoue from Cape Town, South Africa. He cites as main artistic influences composers such as Tchaikovsky and Paganini, metal legends like Metallica, Slayer, and Megadeth, modern groups including Opeth, Born of Osiris, Animals as Leaders, the Faceless, and Fleshgod Apocalypse, and integral songwriters such as Steve Vai, James Richardson, Paul Gilbert, and John Petrucci.

While elements of each of these can be easily picked out in Manoue's “All the Devils Masters,” the overall tone and emotional theme is unique to Manoue, himself. The album's sound has been described as being “composed of apocalyptic-, melodic-, death-metal inspired guitar parts and drum arrangements accompanied by expressive string sections and piano.”

Manoue himself describes his intent for the album as: “instrumental, progressive metal/rock fusion with an energetic edge executed with precision and melodic intensity.”

Asked to explain his impetus to create “All the Devils Masters,” a profoundly complex work of art, Manoue writes: “'All The Devils Masters' is a tribute to all the musical masters who have inspired me on my journey and my career in music for the past 30 years. The album brings together the sounds from my heavy metal and classical roots and aims to transport the listener into an intensely complex visionary dimension of discovery, purging and enlightenment.”

Previous to “All the Devils Masters,” Manoue released four other records including 2011's self-titled “MANOUE,” 2013's “No Empire,” 2014's “Ladders,” and 2016's “Supreme Being.”

“All the Devils Masters” by Manoue is available at over 700 quality digital stores online worldwide beginning 6 March 2017, or directly from the band's official website now (links provided below).

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“All the Devils Masters” by Manoue at Official Website –

At Amazon –

Other official pages