Monday, June 27, 2016

Country singer Curtis Lee Putman releases new single '#TallInTheSaddle'

The singer and songwriter of country music known as Curtis Lee Putman has released his latest official single, “#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride).” The track has been proudly published by CLP Music Productions and Tallinthesaddlerecords independent music labels, outside the control of the corporate music industry. An instant country classic in the making with smooth natural baritone vocals and gritty storytelling, “#TallInTheSaddle” is evidence that the American country music tradition is alive and well in artists like Curtis Lee Putman.

Curtis Lee Putman, who is sometimes billed simply as CLP, cites as main artistic influences Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Kiss, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, and Jimmie Rodgers. His own music blends modern country cues with classic kick-drum, fiddle, guitar, and a blues influence. This unpretentious manner in which Putman sings extends also into the themes of his lyrics. Asked whether he writes his own songs, CLP remarks that the songs are written “by my experiences in life … My truth, you might say.”

A born musician, Curtis Lee Putman has been making music since childhood.

“Music has been my indulgence, my escape, and a passion of mine for my entire life,” he writes.

Curtis Lee Putman was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, home of the world-famous Gibson Guitar Company and a hotbed for American music since the early 20th century. Putman found his musical calling in country music and in the blues. His music often crosses boundaries, however, and his songs can be found cataloged variously as country, alternative country, country/blues, and occasionally just alternative.

“I just play music,” Putman replies, “the good kind, the universal language of everyone. Because really, we’re all saying the same thing.”

Asked to describe the major themes of his “#TallInTheSaddle” single, Putman says:

“When the fight gets the hardest and you're not sure if you can make it to the end, that's when to rally all the strength you have because it's almost over.”

“#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)” arrives hot on the heels of “It's Over,” Curtis Lee Putman's other popular single published on the same record label. Remastered versions of other past favorites including “One More Dance” and “Curtis Lee's Blues” are set to release later this summer.

Curtis Lee Putman's music is in radio circulation and he has been interviewed on Jango, iHeart Radio, and, syndicated on the Radio365 network, nationwide on FM and Internet radio.

“#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)” by Curtis Lee Putman available online worldwide 23 June 2016.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Young Dope T releases debut hip hop single 'Htown Made'

The rapper and performer of hip hop known as Young Dope T has released his debut official single, “Htown Made.” The track has been proudly published on the Still Young Records independent music label based in Atlanta, GA. Aggressively creative, masterfully performed and full of lyrical surprises, “Htown Made” is a new hip hop for a new millennium.

Young Dope T cites as chief artistic influences Tupac Shakur, Pimp C, Master P, Fat Pat, Big Moe, and HQ. However, the artist mainly credits the scene in which he grew up as the most important factor in his musical development.

“By around age eight,” notes Young Dope T, “I was already heavily influenced by family members and Houston's hip hop scene.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that Young Dope T should dedicate his first official release to Houston, Texas, or “H Town.”

Dope's signature style is distinguished by snappy turnarounds and broad variations in tempo. A rapper with a naturally unique vocal tone, T delivers his clever, well written phrases with inimitable character and audible, infectious fun.

A true urban poet and writer at heart, Young Dope T makes songs with something to say. Remarking on the overall themes of his debut “Htown Made” single, he writes, “Be what you want to be, despite all life's challenges.”

Young Dope T was born Devron Troy Allen June 13, 1997 in Houston. While “Htown Made” is his public debut on the Still Young Records label, he has many unofficial releases publicly available for sampling and listening online.

“Htown Made” by Young Dope T is available at over 700 digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, hip hop fans.

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Emcee Drunken Monk 'Flippin I$h' feat. Hurricane Chris, Lil C The Hitman

The rapper and producer of hip hop music known as Emcee Drunken Monk has released his latest official single, “Flippin I$h,” featuring Hurricane Chris and Lil C the Hitman. The single has been proudly published on the New Age Lions independent record label without direction from the corporate music industry. Mixing the best elements of both old-school hip hop and the cutting edge of contemporary rap, “Flippin I$h” is the freshest reason for music fans to sit up and take notice of Emcee Drunken Monk today.

Emcee Drunken Monk cites as main artistic influences Miles Davis, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Lil Snoop, Ghost Poet, Portishead, and Bach. This list colors him as a listener who appreciates quality, rather any single music category. His “Flippin I$h” track stands as an example of this, being neither a clear-cut East Coast track, West Coast track, nor obviously from the Dirty South hip hop tradition. It is a song with attributes from every rap underground in world, and it adds its unique personality to the global scene, also.

“We are still grimy with our approach to hip hop,” writes Emcee Drunken Monk, “but we're progressive in our choices of sounds, music and beats.”

Asked to describe the theme of his new track, which kicks off the summer season on June 25th, Monk says, “The south still knows how to have fun and enjoy life and get the party started.”

Originally a trained pianist from Louisiana, Emcee Drunken Monk is a producer, keyboardist, and vocalist who splits his time between California's Bay Area, Manila in the Philippines, and Billings, Montana. Since cutting his teeth at a renowned school for the arts in Shreveport, Louisiana, he has studied piano performance at MSU and at the Jazz School in Berkeley, Calif.

His recent “Ghost Flow” mixtape was well received and included a diverse artist lineup including Merky Ace from the London grime scene and Honey Cocaine, a prominent Toronto female emcee, as well as Oakland's own Nittlz and TBM. Outside the studio, Drunken Monk has performed his music acoustically and likes to blend genres such as blues, house, trip hop and jazz into hybrid sounds. Though he has maintained what he calls “a low-key performance schedule in the Bay Area” over the last few years, Monk is planning to tour extensively in 2016 to bring his recent creations to fans near and far.

“Flippin I$h” by Drunken Monk feat. Hurricane Chris, Lil C The Hitman is available online worldwide beginning 25 June 2016.

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Trombonist Efe Erdem releases 'First Kiss' EP

The virtuoso trombonist known internationally as Efe Erdem has released his new EP album, “First Kiss.” The album has been proudly published on the RDM Records independent music label without the direction or influence of the corporate music industry. Groovy, jazzy, and full of funk and rhythm 'n' blues, “First Kiss” is a startling introduction to this intuitive brass player from Turkey.

Efe Erdem cites as main artistic influences James Brown, Maceo Parker, Johnny Guitar Watson, Nils Landgren, Roy Hargrove, and Quincy Jones. His own sound moves on the fringe, blending elements of genres into something all his own, much like the post-bop creativity of Herbie Hancock. His style is off-the-cuff and unpredictable, reminiscent of Trombone Shorty, seemingly inspired at the moment he takes up his instrument. The result is a versatile trombonist with an uncommon flair who can sit in with any crew of players and hold his own, and then proceed to surprise and delight music fans.

Playing music which reflects his own unique personality is a key part of Efe Erdem's performance both onstage and in the studio. It is a principle he wholeheartedly believes in.

“Not going along with what is expected of one,” he writes, “is automatically the only and best way to go about the task at hand.”

Schooled in music at Turkey's renowned Hacettepe Conservatory in Ankara, Erdem has been playing in orchestras and groups since his early teens. By 15 he had already played improvisational jazz in concert halls and theaters. In 2008 he moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands, to continue his studies at Codarts Conservatory as a student of noted alums Bart van Lier and Ilja Reingoud. He graduated in 2012.

“I grew up in a very dance and musically dynamic place with my parents both being traditional dancers,” writes Efe Erdem. “I realised from an early age that I did not choose music; music chose me!”

A much sought-after trombonist, Erdem has performed with Marcus Miller, Benny Golson, Tony Allen, Snarky Puppy members, Roy Hargrove, Bilal, and Robert Glasper among many, many others. He is a member of the Re:Freshed Orchestra, a 16-man orchestra with a rhythm section, horn section and string section. He recently recorded an album with popular singer and composer Frank McComb, and is slated to tour the Netherlands' own Doe Maar band (The Dutch Beatles) this year.

He has performed all over the world, in locales as disparate as Europe, South Africa and Indonesia.

“First Kiss” by Efe Erdem is available online worldwide at over 700 digital music stores beginning 26 June 2016. Get in early, brass fans. Very early.

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Folk-rock group Desert Sparrow releases new EP 'City of Dreams'

The Los Angeles folk-rock group known as Desert Sparrow have released their latest EP, “City of Dreams.” The album contains three original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 15 minutes. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the direction of the corporate music industry. Sonorous, rural, and with roots wrapped deep in the rock 'n' roll tradition, “City of Dreams” from Desert Sparrow is an EP sure to resonate with fans of many music genres.

Hailing originally from Sydney, Australia, Desert Sparrow cite as main artistic influences '60s rock, folk music, spaghetti westerns, and surf rock. The resulting amalgam is a rhythmic, highly narrative experience which paints images of solitude and hardship, independence and perseverance on backgrounds of hardpan deserts and windswept plains. Their sound often recalls moments from groups like Fleetwood Mac, Kings of Leon, and Angus & Julia Stone.

Desert Sparrow write that their new album chiefly describes “Moving to the big city to follow your dreams and the hardships that follow.” They also note that it's about “accepting change, walking away from the bad and embracing the good,” as well as “cutting ties with old friends, moving forward, and taking risks.”

Desert Sparrow are Kylie Adams and Dave Carreno. Also appearing on their new record is guitarist Robo Hryn. Their “City of Dreams” EP is preceded by their 2014 EP, “Leave this Town,” the popularity of which preempted the group's move from Australia to Los Angeles.

Desert Sparrow's self-produced EP was engineered at Station House Studio in Echo Park, CA by Mark Rains (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Shooter Jennings) and mastered at Sterling Sound, NY by Greg Calbi (Tame Impala, The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile, Noel Gallagher, Keith Richards). It features cover art and photography by Ian Maddox.

“City of Dreams” by Desert Sparrow is available at over 700 music stores online worldwide beginning 24 June 2016.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fado musician Cathy Pimentel releases new EP 'Fado Coimbra Live'

The artist of Portuguese Fado music known as Cathy Pimentel has released her latest official EP album, “Fado Coimbra Live.” The EP has been long awaited by fans of the Portuguese-Canadian singer, who has been called “the ambassador of Fado in Canada,” “the incomparable voice of Fado,” “a true and complete artist,” “the best kept secret in Montreal” and “the voice of the soul.” Her “Fado Coimbra Live” EP is expected to drop worldwide 9 June 2016.

Pimentel cites as main artistic influences Amalia Rodrigues, Mariza, Ana Moura, Luis Goes, Camane, Enya, Dalida, Maria Callas, Mizia, Dulce Pontes, Diego El Cigala, Cesaria Evora, and others. She has been singing in the traditional Portuguese Fado style since 2012. Since then she has performed over 100 shows in Canada, the United States, the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, and is scheduled to bring her inimitable sound to Brazil in August, 2016.

One music journalist writes of Cathy Pimentel, “She sees paradise and sings for those who do not see.”

Pimentel's own take on the Fado mode of music takes its root rhythms and melodies and stirs in elements of classical music and opera. When singing Fado she often accompanies herself on guitar or piano. She is frequently chosen to represent Fado internationally, including a performance on Canada's ARTV channel, in the Festival Nuits d'Afrique (Nights of Africa Festival), in the International Festival of Montreal Portugal, and during a ceremony organized for the finance ministers of Quebec and Ontario in 2014.

Cathy Pimentel's 2014 album “Fado Horizonte” has been a success with French and Portuguese media in Quebec on ICI Radio-Canada, CBC, and CIBL, having stayed on the charts for weeks, reaching No. 1 in April 2014 in the world music category. She has been the focus of over 40 music articles.

“Fado Coimbra Live” was performed in concert with renowned musicians from Coimbra, Portugal and Montreal, Quebec. It was organized by the LUSOBEC foundation to promote the beauty of the Portuguese Fado and culture. Pimentel's own Coimbra Fado is particularly unique, as the Coimbra is generally performed by male singers. She has performed it for audiences of thousands since the opening of the show on 6 May 2015.

“Fado is the music of the people, of suffering, of lost love, and emotional tearing,” one journalist wrote in a press release for Pimentel's 2013 record. “[Fado is] the music of everyday stories that we can all relate to.”

“Fado Coimbra Live” by Cathy Pimentel is available beginning 9 June 2016 at more than 700 digital music retailers online worldwide. Fans of Latin, Portuguese, classical, and other great music styles in general should definitely give a listen.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

The Infinite MC releases new video 'Never Hurt Me Soul'

The rapper and hip hop producer known as the Infinite MC has released his latest official video, “Never Hurt Me Soul.” The track has been proudly published on the Infinite Records independent music label without the direction of the corporate music industry. It is the title track of his latest EP album, “Never Hurt Me Soul One Man Revolution.” An animated representation of the themes and struggles featured in his music, “Never Hurt Me Soul” by the Infinite MC is proof that this Egyptian-American rapper is more than just an entertainer. He's a revolutionary.

Separating the Infinite MC from the largest portion of rap musicians is his lyric content. Lines written and performed by Infinite are as notable for what he puts in as they are for what he keeps out.

“When I was seven years old I heard Will Smith,” writes the Infinite MC. “Realizing that rap could be positive without explicit content or demoralizing lyrics, I decided to become a rapper myself. I had a natural talent for free styling. Singing was my original passion, but the rhyme patterns of hip hop fascinated me. I noticed the potential for verbose lyrics with deep meaning.”

Profundity is at the heart of everything the Infinite MC releases, and his new “Never Hurt Me Soul” video is the latest example of this.

“The song was inspired by the first year of the Egyptian Revolution I experienced in Alexandria, Egypt,” he writes. “I started writing the song on the one-year anniversary of the start of the revolution. The cartoon I made is a metaphor for all the assassins revolutionists have faced throughout history.”

Starring in the animated hip hop video, naturally, is Infinite, himself.

“The main character was how I imagined a visual representation of the Infinite MC would look like. Named Neōterikós, I battle assassins that would stop a world revolution. The name is the Greek origin for neo and neoteric, the word I use for my genre of music.”

Loyal fans of the Infinite MC will not be surprised to learn that anti-war sentiments are the reason for “Never Hurt Me Soul” both lyrically and visually. As the artist puts it himself:

“The point of the video is that peace is the real goal of revolution.”
“Never Hurt Me Soul” by the Infinite MC is available for viewing online worldwide now (link provided below).

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Gunz Desperado & MJ Hill release new single 'All Good Now' ft. Three Dee

The music artists known as Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill have released their latest hip hop single, “All Good Now.” The track features the talents of Three Dee and has been proudly published on the 3DMusiQ independent record label outside the control of the corporate music industry. Blending old-school groove with razor-sharp modern production and smart aggression on the mic, “All Good Now” by Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill feat. Three Dee is the rap fan's best bet for kicking off summer 2016.

Gunz Desperado, MJ Hill and Three Dee cite as main artistic influences for “All Good Now” James Brown, Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Prince, Roger Troutman, and Dr. Dre. As this top-quality list indicates, “All Good Now” is a single which comes from musicians who know what a solid rhythm and flowing rhyme can do for the soul.

Asked to describe the theme of “All Good Now,” the artists write simply that it “reflects on trying to be happy after all.”

An official video for “All Good Now” has also been released and is available for viewing online (link provided below).

DJ and producer Three Dee (aka Marcel Koops) was born and raised in the south Netherlands. The son of a talented musician and radio personality, Three Dee has been involved in music production since the age of 11. He is a graduate of the Netherlands Conservatorium where he studied classic piano and electric organ and obtained his degree. He has a background in many genres, including RnB, hip hop, jazz, funk, soul, pop, reggae and dancehall.

Three Dee toured Europe as Triple D for more than two decades before relocating to the United States, then co-founded the 3DMusiQ indie label upon his return to Europe in 2012. He has made remixes for the likes of Usher, P Diddy, Samantha Mumba, Kevin Lyttle, Bushido, Eko Fresh, Dr Alban, and TQ, as well as having worked with Public Announcement, Wayne Wonder, Leftside, Million Stylez, Kay One, and Elisha La'Verne.

“All Good Now” by Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill feat. Three Dee is available online worldwide now.

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“All Good Now” by Gunz Desperado and MJ Hill feat. Three Dee –

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jesse Donovan of Circles and Sounds releases albums 'Acoustic Roses' and 'Too Close for Comfort'

The virtuoso composer and musician known as Jesse Donovan has released a pair of albums titled “Acoustic Roses” and “Too Close for Comfort.” Like Donovan's popular YouTube channel and other pursuits, these records are being proudly published on the Circles and Sounds independent record label outside the direction and control of the corporate music industry. These two records are closely related in that each is a solo project by the Circles and Sounds artist, but they are written and performed in entirely different styles. Showcasing vision, imagination, and sharply honed writing and performance skills, “Acoustic Roses” and “Too Close for Comfort” stand as reasons for listeners to pay attention to anything Jesse Donovan produces.

Jesse Donovan of Circles and Sounds cites as main artistic influences a surprising mix. These include the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Rush, the Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, and Kamelot – each of whom are suggested in his “Too Close for Comfort” record; but also great composers such as Chopin, Beethoven, Shardad Rohani, John Williams, and Hans Zimmer – names which may spring to mind when listening to Donovan's own “Acoustic Roses.”

This dichotomy is key to understanding the work of Jesse Donovan and his Circles and Sounds collaborative effort, which has been described as “a new multimedia-faced entertainment endeavor between himself and his wife, Kara.” Donovan's music invokes feelings from all over the emotional spectrum, even at the extremities. He is often able to achieve this even within the constraints of a single composition or song.

Speaking of his new records, Donovan writes, “These albums feature performances hosted in the music videos on our 'Circles and Sounds' YouTube channel. For 'Acoustic Roses,' I selected some of my favorite piano pieces out of those that I've composed over the past 15 years. It was a journey to arrive at this collection, and I want to share that journey with my listeners – love stories, elation, romance, passion, conflict, dissonance, resolution, etc.”

This contemporary classical record is remarkable enough to stand proudly on record shelves beside some of the world's greatest composers. Fans of piano by Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikovsky et al
are likely to appreciate “Acoustic Roses” by Donovan.

His “Too Close for Comfort” album, startlingly, is a roaring American rock record.

“I selected some of my favorites from songs I've written for guitar and vocals that will take the listener on a path through the throws of love, beauty, brokenness, loneliness, dreams, hopefulness, and more,” writes Donovan. “[My records] are both, I suppose, a combination of truth and fiction that have risen out of many years of composing, performing, writing, storytelling, and – ultimately – living.”

Jesse Donovan has been playing piano since the age of four. He switches between guitar/vocals and piano regularly and has performed in both capacities all across the United States. His current official bio lists his experience at piano and drums going back 25 years, 17 years at guitar, bass and singing, and more than two decades performing live onstage. He is a session musician in addition to his work as a composer for both professional and amateur media productions.

“Acoustic Roses” and “Too Close for Comfort” are available from over 700 digital music retailers online worldwide beginning 18 May 2016.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Hip hop artist BK releases new single 'No Pain No Gain'

The hip hop performer known as BK has released his latest official single, “No Pain No Gain.” The track has been proudly published on the Paystyle Records Inc. independent music label, entirely outside the control of the corporate music industry. Punchy, catchy, aggressive and inspiring, “No Pain No Gain” is the latest reason for music fans to sit up and take notice of this forward-thinking rapper and hip hop producer, BK.

BK cites as main artistic influences Jada Kiss, Young Jeezy, Tupac Shakur, Drake, and Proof. His own sound shares elements of each of these but has its own individual flavor which sets him apart from many other up-and-coming hip hop artists of today. Part of the unique draw of “No Pain No Gain” in particular comes from the stand-and-deliver philosophy that is its primary theme.

“Anything is possible,” writes BK of this. “If you fall down, get back up to fight another day – and never give up on your dreams.”

That one of the chief strengths of “No Pain No Gain” is in its lyrics should come as no surprise to BK's fans. The rapper's first successes in the music field were as a ghostwriter for his sister's successful music crew, who shared the stage with names such as Rah Digga, Redman, Method Man, Trina and Jay Z. Now BK is not only writing and performing for himself, but also heads the same Paystyle Records label on which “No Pain...” is being released.

Since then, Paystyle has dropped two nationally distributed mixtapes and secured an audio licensing and publishing deal with MTV.

“Sure the accomplishments make it worthwhile,” writes BK, humbly. “But perhaps even more importantly than all of that, it’s you, the listener, who makes all of it matter.”

BK's current official bio closes saying that he “looks forward to many more (sometimes hard, sometimes ugly, but always worthwhile) experiences along his musical journey. Here’s to hoping that you are part of that journey.”

“Thanks for being a listener and making it all matter,” BK says.

“No Pain No Gain” by BK is available for purchase and download now from the official Paystyle website (link provided below).

-S. McCauley
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“No Pain No Gain” by BK –

Hoang Anh releases new album 'Get Away'

The popular Vietnamese producer of electronic dance music known as Hoang Anh has released his latest EDM album, “Get Away.” The album has been proudly published on the 88DNA Music independent record label. 88DNA is the same label which hosts popular EDM releases like John C.'s “Ambiguous,” Tuan Hung's “Dam Me,” and Ngoc Tuyen and Trieu Yen's “Queen of the Night.” “Get Away” is Hoang Anh's most prominent release since his 2015 “Angel” LP. Synthesizing elements of dubstep and electro house music, “Get Away” is clear evidence that Hoang Anh is one of the world's most groundbreaking EDM composers.

Hoang Anh cites as main artistic influences Seven Lions, BT, Kaskade, KSHMR, Hans Zimmer, and Jean Michel Jarre. His own music is somewhat more innovative than simply a melange of attributes from the above, and has more surprises than the fan of EDM might suspect.

Hoang Anh was voted Vietnam's No. 1 DJ by Tiesto in 2004, so he's no newcomer to the scene. In fact, he was the first DJ in Vietnam to release an official studio album. Since that time Anh has racked up three full-length records, each of which is popular both in his home country and around the world.

Fresh off a collaboration with Zara Taylor of Armada, an EP titled “Lullaby, the Remixes,” Hoang Anh is already back in the studio and hyping his latest project, “Get Away.”

“Everybody needs time to get away to enjoy every moment of the life we live,” writes DJ Hoang Anh. “Whether it is a trip with your girlfriend to a new place, or something as simple as turning off your phone and listening to your favorite album, or spending time with your family, your loved ones... This is what 'Get Away' is about.”

DJ Mag Asean calls DJ Hoang Anh “Vietnam's electronic music pioneer” [link provided below].

“Get Away” by Hoang Anh is available online worldwide soon. Get in early, EDM fans.

-S. McCauley
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Electronica musician Coding Candy has released his new EP record 'H3ll0 W0rld'

The composer of digital music known as Coding Candy has released his new EP album, “H3ll0 W0rld.” The album has been proudly published on the H3llo Records independent music label outside the control of the corporate music industry. Colorful, imaginative, full of groove and fit for casual listening or nightclub playlists alike, “H3ll0 W0rld” by Coding Candy is tasty music for fans of all genres.

Italy's Coding Candy cites as main artistic influences Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Pink Floyd, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Air, Aphex Twin, and the Cure. Of these, the artists associated with England's Bristol trip hop movement seem most similar to “H3ll0 W0rld.” Its dreamlike, ethereal qualities allow Coding Candy to be inventive in his songwriting, and songs often delight the listener with surprises.

Coding Candy describes his EP as a “soundtrack to your life. It can be a movie score, a background for yoga moments, a session when you're running with your iPod. Take 'H3ll0 W0rld,' put it in your personal playlists, in your ringtones – your own private OST. Wear it when you want to, where you feel like it, when it fits you.”

While this may sound trite, the truth is that Coding Candy's new record succeeds as background music to life far better than does most of the electronic music category. Part of this is its sparing use of vocals, part of it is its ambient overtones, and part is simply that Coding Candy has clearly orchestrated his record for the purpose. No song is obtrusive, no track jars the listener mid-album. “H3ll0 W0rld” is a smooth, danceable EP from beginning to end.

Coding Candy's electronica music has been in development since 2015, a change from the rock and metal music he played for more than 15 years. His “H3ll0 W0rld” EP has been described as “seven music pills of music inspired by movies, TV series, anime and novels, written to fit the conflict of emotions we live in our everyday life. Main influences are from pop, industrial, alternative, ambient, trip hop, dark and psychedelic genres.”

An official music video for the album's first single, “Rachael,” has also been released [link provided below].

“H3ll0 W0rld” by Coding Candy is available online worldwide beginning 10 June 2016. Get in early, electronica fans. Very early.

-S. McCauley
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Rachael” official video –

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Rapper Aye Em releases new LP album 'Meridian Medicine'

The rapper and hip-hop producer known as Aye Em is releasing a new full-length hip-hop album, “Meridian Medicine.” Like Aye Em's previous music releases, “Meridian Medicine” is being proudly published on the Sun Hi independent music label, outside the control and direction of the corporate music industry. Based on bass, boom-bap, and the urban poetry of Aye Em, himself.

Aye Em cites as main artistic influences such legends of the mic as Eminem, Mos Def, Kanye West, J Cole, Future, Tory Lanez, Jay Z, Drake, the Wu-Tang Clan, Prince, and T.I.

In addition to the considerable skills of Aye Em, the “Meridian Medicine” LP also flaunts the talents of Jamal Gino Carey and Melodic Mel. It is Aye's most prominent release since 2015's 'I'm Listening.'

“Meridian Medicine” is about more than just rhythm and bass, rhymes and lines, however. It's a musical journey which reflects the careful balancing of style, sound, and the American hip hop culture from coast to coast. It's a sonic journal put to beats and performed by Aye with all the introspection of a philosopher.

“This album is about my growth as a man, my mistakes, my flaws, my achievements, and efforts in music,” writes Aye Em. “This is the next chapter to 'I'm Listening.' It's me all day, that ain't ever gonna change, but I let the mood transition to euphoria. A lot of West Coast / East Coast flavor mixed with some trap.”

Several tracks on “Meridian Medicine” come straight from the pulse of contemporary hip hop, singles like “Trouble,” “Monster” and “God Given.” Other songs (“Choices,” “Respect,” “Young n Vegas”) show Aye Em's natural stylistic progression as an artist from his “I'm Listening” album.

“['Meridian Medicine'] is for the world,” Aye Em writes. “There's a little something on this project for everybody. It's a summer banger, winter heater, a night rider and a roll up and vibe type album – find ya zone and maintain it.”

In the end, Aye Em emphasizes that it's his loyal fan base who keep his music coming.

“I appreciate and love all my supporters and fans. Y'all are making this possible. I won't ever give you a lesser product and this one right here is for the world we live in now and the future. Y'all are the best and I thank God for each and every one of you.”

“Meridian Medicine” becomes available online worldwide soon. Watch for its appearance at over 700 online music retailers anywhere excellent hip hop is sold.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Singer Zani Challe releases new single 'Single Tonight'

The singer and songwriter from Africa known as Zani Challe has released her new single, “Single Tonight.” The track has been proudly published on the 36ixty Media independent music label without the financial support of the corporate music industry. Warm, rhythmic, and full of the uplifting spirit of the Malawian culture and people, “Single Tonight” is the newest reason for fans new and old to be excited about Zani Challe.

In addition to the talents of Zani Challe, “Single Tonight” features Nigerian star Patoranking and famous producer, E Kelly.

Zani Challe cites as her main artistic influences Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige and the afro- sound across music genres in general. Her “Single Tonight” track will find many friendly ears in the pop and afro-pop music categories, but it's also a track that lends itself well to radio and nightclub play and is making rounds in a wide variety of listening circles.

As might be presumed from the title, Zani Challe's “Single Tonight” has romantic themes at its heart.

“Most of my songs are love songs,” writes Challe, “and I basically write on what I feel and have experienced or what I have seen around me.”

The singer isn't all about romance, however. She's also enthusiastic about women's liberation and free speech. She explains, “My music and aim is to let people be comfortable and free to openly express what's on their minds and in their hearts. Especially women.”

Zani Challe was born in Cape Town, South Africa, to Malawian parents in 1988. In addition to her work as a singer and songwriter, Challe is also an accomplished actress, model, TV presenter, lyricist and recording artist. She became a radio DJ and producer in 2007 at Malawi's own Power 101 FM and began her solo music career in 2011. Since then she has performed with popular South African performers such as Emtee, Ifani, and Proverb. She has starred in TV commercials, TV shows (“The Dragons”) and in feature cinema (“Bleeding Heart”).

Her first debut single, “Gwada” feat. Okmalumkoolkat and RAS hit audiences and charts hard in 2014. It was followed by “Ndiphundzitse” which topped Malawian charts and was nominated for video of the year at the UMP Awards 2015.

“Single Tonight” by Zani Challe feat. Patoranking and prod. by E Kelly is available online worldwide now.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Our Untold Story releases new official single 'Go for Broke'

The European punk band known as Our Untold Story have released their newest official single, “Go for Broke.” The track has dropped concurrently with its B-side, “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors.” Both have been proudly published on the XJT Music / Cuprite Productions independent record labels without the direction or support of the corporate music industry. Vocals belted out, speakers booming, guitars roaring, and drums played way down deep in the groove, “Go for Broke” and “Calm Seas Don't...” are the latest reasons music fans everywhere should be paying strict attention to this explosive, unstoppable crew from Sweden.

Based in Stockholm, the heart of Our Untold Story is composer, singer and guitarist Xander Turian. As the founding member Turian has kept his group relentlessly active since 2012. He cites as main artistic influences the Doors, Iggy Pop, the Rolling Stones, Green Day, Foo Fighters, and the Hives. No one example from above represents the sound of “Go for Broke” or “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors,” but the melange of all of them comes very close.

As a result, fans of verve-charged classic rock and the gritty, pulsing punk sound both will be enthusiastic to hear this new Our Untold Story release. Longtime fans of Xander Turian and Our Untold Story will find much in the singles for them, especially.

Speaking of the themes of these new tracks, Turian writes, “'Go for Broke' is inspired by old poker-themed parties we used to have after our shows. We would invite fans, friends and crew to party backstage or back at my place and play poker. We partied all night long. During one of these parties, of course, there was a girl... There is always a girl.”

The title of the B-side, “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors,” will sound familiar to some.

Writes Turian, “'Calm Seas...' is an African proverb. It means that experience and wisdom are gained through rough patches and pitfalls in life. This is a song to remind us that what does not kill us only makes us stronger, to keep on pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones, to continually grow and to appreciate what we have and what we have achieved in life thus far.”

Recording with Our Untold Story on these tracks are Philip Bengtsson (drums) Johan Weidenhaijn (bass) Jonas Egnell (bass) Leonel Andersson (lead guitar) and Kris Lempiäinen (lead guitar). “Go for Broke” and “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors” were recorded and produced by Dan Östlund and Fredrik Pettersson at Missing Man Recordings, Sweden, and Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Audio Labs. Cover art for the release comes from Kamil CamKam Janowski for Kjanowski Photography.

“Go for Broke” and “Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors” by Our Untold Story are available at over 700 digital music stores online worldwide beginning 3 June 2016. Get in early, rock fans.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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