Friday, June 10, 2016

Rapper Aye Em releases new LP album 'Meridian Medicine'

The rapper and hip-hop producer known as Aye Em is releasing a new full-length hip-hop album, “Meridian Medicine.” Like Aye Em's previous music releases, “Meridian Medicine” is being proudly published on the Sun Hi independent music label, outside the control and direction of the corporate music industry. Based on bass, boom-bap, and the urban poetry of Aye Em, himself.

Aye Em cites as main artistic influences such legends of the mic as Eminem, Mos Def, Kanye West, J Cole, Future, Tory Lanez, Jay Z, Drake, the Wu-Tang Clan, Prince, and T.I.

In addition to the considerable skills of Aye Em, the “Meridian Medicine” LP also flaunts the talents of Jamal Gino Carey and Melodic Mel. It is Aye's most prominent release since 2015's 'I'm Listening.'

“Meridian Medicine” is about more than just rhythm and bass, rhymes and lines, however. It's a musical journey which reflects the careful balancing of style, sound, and the American hip hop culture from coast to coast. It's a sonic journal put to beats and performed by Aye with all the introspection of a philosopher.

“This album is about my growth as a man, my mistakes, my flaws, my achievements, and efforts in music,” writes Aye Em. “This is the next chapter to 'I'm Listening.' It's me all day, that ain't ever gonna change, but I let the mood transition to euphoria. A lot of West Coast / East Coast flavor mixed with some trap.”

Several tracks on “Meridian Medicine” come straight from the pulse of contemporary hip hop, singles like “Trouble,” “Monster” and “God Given.” Other songs (“Choices,” “Respect,” “Young n Vegas”) show Aye Em's natural stylistic progression as an artist from his “I'm Listening” album.

“['Meridian Medicine'] is for the world,” Aye Em writes. “There's a little something on this project for everybody. It's a summer banger, winter heater, a night rider and a roll up and vibe type album – find ya zone and maintain it.”

In the end, Aye Em emphasizes that it's his loyal fan base who keep his music coming.

“I appreciate and love all my supporters and fans. Y'all are making this possible. I won't ever give you a lesser product and this one right here is for the world we live in now and the future. Y'all are the best and I thank God for each and every one of you.”

“Meridian Medicine” becomes available online worldwide soon. Watch for its appearance at over 700 online music retailers anywhere excellent hip hop is sold.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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