Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Orlando Artist LITHOBREA Releases New LP, “Edifice”

Orlando musician LITHOBREA has released a first full-length album, “Edifice,” as the flagship start to a stunning career. 
LITHOBREA [caps intentional] is the art of a single mind in Orlando, Florida, who has released a first full-length album as the flagship start to a stunning career. The music is fully orchestrated at the classical level of Hollywood's best music scores, vivid and lush, and easily coaxes the listener to forget that the piece is almost entirely digital. The sound is ethereal yet sharp, soothing yet snaring, and unique enough to ensure LITHO's place among a growing base of do-it-yourself masterminds in the new world of independent music production.

“Edifice” itself is an LP collection of LITHOBREA's ten best tracks to date. The title track, “Edifice,” sounds like crystal shards falling through a kaleidoscopic stratosphere. “Underworld” evokes pictures of astronauts spelunking the subterranean wonderlands of alien locales. Each movement is singular from its successors and antecedents without seeming out of place, and the dizzying variety of melody lines and percussion motifs has much more in common with classical music than it does with modern techno.

Naturally, LITHOBREA acknowledges the great composers as influences: Rachmaninoff, Sibelius, Liszt, and Vangelis being chief among them. However, the album will almost certainly resemble more modern artists to most music fans. Philip Glass comes to mind as the most famous example of a marriage between classical and digital music, but the sound itself is much more akin to Yes's “Tales from Topographic Oceans.” LITHOBREA sites also German techno artist Kraftwerk as an influence.

LITHOBREA is no newcomer, however, having been composing music since the age of nine. Much of these earlest cuts were hammered out on an old keyboard, though several instruments followed. Of this experimentation LITHO says, “What I didn't have I borrowed and sampled. I liked making unnatural sound effects with mic'ed-up classical instruments, amplifiers and effect paddles.” Basic engineering followed, as well as the first computer-friendly music studio. “Over time,” says LITHOBREA, “my sound and song making mixed together, and as my technical knowledge grew, I began perfecting my music with digital audio workstations.”

The result (not to say end-result) is this crowning achievement, “Edifice,” available online everywhere.

The LP “Edifice” is distributed globally by MondoTunes (www.MondoTunes.com) and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download



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