Friday, February 14, 2014

Slasher releases new LP 'Katharsis'


The thrash metal crew from Brasil known as Slasher have released their latest LP album, titled, “Katharsis.” The album is comprised of nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of forty minutes. An explosive, textured, surprisingly philosophical and often horrifying record, “Katharsis” by Slasher proves that the metal genre is as aggressive and full of life (and death) as ever.

Slasher cite as main artistic influences such legends of thrash as Sepultura, Slayer, Kreator, Exodus, Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Pantera, and Lamb of God. Considered at once, this amalgam of violent sound approaches the titanic, towering sound and undeniable power of Slasher's style and tone very well. Fans of these will not be disappointed.

Listeners with a penchant for meaningful music will likewise be very pleased. “Katharsis,” while not exactly a concept album, is one packed with substantive forethought.

Commenting on this, Slasher writes: “The title of the new album refers to the catharsis under a psychological optic. This is a term used in many different contexts, like religion and arts. Our idea is an allusion to an emotional collapse which results in renewal and liberation, a change in point of view.”

The record is not merely personal and introspective, however, but also largely social. Many songs on “Katharsis” examine the state of humanity's network of movements, belief systems, bureaucracies and more.

“The lyrics,” Slasher writes, “are about our society and its dogmas which are imposed thru the media, religion and, mainly, the attitude of the ones who only criticize and take no action, feeding a prejudicial and harmful system to us all. For this reason we looked for the catharsis, where paradigms collide with consciousness and provokes an extreme change of behavior, thinking or action.”

“Katharsis” was produced by Tue Madsen of Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark. Madsen's credits include (among others) The Haunted, Dark Tranquility, Vader, Behemoth, and Kataklysm. Cover art was provided by famous French artist Stan W. Decker.

“Katharsis” by Slasher is available online worldwide.

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