Thursday, December 6, 2012

So. Cal. singer Lena Fayre releases debut single “Belong to You”

Young pop singer Lena Fayre has released her breakout single “Belong to You.”

Young pop singer Lena Fayre has released her breakout single “Belong to You.” She is just sixteen years old, yet her clarion, crystalline voice bears the same beauty and precision that made Lauryn Hill famous at roughly the same age. The track is an original – a catchy, well-written original – but like the explosive fireworks display of a NASA rocket’s ignition and liftoff, this is only the beginning for Fayre. “‘Belong to You’ is the debut single from my upcoming EP,” she writes. “It’s scheduled for a spring release in 2013.” If the rest of her EP is half as spellbinding as this debut single, then music fans have something of great quality to look forward to in spring, something that may alter the general mood of pop music in the future.

“Belong to You” is written with plenty of angst and melancholy in the chord progression, but also with a heavy dose of triumphant defiance. It is somewhat reminiscent of Rihanna’s runaway hit, “Umbrella,” but with far more class and far less backbeat. There is a touch of digital effect on Fayre’s voice (just a touch), and the pop-style simplicity of the orchestration forces the listener to concede that the song is truly pop at its heart, though there seems at every moment to be something more refined about it, something decidedly upscale. There is the gorgeous, subtle violin work of Stevie Blacke, for instance, which forms a velvet curtain of sound behind Fayre’s singing. The lead instrumentation is formed by the masterfully measured keystrokes of Kosta Lois on piano. Michael Bradford’s bass guitar is unobtrusive, yet powerful.

For Fayre herself, at least, the song’s style represents a deliberate shift from the typical contemporary attitude of pop music. Of this she writes, “From the beginning, I did not want to do bland pop songs that go in one ear and out the other. Initially, I leaned the other way.” How far this experimentation stretched, listeners may be surprised to hear. “Some of my early songs were rock songs (inspired by bands like Paramore and Evanescence). Ultimately, I decided that I want to make music that is more mainstream and fun to enjoy with my friends. So, now I focus on creating pop music with my own stamp, which I call ‘a touch of urban edge.’”

The urban edge she speaks of is certainly present, yet no more obvious than a yin spot in a yang swirl. Overall, “Belong to You” is a composition of fantastic taste and musicianship, one no fan of pop music should miss.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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