Friday, December 7, 2012

The Sign of Leo releases single “Look Up at the Sky / Where Do We Go from Here?”

Netherlands indie band The Sign of Leo has released their newest single, Look Up at the Sky / Where Do We Go from Here?

Netherlands indie band The Sign of Leo has released their newest single,Look Up at the Sky / Where Do We Go from Here?The single is a twin release in the tradition of the 7” record, with “Look Up at the Sky” as a sort of digital Side-A, and having “Where Do We Go from Here” for a B-Side. The tracks are braided together by their themes, which have at their heart the end of the Mayan long-count calendar as a basis.

The sound of the single is mainly determined by The Sign of Leo’s unique style of writing and composition. Their songs are integrally inspired by classic rock principles, while at the same time The Sign of Leo remains unafraid to incorporate modern elements into them, such as minor digital effects. The overall tone lies somewhere between The Beatles and Tears for Fears, albeit without the heavy reliance on a prominent use of rock and roll style percussion. They have written of themselves that “The music of The Sign of Leo is rooted in the history of pop music with influences from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and with faint echoes from the early ‘80s.” This self-description will seem entirely appropriate to first time hearers.

Regarding the meaning ofLook Up at the Sky / Where Do We Go from Here?,The Sign of Leo writes:‘Look up at the sky’ is a song about the 2012 prediction [of the unlikely end of the world] and especially the people who fervently believe in the fact that it will take place as such. Numerous websites are dedicated to this event and spreading the message. As one website states: the 2012 phenomenon spreads through the global consciousness, strengthened by a steady stream of internet articles, books, videos and films. Many people are getting anxious and fearful.” Regarding the relationship the former track has to the latter, they write, “‘Where do we go from here’ is related to ‘Look up in the sky’ because it raises the question of whether we, the human race, have had a hand in our own downfall (when it takes place). [We are after all] a human race that has exploited the earth ever since the beginning of time.”

The Sign of Leo cites a long, variegated and complex array of influences which includes The Beatles, Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren, Traffic, The Doors, Moody Blues, Echo & The Bunnymen, Tears For Fears, and the always underrated British synthpop trio, Talk Talk.

I started in my youth playing in bands and writing my own material,” writes singer Martin Postema. “The Sign Of Leo was formed in 2011 in order to perform the songs I had written over a period from 2008 to 2010.”

That being the case, fans will be glad to know that there seem to be a good many more tracks where this single came from, and considering the fantastic quality of Look Up at the Sky / Where Do We Go from Here?,chances are that many of them will resonate through the indie music community for years to come.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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