Friday, October 9, 2015

Texas-based Indie duo The Disappearing Act release new album “Born to Say Goodbye.”

The independent alternative music duo known as The Disappearing Act have released their latest record, “Born to Say Goodbye.” The LP is proudly released by independent label HIT Records (Dallas, TX) and published by Houdini Escape Music (El Paso, TX). Genuine, natural, full of harmony and acoustic grace, “Born to Say Goodbye” from The Disappearing Act is real music by real people for fans of good things everywhere.

The Disappearing Act consists of the music partnership of Salim Nourallah and Bob Blumenfeld, who cite among their many artistic influences the Beatles and Wilco. The resulting music produced by the duo offers a complimentary blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. Like sonic novelists, Nourallah and Blumenfeld use their unique tone as paper on which they write a true and melancholy tale. This story has been called “a painfully personal masterpiece, with an almost ear-to-the-wall intimate atmosphere that permeates the ten-song collection, each chronicling the dissolution of Nourallah's marriage.”

In “Born to Say Goodbye” the Disappearing Act utilize a combination of production, instrumental, and compositional genius to arrive at artistic purity surpassing what the most critical audiophiles would come to expect, left alone from an independent act from Texas. Much of this is due to the unassuming cleverness in Blumenfeld's chord progressions, with much also to Nourallah's unabashed self-expression.

“I'd come out to my studio, when I was feeling emotionally beat-up from what I was going through and just sit down with the tracks,” Nourallah writes. “I never put pen to paper to write the words; basically it was all free association.”

Not unlike the famous poetry method of William S. Burroughs, Nourallah cut-and-pasted sections of his song to make a working narrative. “If we'd been in the ‘60s trying to write songs like this, we'd have been cutting up pieces of recording tape and taping them together, but in essence that's what I was using the computer to do.”

The Disappearing Act's “Born to Say Goodbye” LP is the second official album from the group. It is preceded by their self-titled debut record which hit digital shelves in 2010 on Tortilla Records.

And as for the band name?

“One reason we call it the Disappearing Act is that we never had any intention of being a performing band,” writes Nourallah. “We never had any intention of performing live, or making it into something more than a songwriting project. So, it seemed like an amusing and fitting name for the group because in essence the act has disappeared before it ever existed.”

“Born to Say Goodbye” by the Disappearing Act is available online worldwide. Fans of indie music everywhere should get in early.

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