Monday, May 21, 2012

Tha Wizard Releases New Single, “Hollywood Loungin'”

Hollywood hip-hop artist Tha Wizard is releasing his newest single, “Hollywood Loungin',” to introduce his up-and-coming self-titled LP on Miraculous Records. This will be Tha Wizard's first full-length release since he began his professional music career in 2005.

Danny Lee Thomas grew up in Kingsville, south Texas. It didn't take long for his natural talent at laying beats and penning lyrics to appear, and Tha Wizard was born. Between bouts in the boxing ring, Wizard spent his spare time cutting rhymes, “Maintaining, and gaining the wisdom and experience to overcome.

It was in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that he learned to perform live, however, under various stage names such as Spiritual and Unorthodox, after which practice he did not stay in Texas long. Travelling far and wide among the continental United States, Tha Wizard performed in a dizzying variety of venues and dazzled hip-hop fans of all ages. Veterans of the scene nodded, and new-school kids approved.

Thomas personally identifies with many cultures in the United States, and says of himself, “I'm mixed -- which means I'm mixed with a lil' of everything... So vibe with ya, manz.” He has also identified his music as furthering Christian ideals, and his website quotes Biblical scripture.

Since his music developed by-and-large in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, music by Tha Wizard typifies the hip-hop tonalities generally known in the underground subculture as the “dirty south” sound. Other proponents of this region include Ludacris, Mystikal, and Lil' Jon, although there may seem few similarities between these artists, respectively.

Wizard eventually planted roots in Hollywood, where fans and friends encouraged him to cut a full-length LP. His “raw movement” borrows its tone from the classic rappers of the late eighties and early nineties, yet maintains a modern edge without the bland, overproduced flatness that plagues much of the hip-hop genre of today.

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