Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ft. Lauderdale Hip Hop Producer Musclebeatz Releases Powerhouse Collection “Musclebeatz Presents: Flex With Me Vol.1”

Heavy-hitting hip hop music producer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has released his first collection of work, entitled, “Musclebeatz Presents: Flex With Me Vol.1.”
Heavy-hitting hip hop music producer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has released his first collection of work, entitled, “Musclebeatz Presents: Flex With Me Vol.1.” The collection spans 10 powerhouse tracks of the heaviest, funkiest beats in the urban music underworld today, and features such collaborators as Nomaad, GunSt8_N8, Casino Luchi and Tsu Nitti. These tracks are hard, sharp-cracking, classic, chock-full of unstoppable funk and absolutely refreshing to hear at a time when the radio is dominated by watered-down, insipid “bling” rap.

Muscle originated as a rapper, himself, but the solid wall of groove he has built as a producer stands six-miles-tall as evidence of his sheer genius on wax. His beats lay back, then slam out rat-a-tat, like drumsticks breaking bones. There's enough space between each thump of the bass and snap of the snare to fit all the grind a promoter can fit onto a club's dance floor. Each track is entirely unique in its own right, the only similarities between them being honest, raw, old-school quality and unrelenting, sheer power. Muscle himself, in other words, is very appropriately named.

Muscle's collaborating artists, each and all of them, are individually poets in their own right. Their rhymes are straight-up, intelligent, tough as railroad spikes and sharp as busted glass. The combination of these excellent wordsmith/vocalists and Musclebeatz is a sound both reminiscent of old favorites such as Rick Ross and inspired by new blood like Kanye. Muscle's bass is deeper than Mos Def's, his compositions classier than Towa Tei's (Japan), his integrity as bulletproof as Tupac Shakur's.

Music fans have much to be thankful for with this, the first (and certainly not the last) collection of runaway classics from Florida producer Musclebeatz. All ten tracks are positively indispensable, and stand as proof that this man has a long, many-storied career ahead of him. The only reasonable response upon the close of “Sex Machine” by Nomaad and Muscle, the last track on this record, is one of intense appreciation – and of course, the real question: when do we get Vol. 2, Muscle?

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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