Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ska/Reggae Legends Sly and Robbie Release Newest Album, “New Legend – Jamaica 50th Edition”

Legendary ska/reggae innovators Sly and Robbie have gathered an all-star cast for their 2012 album, “New Legend – Jamaica 50th Edition.”
 Legendary ska/reggae godfathers Sly and Robbie have gathered an all-star cast for their 2012 album, “New Legend – Jamaica 50th Edition.” Sly and Robbie have called this new all-star team of professional musicians the Jam Masters, a truly fitting name for a crew including the finest musicians Jamaica has ever seen on one project: Sly Dunbar on live drums, Robbie Shakespeare on bass guitar, Earl "Chinna" Smith on guitar, and Robbie Lyn on keyboards. Vocals for the album are stunningly supplied by Nioma, winner of Magnum King & Queen of Dancehall 2011. “New Legend – Jamaica 50th Edition” includes 10 original tracks, 4 of them instrumental, and is an early standout favorite for this year's Best Reggae Album Grammy Award.

Sly & Robbie + the Jam Masters (as they are billed) have stated that their collective intent with this album is to present authentic, Jamaican reggae music to the world, a lofty goal with no one better-suited to the task. With many detractors wondering what has happened to the original Jamaican groove, this album serves as a timely reminder that Sly & Robbie have been innovators and gatekeepers of Reggae music for 4 decades. This 2012 release stands as proof that they are as relevant today as when they started in the 70s.
If you are curious who Sly & Robbie are, their historic rise to prominence in the chronicles of reggae, ska, and rocksteady music is well-documented on hundreds of fan and news websites all over the worldwide web. After all, they may well be the most prolific recording artists ever, with one staggering estimate declaring that they have played on or produced around 200,000 songs. Discovering their titanic groove is just an Internet search away.
The set will be in 100 countries across 750 digital distribution stores.
For more information on this album please email to or live voice at 1(876)373-5677.
-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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