Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Texas Artist DJ Phillyphil Releases New EP Record, “Mind of a Dreamer”

DJ Phillyphil, a contemporary hip-hop artist originally from Houston, Texas, has released his first EP Record, “Mind of a Dreamer,” on MondoTunes Distribution

DJ Phillyphil, contemporary hip-hop artist originally from Houston, Texas, has released his first EP Record, “Mind of a Dreamer,” on MondoTunes Distribution. The record, released on August 14th of this year, includes three brand-new original tracks, “Back to Reality,” “Bounce That,” and “Live My Dream,” the last of which features Philly's cohort and collaborator, Sky P. These tracks feature state-of-the-art composition, old-school back beats, and some of the most heartfelt rhymes this side of New York City.

His lyrics come rapid-fire, cleanly enunciated, and spoken with a confidence and style rarely seen in the modern hip-hop scene. His melody lines hearken back to the late eighties and early nineties, when groove and funk were more important than sounding like the theme song from a bad horror movie, and where groove and funk are concerned, Philly has more of both in one knuckle of his little finger than most of what passes for hip-hop music on the radio today.

DJ Phillyphil is perhaps best known for his spin jockey work at Texas hot spot, the Jolly Fox Night Club. The famous Jolly Fox is operated by scene giant, George Spentzos, big-time promoter for hundreds of country/western performers including the Eli Young Band, who made their fame playing at this venue of venues. Still, though his work on wax at the Jolly Fox has garned DJ Philly more than a little attention in the midwest, as well as many views worldwide online, his own fame may precede him as an up-and-coming actor from ABC's The Lying Game and Russell National Athletics commercial work.

Needless to say, his current artistic emphasis is on his abilities at the turntable and mic, and this recent extended play release on MondoTunes Distribution stands as a monument to his prominent potential as a hip-hop artist and composer of R&B music.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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