Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DarkFromDayOne release new single 'All I Can Say'

The rock crew known as DarkFromDayOne have released their latest single, “All I Can Say.” The track is the first glimpse of their upcoming full-length sophomore album, “Love Without Pain,” due to drop in fall of 2014. It is their most significant official release since their debut LP, “The Fire Within,” appeared on digital shelves around the globe in 2012. Arresting, throttling, and charged with adrenaline, emotion and aggression, “All I Can Say” by DarkFromDayOne is vicious alt- rock for this brutally modern era.

DarkFromDayOne cite as main artistic influences a slew of seminal and innovative bands from the alternative music canon, including Nirvana, Tool, P.O.D., and Korn, into which base they stir attributes of more traditional metal makers, such as Pantera, Metallica and Black Sabbath. This results in a sonic alloy which is both melodic and chunky, guided by epic songwriting characterized by sweeping bridges and towering crescendos, measurable in terms of impact on the Richter scale.

Speaking of the messages their single and upcoming second LP may have in store for fans and new listeners, DarkFromDayOne guitarist Red Beard writes, “Our mission and message is to invoke hope and love into your soul, body, and spirit through our music. In essence, to connect and share life together, reaching for happiness.”

The name of the band further signifies their inherent compassion for humanity at large. Their official bio begins with a short manifesto which reads, “In the beginning, we are born unto this earth innocent, not knowing the pressure of stress, nor the evils that humanity is capable of. We just know to embrace life. Our hope is that life will never be anything short of extraordinary. Therefore, we are in the dark from day one.”

Originally formed in Russellville, AR in 2006, DarkFromDayOne currently hails from nearby Knoxville. They have performed with such bands as Korn, Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Static-X, Bury Your Dead, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Three Days Grace, Avenged Sevenfold, and many more. Their debut single, “New Addiction” can be purchased for download on the Rockband Network for Xbox 360. They have consistently topped charts over such acts as Korn and Lamb of God across North America. Their new single, “All I Can Say,” first debuted on July 8th on iHeart Radio and Arkansas' KDJE 100.3 Fm, the Edge.

“All I Can Say” by DarkFromDayOne is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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