Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sticky Icky releases debut EP 'London Woman'


The music collective known as Sticky Icky have released their debut EP record, “London Woman.” It has been released on the BAMF Records Ltd. music label. The title track, “London Woman,” is accompanied by five disparate renditions, each of which is a genuine single on its own merits and named after the musician responsible for the remix: Simon Kaye, Thomas Graham, Youngblood, Roger Jaye, and Paul Lawrence. An electronic dance anthem full of energy and verve, “London Woman” is a colorful project heralding the arrival of this remarkable new crew from the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the most intriguing facet of “London Woman” is the band who created it, themselves. Sticky Icky is not a run-of-the-mill troupe of musicians formed to play a certain style of music. Rather, they are a collective not unlike the electronic indie favorite, Massive Attack.

Sticky Icky and BAMF Records Ltd Owner, Director and Writer Siddney Youngblood states that “A chance meeting between myself and artist/vocalist Skye Hawkes led to talks of forming a group.”

To this, Hawkes adds: “Siddney is a powerhouse of enthusiasm. We got chatting and I told him of my love for singing. He was already in talks with UK producer, Swardini, over forming a collective that could support many artists and musicians – along the lines of Massive Attack – and how they could draw from a pool of talented people to create different sounds.”

The topic of “London Woman” is particularly written to communicate the themes of Sticky Icky in general.

“We tailored the track to suit our message –” they write, “that although Sticky Icky represents the trials and tribulations of life, we want to reach people with our sounds and provide a loving vibe that anyone can relate to and that helps bring folks together.”

Sticky Icky chose Custass Finnigan for lead vocalist on “London Woman,” son of veteran ska musician John Shipley (the Specials).

“London Woman” by Sticky Icky is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer


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