Thursday, September 18, 2014

Heru Khuti to release new singles 'Wimbledon Carnival,' 'Premier League,' and 'Fantastic Cricket.'

The music project known publicly as Heru Khuti is slated to release a trio of new singles, titled “Wimbledon Carnival,” “Premier League,” and “Fantastic Cricket” respectively. The tracks are to be distributed to over 750 online music stores around the world, representing what is most certainly the most significant official music release of Heru Khuti to date.

The Heru Khuti music project is the brainchild of Dr. Noel A. Campbell, PhD, who writes all the Heru Khuti material and governs the music from his website based in Birmingham, UK (link provided below). Asked to cite some main artistic influences, Dr. Campbell writes in the signature mystic fashion which is his own:

“The Creator have made natural, skills of art in me, that is the influences, the first man blessing to me, you called him God!”

Dr. Campbell has been writing and performing music since he was in the first of three armies, which martial time began more than two decades ago in 1993. Upon being asked to describe the general motifs, themes, and subjects his three new singles, “Wimbledon Carnival,” “Premier League,” and “Fantastic Cricket,” he again refers to his knowledge of esoteric wisdom unknown to the uninitiated. His response is faithfully reprinted below sic erat scriptum, exactly as Dr. Campbell laid them down.

“It shares the truth of present happiness, reality.
Who no me since 1993, share my views, that I don't differ from the first sentence above.
My message most time heal the pain and anger, that my listeners face day by day.”

Regarding the name of his music project, Heru Khuti is sometimes defined as the Principle of Divine Justice. The Ausar Auset Society in Hampton Roads, VA writes of Heru Khuti that “It is our responsibility to realize that Divine Protection is insured when we live in harmony with the Eleven Laws of God. Doing so provides us access to Divine Knowledge and Power, and the Courage always to utilize them.”

An official artist's bio is not to be found for Heru Khuti, however, and neither is there a Facebook page nor Twitter account associated. Dr. Campbell gives his respectable reasons openly.

“No,” he writes, “I wont write a bio until the world no about me in a special way; at this point, the world hardly no, that I exist. When the time is right, I'll do a perfect bio based on the acceptance of the world. For now I find something temporary to stand. A government never get into power without the peoples acceptance.”

“Wimbledon Carnival,” “Premier League,” and “Fantastic Cricket” by Heru Khuti will be distributed around the world in the near future.

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Lead Press Release Writer

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