Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Takoma releases new LP 'Kerosene Belts'

The band from Europe known as Takoma have released their latest LP, “Kerosene Belts.” The album has been proudly published on the Hopetone Records independent music label. Containing nine original tracks, the LP has an approximate listening time of half an hour, making for a roundly comprehensive introduction to this eclectic crew of music artists.

At various times Takoma have cited as artistic influences Michael Hurley, Bob Dylan, Wilco, Daniel Johnston, Woody Guthrie, Califone, and Graham Coxon. They can be reasonably described as folk, bluegrass, blues, alternative country and Americana music, and a careful ear can discern a few elements of rock 'n' roll stirred in here and there. Their tone is cool, subdued and lo-fi, even to the extent that their “Kerosene Belts” LP was studio recorded live on an 8-track tape. The result is a raw and refreshingly undecorated album which feels like Takoma reaching out to shake the listener's hand.

“We wanted to get a very natural sound on 'Kerosene Belts,'” the band writes. “That's why we did it live in the studio on an 8-track reel-to-reel.”

This pared-down, bone-obvious approach is the key to the Takoma sound, which permeates everything from their songwriting to their performances. They do not sound as if they are affecting a style so much as that this overall mode is who they are. The themes described in their songs are likewise clear and unadulterated.

They write of this, “There is no real message to it, either, I suppose. A lot of troubled love, a lot of time spent far from home, too.”

Their live show has been described as having a “crunchy, tense and soulful” sound with “bitter blues guitar riffs and unique vocal harmonies.” “Kerosene Belts” is the most significant official release from Takoma since their 2013 record, “The Good Boy Sessions,” still available online for listening and purchase. “Kerosene Belts” is their debut LP on an official music label.

“Kerosene Belts” by Takoma is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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