Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Virtuoso Łukasz Adamczyk releases new EP record 'After Ego'

The multi-instrumentalist, virtuoso and music composer known as Łukasz Adamczyk has released his latest EP record, “After Ego.” The track has been proudly published as an independent release on the artist's own, self-titled music label without the participation of the corporate music industry. Eclectic, cool, extremely imaginative and more stylish than any other fusion record this year, “After Ego' by Łukasz Adamczyk is a collection of compositions any music fan can appreciate.

Asked to cite main artistic influences for his “After Ego” album, Adamczyk concisely lists: “My own experience, [Spanish surrealist painter] Salvador Dali, [acclaimed jazz and flamenco bassist] Carles Benavent, and [Apple, Inc. co-founder] Steve Jobs.”

His music on “After Ego” sounds – perhaps surprisingly – not unlike a collaboration of these four creative minds might sound on a record. It has the iconoclastic and revolutionary thinking of Jobs, the instrumental precision of Benavent, the dreamlike and unpredictable nature of Dali, and the underlying philosophies of the artist, himself, Łukasz Adamczyk.

Pigeonholing the record in a genre is not only difficult, but belittling to it in a way. It has been described as electronica, jazz, free jazz, fusion jazz, and “miscellaneous” variously, and it also contains integral elements of rock and alternative music.

Speaking of the themes of “After Ego” (the title of which is chiefly telling) Adamczyk writes, “It's mainly instrumental music so far, so any message is between the notes. For me, it's deepening my aesthetic roots, seeking new tastes when combining ingredients that seem far away from each other at first glance. The process is very intuitive, and I would like to take the listener for an inner trip just as I'm taken.”

The experience of his record is very much like traveling an unknown road. Its movements are sometimes uncanny, often novel, and uniformly eye-opening. Even the stylistic variations from track to track act as milestones which describe the listener's progress through the sonic landscape described by Adamczyk's music.

Polish-born Łukasz Adamczyk has been playing music since the age of six. He began on violin, then added piano to his repertoire, which was followed by drums, double bass, and bass guitar. He works as a session bass player accompanying mainly pop, world, and rock artists.

“I decided to work on my own music and aesthetics two years ago,” the artist writes, “and this EP is the fruit of that work. Seeking my own language in music and my own way in life became very important to me. As a session player I did not care too much about having a recognizable name outside, but having something to say as a solo artist makes me want to share my music worldwide, reaching out to all.”

“After Ego” by Łukasz Adamczyk is available online worldwide. Get in early. Very early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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