Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Atomicred releases new single 'EJ TY'

The composer and producer of digital dance music known as Atomicred has released his latest official single, “EJ TY.” The track has been published on the Mental HDR independent music label. A corresponding official music video has also been made available for viewing online everywhere. Upbeat, pounding, and full of the energy European house music has come to be known and loved for, “EJ TY” by Atomicred is the latest reason for partygoers around the world to crank up their stereos and get dancing.

Atomicred (often stylized ATOMICRED) has cited as main artistic influences French EDM producer Madeon, Feed Me, Knife Party, Nero, and rock bands such as Helmet and Senser. Many elements of the first four are apparent in the high-quality production which is “EJ TY,” such as melodic hooks, bass-driven grooves, and an adherence to the best attributes of old-school house music. The last two names in the list may seem out of place, yet they are signs of Atomicred's music history.

On being asked how he got his start in music, Atomicred answers that he began by playing in “a high-school hardcore band.” Indeed, the emotional intensity for which that genre of music is known is present in many songs by Atomicred.

When he was recently asked if there were a theme to his latest release, “EJ TY,” he happily quipped that the song was all about “dance floor madness.”

Atomicred is described in his official bio as a “band created by Matt Kowalsky DJ, DVJ, and music producer under the big influence of world-class EDM music. His middle east European focus on music means lots of energy and soulful Slavic vocals.”

The bio closes with a direct message to his audience: “This release is just the beginning. Are you ready for dance?”

“EJ TY” by Atomicred is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“EJ TY” by Atomicred –

“EJ TY (VJ edit)” by Atomicred official video

Official website –

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