Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Singer Draaco Aventura releases new pop single 'GoGo Twerk'

The singer, songwriter and producer known as Draaco Aventura has released his latest pop single, “GoGo Twerk.” The song has been released in two versions, an “Unchained Revelry” edition, and a “Diversion Tumultuosa” edition in Spanish. Both have been titled to correspond to the upcoming Draaco Aventura albums on which they will appear. It has been proudly published as an independent release outside the influence of the corporate music industry. With its fresh sound, thumping bass and foot-tapping rhythm, “GoGo Twerk” by Draaco Aventura is a pop track dancers of every generation can get behind.

Draaco Aventura, who wrote, performed, recorded and produced the single, cites a variety of pop music's legends as influences, including Usher, Romeo Santos, Anthony Santos, Nore, Puff Daddy, and Outkast. His own music takes certain cues from Usher, as well as from Romeo and Anthony Santos, but in the end his music is his own. “GoGo Twerk” by Draaco Aventura is a dance single that doesn't lean on anyone's creativity but that of Aventura, himself.

“The inspiration for this album comes from my passion for dance,” Aventura told online magazine ThisIs50.com. “I love just going to clubs and dancing. I find that a lot of times when I go to clubs nowadays there aren’t too many people that actually dance, so I wanted to produce music that is going to focus on dancing.”

Draaco Aventura is a widely talented artist with a background in choir, drama, musical theater and dance. Also informing Aventura's music and performances are his job descriptions in musically unrelated industries, which remarkable titles range from ethical hacker to combat veteran, and from voice-over actor to geo-spatial engineer.

An average of 650 people visit Draaco Aventura's MTV.com artist's profile every day, signifying the independent pop star's rapid rise in the public view. He makes music in several genres, often blending pop, rap, dance, hip-hop, R&B and Latin sounds for something new and particular to him.

Asked to comment on the themes of his new single and upcoming record, Aventura writes, “The album is about celebrating being alive, enjoying your time on the planet. It's about challenging yourself and being your whole, true self.”

“GoGo Twerk” by Draaco Aventura is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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