Monday, August 10, 2015

TP3 release new hip-hop single 'F--k Off a Check'

The crew responsible for some of the most powerful hip-hop tracks of the year known as TP3 have released their latest single, “F--k Off a Check.” The track features the talents of popular stars of the underground scene, Sean Dough, Stixx 1000, and SlowBoogey. The track has been proudly published on the TP3Ent. independent record label, also sometimes billed longhand as Tripple 3reatt Entertainment.

Featuring high-octane lines, an uptempo back beat and some of the best songwriting today has to offer, “F--k Off a Check” is just the latest proof that TP3 is one of the most intriguing rap labels operating in America today.

TP3's Sean Dough, Stixx 1000, and SlowBoogey cite as main music influences Rakim, Lil' Wayne, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Jay-Z. That said, their sound, style and overall production on “F--k Off a Check” combine for a listening experience that is wholly new and refreshingly unique.

While this top-shelf quality might seem hard to believe, longtime fans of TP3 have come to expect this sort of groundbreaking performance and production from the rap label who subtitle their official website as the “Home of Austin's Best HipHop” (link provided below). After all, these are the artists responsible for such local and international indie hits as “Change,” “Comin Down,” “Gimme a Reason,” and “Champion.” Fans of hip hop who've not seen the official “Change” video from TP3 are especially encouraged to do so.

Asked to describe the themes of their latest single, “F--k Off a Check,” TP3 write – “We only get one life. It's OK to enjoy yourself and have fun.”

The startling excellence of “F--k Off a Check” is also partially due to the spectacular production work of June James of Hit Cartel fame, as well as to the involvement of Rudy Jones from Brownstown Music, whose hand in independent hip hop has become almost supernatural in recent years.

“F--k Off a Check” has been released in four versions: a definitive version, a radio edit, an instrumental, and even an acapella.

TP3's current official bio describes TP3 as founded in 2006 by Sean Harris (AKA Sean Dough) and Marquez Anderson (Stixx 1000), joined also by Paul “SlowBoogey” Washington and Andre “CoolDre” Owens. The rap quartet have seen stupendous growth in popularity and repertoire over the last few months, a trend that is expected to continue throughout the decade.

“F--k Off a Check” by TP3's Sean Dough, Stixx 1000, and SlowBoogey is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of hip hop.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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