Saturday, September 29, 2012

Australian MCs Gorilla Tactics release “All Night Rockstar” single

Gorilla Tactics Music was born in 2012, founded by Scotty “Assassin” Schmid as an independent record label, music production studio and live act, focussed on free and complete creative musical control within the electronic music industry.

As a live act, the members of Gorilla Tactics has been blowing up speakers for over a decade. The Australian MCs focus on the live show, because for them, it’s all about the experience, and that experience is supposed to be fun. As they describe it: “Music with bass. Music with words. Music for bouncing. Music for life.”

Members of Gorilla Tactics include Scotty “Assassin” Schmid, MC Bear, MC Stylee, MC Seeka, J Ded, El Waldro, Lo Key Fu and more, so they have more than enough talent to make sure every track is as much fun as the live show.

“All Night Rockstar” features multiple MCs flexing their lyrical skills over a futuristic, ethereal electronic beat that sounds like it was beamed to earth from outer space. Tongue-twister rhymes and a bouncing beat keep your head bouncing for as long as “All Night Rockstar” wants it to, and it doesn’t look like they want the party to end any time soon.

Is it really any surprise? Scotty “Assassin” Schmid, El Waldro, and the rest of the members of Gorilla Tactics have been building a name across Australia based on the all-out riotous fun they bring to live performances.

“We want to bring vocals and fun back to Bass Music. Too much of it has become focussed on the DJ and the live element of music has been lost. We want to make bass music you can listen to and sing along to on your iPod, music you can watch on stage as we perform it live.”

Mission accomplished. Check out “All Night Rockstar” and see for yourself.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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