Tuesday, September 4, 2012

German Singer Anna Aliena Releases New EP “Cinderella”

Anna Aliena, noted Berlin singer of 'alien pop' music, has released her new EP, “Cinderella”
 Anna Aliena, noted Berlin singer of 'alien pop' music, has released her new EP, “Cinderella.” The record was published by Go!Diva Records worldwide in August of 2012. It features new tracks written by Aliena in the same decadent mood and style her fans have come to expect and anticipate. The extended-play record is Anna Aliena's second release, her first being November of 2011's “Silly Little Boys.”

Aliena's music, which is superbly demonstrated on “Cinderella,” is written with the same flair and panache gloomily celebrated by the gothic musicians of the eighties and nineties, such as Los Angeles' Siouxsie and the Banshees. Her sound is singularly more modern, however, utilizing state-of-the-art instrumentation, mixing and mastering, and singing that is far superior to what is generally typified by the genre. Aliena's orchestral compositions are rich and dark without seeming pretentious or gaudy, and the instruments she chooses to form a backdrop for her singing are unique, exotic, and powerful. Aliena's music remains most notable for her own excellent operatic singing, however.

As a chanteuse Aliena is classically trained and possesses a remarkably strong voice in the mezzo-soprano range. She begins modestly and builds an emotional undercurrent for each song before truly expressing herself, then soars above the wall of music with clarity, vivacity and passion. The quality of her singing is extremely rare to find in any sort of pop music, which is perhaps why she has coined her own term to describe her very particular kind of music: alien pop.

The term brings to mind otherworldly artists such as Bjork and David Bowie, but Anna Aliena's style borrows more from the surreal, such as lesser-known icons Klaus Nomi or Nina Hagen; though Aliena's music boasts far more melodic instrumentation, not unlike that of her contemporary, Tarja Turunen. Aliena's latest release, “Cinderella,” stands as proof that music fans yet have much to anticipate from her, and that the true art of singing – really singing – is at least very much alive in Anna Aliena.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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