Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black Merda Releases New EP “Believe”

Black Merda, legendary as the world’s first all-black rock band, has released their new EP, “Believe,” on Third Child Records.
Black Merda, legendary as the world’s first all-black rock band, has released their new EP, “Believe,” on Third Child Records. This is Merda’s most recent release since 2009’s “Force of Nature.” Though they have been playing professional music since the early sixties, this will yet be their fourth release in less than five years. Black Merda has inspired thousands to broaden their perspective of music since their beginning, and here they are in 2012 with a collection of smooth, new jams for another generation of music fans to sink their teeth into.

The album itself is Miles-Davis cool with a dash of Jimi Hendrix for funk, with clean-channel guitar work that could just as easily fit onto a jazz record as it could a rock n’ roll blues record. This is typical of the Merda, who have never, ever fit into anybody’s labeling system with ease, and who have been called all of the following at one time or another: funk rock, black rock, folk rock, blues rock, funk, psych- funk, or even black psychedelic funk. This is owed to their habit of having no habits -- except that their punchy, grooving tunes have always rocked with the best of them.

Still, Black Merda will be a new name for many rock fans. They aren’t new to such modern heavy-hitters as Ja Rule and Kanye West, however, both of which artists have sampled the Merda’s music in their own tracks. The early Black Merda albums, such as the self-titled LP, “Black Merda,” and the infamous, “Long Burn the Fire!” are classic pieces of vinyl treasured or deeply desired by music collectors all over the world.

Black Merda were originally named to draw attention to the injustice and violence brought against people of African-American descent in their hometown of Detroit, as well as in the American south during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. This newest EP, “Believe,” is not as politically charged, but every bit as explosive and electric as the Merda’s earliest recordings, which are explosive and electric, indeed. It is a gift to the world that Black Merda are still performing and recording new rock n’ roll, and it is a duty of every rock n’ roll fan to hear what these legendary men are laying down.

Black Merda are right here – and they are absolutely killing it.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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