Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Texas Singer-Songwriter Billy Rawlett Releases Second LP in Collection, “What's a Poor Boy to Do”

Billy Rawlett, an American classic rock and country/western performer from Arlington, Texas, has released the second LP of his re-release collection, “What's a Poor Boy to Do,” to fanfare and critical praise 
American classic rock performer from Arlington, Texas, Billy Rawlett, has released the second LP of his re-release collection, “What's a Poor Boy to Do,” to fanfare and critical praise. “What's a Poor Boy to Do” is part of Rawlett's 2012 re-release collection which includes 1999's “You Can't Get Your Money Back,” 2000's “What's a Poor Boy to Do,” 2002's “Latent Treasures,” 2004's “Time Stood Still,” and 2006's “In the Blink of an Eye.” As an important part of this discography, “What's a Poor Boy to Do” represents Billy Rawlett's original self-assertion into the mainstream of country/western-style classic rock.

Rawlett's work on “What's a Poor Boy to Do” differs from his earlier offerings on “You Can't Get Your Money Back,” in its polish and expert musicianship, neither of which were missing from his premier record, “You Can't Get...,” but which attributes were not its strong points, either. “What's a Poor Boy...” also distinguishes itself from his later work in “Latent Treasures,” in that “What's a Poor Boy...” is a far more traditional take on country and western music, standing way out as Rawlett's most earnest country record. The record has all the best qualities of artists like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson without sounding contrived, an impossible quality to find from the country/western genre in today's pop-ified music industry. “What's a Poor Boy...” is very likely the album Rawlett's country fans listen to most.

Billy Rawlett's influences stem from every geographic extreme of classic rock, reaching the Ventures and the Doors on the west coast, Johnny Cash and Stevie Ray Vaughan in the midwest, and Jimmy Paige and the Rolling Stones in the UK. His blend of rock and country/western is reminiscent of such American bands as CSNY, the Band, or the Doobie Brothers – but only at their most jamming, energetic moments. Rawlett's own raw sound is arresting, striking, and full of verve even at his mellowest. It was said of Tammy Wynette that she had “a tear in every word;” the opposite is doubly true of Billy Rawlett, who performs even his saddest song in a way you'll always be in the mood to hear.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Staff Writer

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