Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tony Tinsay Releases Self-Titled Breakout EP, “Tony Tinsay Music”

Lifelong singer/songwriter Tony Tinsay has released his professional debut, “Tony Tinsay Music” 
Lifelong singer/songwriter Tony Tinsay has released his professional debut, “Tony Tinsay Music.” The record itself is composed of several fine tracks produced in their entirety by Tinsay himself. His impeccable ear is perhaps surpassed only by his acumen on the acoustic guitar, with which instrument he has no difficulty maintaining a melodic flow that carries listeners from beat to beat, measure to measure, song to song as if on air.

That Tinsay is an excellent guitarist and songwriter should come as no surprise; he has been writing and performing music since the young age of twelve. As a result, his voice, although naturally rich and wonderfully textured, is also practiced, expertly controlled, and bears all the fine embellishments of a master chanteur. His guitar work sounds partly classical in nature, partly modern, and partly folk, but these fine attributes are balanced with a heavy dose of modern pop music, and a dash of classic rock n’ roll. In addition, Tinsay is not the sole performer on this record. He has assembled a crew of musicians who are excellent in their own rights, including singers hired specifically to sing in his place on certain songs.

Also aiding his cause as a writer, Tinsay has superb taste in music and does not abide lukewarm performers. Among his influences Tinsay sites Carlos Santana, David Foster, Jim Croce, Paul Simon, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, the Little River Band, Led Zeppelin, and Kansas. One has only to listen to his EP, “Tony Tinsay Music” to hear where these influences have bolstered him, informing his creativity and helping to shape this already masterful artist. With his own rich voice, the company of excellent additional vocalists, the experienced talent of a poetic guitar player, and the expert phrases of a gifted songwriter, it’s safe to presume that Tony Tinsay is going to go far with this extended play release.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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