Thursday, June 12, 2014

Justin Blankenship releases new LP 'Turpentine'

The singer and songwriter known as Justin Blankenship has released his latest LP record, “Turpentine.” The record comprises nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 45 minutes. It has been proudly published without support from the corporate music industry as an entirely independent release. Heartfelt, raw, highly melodic and narrative, “Turpentine” by Justin Blankenship is one of the best modern examples of America's continually evolving folk tradition.

While Blankenship's “Turpentine” will and should be found most commonly in the folk section of online music stores, it is peppered with influences from a broad swath of various genres. Blankenship cites as main artistic inspirations such disparate artists as: Hank Williams and Soundgarden; Otis Redding and Tool; Old Crow Medicine Show and Kurt Cobain; Aretha Franklin, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, and the Black Keys. This surprising melange is in addition to a longer list including a great many lesser-known performers from an even wider sonic territory.

This mentality shows in the creative variance of “Turpentine” and it's delightfully deliberate.

“I'm always drawn to albums that aren't so formulaic,” Blankenship writes. “I like stylistic variety to be present and intentional. That's something I strive for when creating an album, always expecting it to somehow all fit together in it's own way without having to be forced.”

The elasticity of Blankenship's style emerges as an effect of his multifaceted musical personality. His songs change in sound, tone, and theme sometimes radically, yet somehow dovetail to make a consistent whole.

Blankenship writes, “This album is as random as my own life. It's an accurate reflection of my transiency, while reminding the listener that simply because something refuses to be clung to or captured, doesn't mean it can't stay with you in other ways. It's also a challenge to the audience to find value in that which is not so methodically gathered together and packaged to be easily digested by some undiscerning lowest-common-denominator.”

And the album's title?

“Turpentine is a solvent. And much like a solvent, my main object is to dissolve other substances: mainly expectations, genres, standards of perfection, etc.”

“Turpentine” by Justin Blankenship is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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