Friday, June 6, 2014

Pete McCabe releases new LP 'Homeward'

The singer and songwriter known as Pete McCabe has released his latest LP record, “Homeward.” The full-length album comprises 14 original tracks for an approximate total listening time of nearly an hour. It has been published on the LazyCats Records music label. Usually filed in the folk and contemporary folk music sections of digital and vinyl record stores, “Homeward” is a monument to McCabe's sonic and lyric ingenuity, and solidifies his place in the chronicles of American songwriting as a whole.

Pete McCabe first took this place with the release of his 1973 record, “The Man Who Ate the Plant,” produced by the legendary Bill Szymczyk who later produced the Eagles and other titans. The LP has become known among audiophiles everywhere for its unabashed blend of pop and folk music sharpened with tinges of psychedelic rock.

“The orchestral arrangements from that record are echoed in my current music,” McCabe writes.

And indeed they are. Fans of folk music will find all their time-honored traditions intact on “Homeward,” but scaled up to include sweeping instrumental rises and soaring, multi-tiered harmonies. Inspirations from a great many musical subcultures are present, giving the album a swirling myriad of colors which easily arrest and mystify the listener. The source of this variety is McCabe's own mixing bowl of influences.

“My folk background included influences from singer-songwriters Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor,” he writes. “Along the way there was a bit of Dixieland and jazz. My greatest influence was the Beatles. More recent influences include Randy Newman and Stephen Sondheim.”

Fans of lyric precision and creativity are likely to be especially pleased.

“Many of my lyrics are informed by my lifelong obsession with movies. My overriding desire is to offer words and music that are truly original.”

Asked to describe the general themes and messages of his new album, McCabe describes it thus:

“Each song is a world to explore. Each has its own style and personality, yet as a whole the collection is unified by a strong point of view. A sense of humor as well as a sensitive look at human relationships and a fondness for fantasy and dreams inform the lyrics. I want the listener to look at the world in a new way. There are meanings and emotions to be found in ourselves that different genres of music and unusual lyrics can awaken. Good old songwriting craft can still transport us beyond what so much of the marketplace offers these days.”

“Homeward” by Pete McCabe is available online worldwide. Get in early. Get in as soon as possible.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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