Thursday, June 5, 2014

'The Politician' Rico Sanchez releases new single 'Let's Do That Sh-t'

DJ Rico Sanchez, usually billed as “the Politician,” has released his most recent electronic dance-floor anthem, “Let's Do That Sh*t.” The track has been published entirely without help from the corporate music industry on the Last Nights DJ independent music label. It is occasionally listed online as “Let's Do This Sh*t.” Heavy hitting, highly danceable, and extremely infectious, “Let's Do That Sh*t” by DJ Rico Sanchez the Politician is a surefire entry in the EDM and house-music Best-of-2014 lists, and sure to unite party goers in nightclubs around the world.

DJ Rico Sanchez has cited as main artistic influences such popular studio musicians and electronic music producers as David Guetta, Justice, Steve Aoki, Knife Party, Bad Boy Bill, Designer Drugs, Benny Benassi, UTKU, Dave Spoon, Axwell, and Calvin Harris. Fans of the above will be enthusiastic about the many and various qualities the Politican has taken from these legends of the turntable.

“Let's Do That Sh*t” is an extremely high-energy song that brings an unusually extreme level of intensity with its back beat and house-music instrumentation. This high energy isn't empty or pointless, either. Sanchez intends to communicate a message of determination with his new single.

Speaking of these themes for his new track, Sanchez writes, “This song captures that moment of decision and pressure right before you make the next move, before you take that step that can literally kill you. It's a momentum building energy driven fueled anthem to make you take that next step in full. To keep it simple, it builds on that very moment of adrenaline and quick decision making into what can be your undoing or your very next achievement in life.”

DJ Rico “the Politician” Sanchez is a global performer. He has played shows and parties in New York, India, Australia, and Florida. His stage name, “the Politician,” comes from his reputation for welcoming celebrities and high-profile socialites to performances on his guest list, and for his knack for leading party-goers through the roof. When he’s not composing his own music, he spins for dance parties everywhere there is music.

Let's Do That Sh*t” by Rico Sanchez the Politician is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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