Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Coflo releases new EP 'Gazin'

The producer and composer of electronic music known as Coflo has released his latest EP album, “Gazin.” The extended-play record has been proudly published on the Catch the Ghost independent music label, which is also home to such popular up-and-coming artists as Tomahawk Bang and Noey Lopez. “Gazin” is composed of four tracks for an approximate total listening time of 30 minutes (the “Gazin” original version, plus three disparate remixes) making for a roundly satisfying and comprehensive introduction to Coflo's style. Mellow and sophisticated, excellent for dancing, background music, or night drives across town, “Gazin” by Coflo is reason to pay attention to this exciting new artist and recording label.

Coflo cites as main artistic influences Floating Points, Atjazz, Flako, Theo Parish, Moodyman, Tomahawk Bang, and DJ Cecil. While many similarities emerge when comparing “Gazin” to releases by these other considerable talents, Coflo's music is more subtle and reliant on sonic undercurrents than most EDM producers. His beats are solid and grooving, but not overt, and his bass is not the focal point of any one of the tracks. Coflo's instrumentation is carefully balanced and blended, marked by attributes of ambient music, and changes from track to track to produce entirely different feels without completely divorcing any one remix from its stylistic relation to the others.

Speaking of his impetus in composing electronic music, Coflo often talks more about dancing than he does composition.

“As a student of dance for the past two decades,” he writes, “music is fundamental in how I express myself.”

He describes his new EP in succinct and exact terms.

“'Gazin' is a journey through sound and syncopation. There are three very different mixes that provide a different sense of atmosphere, from a casual listen to a late-night dance floor.”

More than merely a dancer and music producer, Coflo busies himself with in-depth researches into the thoughts, theories and histories of dance. His official artist's bio states that “His respect extends to all of those who came before him and with great humility does his best to recreate the great lessons, thoughts and styles of the past … Creating something that is entirely new is all too difficult when we can probably benefit a lot more from respecting the past.”

“Gazin” by Coflo is available worldwide from Catch the Ghost (link provided below) and over 750 music outlets online.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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