Friday, November 7, 2014

Krism releases new single, 'Gone.'

The singer and songwriter known as Krism has released his newest single, “Gone.” The track is the second single to be showcased from his much-awaited, upcoming EP due out 2 December 2014. “Gone” has been published independently of financial and managerial support of the corporate music infrastructure. A highly melodic cavalcade of modern electronica that brims with passion and groove, “Gone” by Krism is a digital dance track with pop elements which virtually anyone can get behind.

Krism cites as main artistic influences such popular contemporary entertainers as Justin Timberlake, Zedd, Johnny Rose, Seven Lions, and Sia. His own style on “Gone” mixes attributes of dubstep, house music and post-Y2K pop for an amalgam that is shiny, classy and crisp. His vocal work is crystalline and clarion, making his performance the clear star of the show. A close second is some rock-solid instrumental songwriting and digital music production, the latter of which has been provided by notable up-and-coming producers, Erik Chokanis and Bryan Kuznitz.

Writing of the themes of his new single, Krism comments, “It's about growth, moving on, conquering your past and being the best you can. It doesn't shy away from the dark and emotional points of this process.”

Neither does Krism maintain a laissez-faire attitude about his songs once they're recorded. Rather, he respects them as artifacts of his personal experiences and as milestones of his life.

“I feel that [not shying away from dark events] is very important,” he continues. “I want people to feel every juicy detail of this interpretation of life I am writing.”

Another facet to the Krism mode of music making is his DIY spirit and unselfish, music-is-for-the-people philosophy. He has made every effort to deliver his singles to the listening public at large without monetary profit to himself. His music is presently available for download from the official Krism SoundCloud page [link provided below].

This habit of bringing free music to society is nothing new to the young artist. In fact, it's one of his founding principles. He writes of this, “I used to skip class with my guitar and play for the kids in other rooms. Some of the teachers didn't care and it was so awesome playing for people and seeing them enjoy it. I loved the most how music could make you feel, it can make you feel any way but it's always great.”

“Gone” by Krism is available online. Fans of pop and electronica should get in early. Watch also for his new EP due out 2 December 2014.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

Free Download of “Gone” and more by Krism –

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