Monday, February 2, 2015

Hobo the Ghetto Bastard releases new album 'Hobo Funk the Great Hip Hop Depression'

The rapper known as Hobo the Ghetto Bastard has released his latest hip-hop album, “Hobo Funk the Great Hip Hop Depression.” The album comprises nine original tracks and has been published on the Swamp Street Records Inc. music label. With heavy doses of funk and rap in equal measure, “Hobo Funk the Great Hip Hop Depression” stands as evidence that the West Coast sound will keep booming, so long as hip-hop heroes like Hobo the Ghetto Bastard keep cutting titanic records like this one.

Hobo the Ghetto Bastard hails from the famous G-funk hotbed of Long Beach, CA, which has given the world such legendary talents as Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G among a great many others. Hobo the Ghetto Bastard's own style fits beside Snoop's better than the others mentioned, and blends perfectly in a playlist containing rappers like Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, also. Perhaps surprisingly, Hobo himself cites none of these as main artistic influences by name. He lists instead Marvin Gaye, Tupac Shakur, Gil Scott and Stevie Wonder, as well as the G-funk subgenre as a whole.

His love for the great Motown players shines through on his “Great Hip Hop Depression” album, giving his brand of rap music a bass-filled back beat and funky groove which rap music has been largely lacking for decades. Fans of the genre who have missed these elements have a treat in store for them with Hobo the Ghetto Bastard's album, which brings back that G-funk sound in spades. He has called his style 'hobofunk,' from which term his new album takes its name.

It's not all mere sound, however. Hobo's record boasts some excellent lines and rhymes by any standard. Some themes from his album include the seductiveness of sexy women, growing up a fatherless child, buying a big-body car, romantic break ups, world change, traveling, and the principle of social unity.

Hobo the Ghetto Bastard has been rapping since the late 1980s. His debut record, “City by tha Sea,” came out on the At-Last V.I.P Ent. indie label in 2003, charting on the Music Review U.I.M.R.A Top 25. He has worked with artists such as Tray Dee, RBX, Daddy V, Keith Clark, Chago Williams, Badazz, Anidote, Dawg Crew, P.E. Boyz, Wolf Wanggg, Duo Diamonds, Quictamack, Demo, Tracy Lane, Danja, BdoubleO, Moziz, Hurricane, E-White, and still others.

He has performed live at the Hollywood Athletic Club, the Hollywood Park Casino, Club Lounge Rae, Club 49, the Cellular, Casa Ras, Cohibas, and the first, second, third and fourth Airgrafx Hip-Hop Concerts. He also regularly performs at social functions such as the Long Beach, CA Herb Smith Memorial Slow-Pitch Tournament, the Willie McGinniss Super-Bowl Party, Laura Richardson Day in the Park at Cal Rec, the 2nd-Annual Long Beach Reunion Kick Back, and five iterations of Jim Brown's F.O.C.U.S / Amer-I-Can Annual Picnic, which Hobo also regularly hosts.

“Hobo Funk the Great Hip Hop Depression” by Hobo the Ghetto Bastard is available online worldwide. Get in early, old school fans.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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