Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nini releases new single 'Stronger'

The singer and performer of pop music known as Nini has released her latest single, “Stronger.” The track has been published as an independent single entirely without the involvement of the corporate music industry. Arresting and passionate, and powerful in terms of both lyrical meaning and emotional impact, “Stronger” by Nini is indeed strikingly strong and stands as proof that this fresh, young artist will persevere for many years to come.

Nini cites as main artistic influences Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown, and Beyonce. Her own music, perhaps unsurprisingly, tends to have a higher impact than that of any of these, particularly in the case of “Stronger.” Her new single comes out swinging with booming, cracking drums and a roaring wall of guitars. The singer's vocals tower above these with razor-sharp lines, an indomitable tone, and a one-two delivery that hits the listener with surprising force and doesn't let up.

What cannot go unmentioned is that Nini was born in May of 2003, meaning that her release of “Stronger” is occurring previous to her 12th birthday. It is appropriate that the single be taken in without overdue consideration of her youth, however, as her vocal performance on “Stronger” clearly stands on its own whether the artist be 11, 21, or any conceivable age at all.

Asked to describe the themes of her new single, Nini writes, “You can overcome any obstacle in life and become stronger.”

She explains that this philosophy was born from personal experience. “I was bullied in elementary by the other students and had trouble focusing on my schoolwork. People would say mean things towards me and put me down all the time, so this is my way of saying that no matter what they do to me, I will continue to come out stronger.”

Nini was born and raised in Dallas, TX and has been performing since the age of seven. “Stronger” rides on the coattails of her previous gospel releases, “Put Your Hands Up for Jesus” and “Never Walk Alone,” both published in 2011. Her forthcoming debut EP release is expected to contain five original Nini tracks. Two official videos are also in the works.

“Everyone has dreams and goals,” she has been quoted as saying. “I am just going for mine to the extreme. I am excited to let everyone hear what I've got!”

“Stronger” by Nini is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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