Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ThaNovelist releases new single 'Call on Me'

The Brooklyn rapper and hip-hop producer known as ThaNovelist has released his latest single, “Call on Me.” The track is the most significant official release from ThaNovelist since his trio of videos published in September 2014 which included such popular productions as “Tupac Reincarnated,” “Sneaky,” and “Fast Lane.” A heavy-hitting urban anthem from the birthplace of hip hop, itself, “Call on Me” by ThaNovelist is a rap track by an old pro fans of any genre can get behind.

NYC's ThaNovelist cites as main artistic influences titans such as Tupac Shakur, the Notorious BIG, Drake, and Rich Homie Quan. While ThaNovelist has much in common with the styles of each of these, his own mode of rap exhibits more similarities with 'Pac than it does with the others, but most of all ThaNovelist is a rapper with a style all his own.

Speaking of his new single, “Call on Me,” ThaNovelist writes that “The message that this particular song sends is a message to our women in society. The message is that no matter how rough it gets, you can always call on me. 'Call on Me' speaks from the voice of so many of us good men who do exist.”

Largely a lone wolf in the hip-hop underground, ThaNovelist writes all his own music and chooses his collaborators carefully. This is unsurprising, considering his dark and gritty start in music.

“I started writing music while incarcerated, which was 15 years ago,” he writes. “Writing songs gave me hope while being surrounded by hopelessness.”

Born in August of 1982, ThaNovelist was only 17 when he went to prison.

“Writing music was my way to freedom,” he says. “It allowed me to express myself to the world. I remember being in solitary confinement for three years. In solitary I was confined to my cell four days a week for 24 hours a day. The other three days I was only allowed out of my cell for 15 minutes each day. After calculation, that's 45 minutes a week outside my cell for three whole years. So please believe, writing music for me was my freedom.”

Neither was this to be the last time music would lift ThaNovelist out of despair. Six months after being released from prison in 2008, ThaNovelist was shot five times with a Glock 9mm. He was hit twice in the stomach, twice in the leg and once in the hand.

He writes of this, “I remember recovering in the hospital, saying to myself 'it's time to be more serious with my God-given gift, which is creating music.'”

2012 saw him meeting with National Musick League / LasVegas Music Group producer T.Beatz. They would go on to create no fewer than three albums together. Since that time ThaNovelist has been performing from coast-to-coast, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, California, Las Vegas, Nevada and in other locales. Meanwhile ThaNovelist participates in youth events like Cambridge Saves the Youth by sharing to young persons his life experiences, hoping to redirect troubled teens to a better path in life.

“Call on Me” by ThaNovelist is available online worldwide. Rap fans should get in early before word gets out.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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You can find ThaNovelist on instagram @ThaNovelist1 twitter@ThaNovelist facebook novelist showbooking reverbnation@ThaNovelist and on youtube,ThaNovelist where you can see his music videos and even his most recent upcoming video shoot which will be held on Feburary 1st for his hit single titled Call On Me.

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