Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Yevgeny Lazarev (AKA Y.L.) releases debut single 'Trancelude № 1 AKA Fly Free'

Composer and producer of digital music Yevgeny Lazarev (AKA Y.L., and TBoneMendez on Beatport) has released his debut single, “Trancelude № 1 AKA Fly Free.” The electronic dance song has been proudly published on the Aethereal Tracks independent music label entirely without aid from the corporate music industry. Upbeat, futuristic and booming with drum 'n' bass, “Trancelude № 1” by Y.L. is an EDM single which DJs and dancers alike are sure to appreciate all over the world.

Y.L. does not cite any specific influences when he is asked to describe his musical tastes, instead stating flatly, “Everything under the sun, lol.”

This makes sense when one listens closely to “Trancelude № 1.” It bears elements of many various music genres, though naturally its foundation is in the same roots which began what the music industry at large has simply come to call 'EDM.' Amazon has filed Y.L.'s debut single under trance music, which “Trancelude” certainly is, as well as under electronica.

Y.L. didn't start in digital music, however, which may partially account for the wide variety of sounds in “Trancelude № 1.” Rather, the composer started his career in music by playing violin – at the tender age of six.

Asked to discuss any possible theme or message his song might have in store for listeners, Y.L. writes that he wrote the song to communicate and nurture “enlightenment through music.”

Y.L. studied strings (violin and classical guitar) at Sydney's Conservatorium High School. From there he continued his studies at the Institute of Music in jazz guitar improvisation, but grew interested in hi-NRG and trance music while working nights at a popular club. This led to him leaving off playing music for more than a decade, until he started learning to DJ while managing a nightclub in 2010. By the start of 2014 Y.L. had taken up music production and found himself quite capable. “Trancelude № 1” is his first song to be made commercially available.

“Trancelude № 1 AKA Fly Free” by Y.L. is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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