Thursday, July 9, 2015

Heather Flowerz releases new single 'Checkmate (Remix)'

The singer and songwriter known as Heather Flowerz has released her new single, “Checkmate (Remix).” The track is the public's first glimpse of her upcoming album. Both are being proudly published on her own 1Luv Music Group independent record label entirely without the support or influence of the corporate music industry. Classy, shadowy, and full of sleek style and urban beauty, “Checkmate (Remix)” is the latest reason for music fans to pay attention to this rapidly rising pop star.

Jamaica-born Heather Flowerz cites as main artistic influences a colorful array of legends from many genres of music. These include Bob Marley, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Etta James, Pat Benatar, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. Clearly an audiophile of taste and distinction, Flowerz's own “Checkmate (Remix)” exudes the best qualities of contemporary pop and soul. Fans of blue, feminine electronica groups such as Goldfrapp and Portishead will be especially enthusiastic about this latest track from Heather Flowerz.

Flowerz's “Checkmate (Remix)” is based upon her popular 2014 single, “Checkmate” (also an excellent track in its own right) but her new 2015 edition is almost wholly new. Even longtime fans of Heather Flowerz can miss the similarities between them if they aren't paying close attention.

At the heart of both versions are lyrics which denote the sort of intimate and personal themes around which Heather Flowerz builds her songs. Asked to describe her start in music, she says that a background in choir, feelings of pain, and a sequence of life experiences inspired her to make music of her own.

She writes of this, “I believe everything happened to build me into who I am today. I want my music to inspire others to believe in themselves, as my musical influences did, no matter what pain and heartache you've been through.”

Heather Flowerz's current official bio describes her as a singer and performer of pop, reggae and soul. She denounces the state of the record industry as myopic, yet publicly accepted, and says she has no problem stepping outside of the boundaries to give her fans something sonically new and refreshing.

“In fact,” she writes, “you should expect it. My personal goal is to change the standard of how the industry expects African-American girls and boys to look and sound.”

Flowerz says she thinks this perspective is not exactly revolutionary.

“But is it necessary?” she asks. “Absolutely.”

Heather Flowerz lives in Miami, FL.

“Checkmate (Remix)” by Heather Flowerz is available online worldwide beginning 10 July 2015.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

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