Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kairange release two albums 'Kairange' and 'In Gear'

The pop music group from South Africa known as Kairange have released two LP records, a self-titled album, “Kairange,” and their newest full-length record, “In Gear.” Each record has been published as an independent release without the influence of the mainstream, corporate music industry. Each record contains approximately 45 minutes of original Kairange music for a roundly comprehensive introduction to this classy and infectious band. Exotic, upbeat, stylistically diverse and refreshingly unique, “Kairange” and “In Gear” are the latest proof that Kairange may be the most intriguing new music group in Zimbabwe today.

Kairange are commonly billed as a pop-music group, but there is a great deal of variety in their overall tone. There are elements of rock, jazz, and rhythm 'n' blues on the “In Gear” and “Kairange” albums, and a healthy dose of the regional sounds of South Africa, too, which is easily the continent's most active musical hotbed in terms of quality and artistic output.

“Most of the songs are love songs sung in mostly Southern African languages of Shona, Chichewa, Ndebele and Zulu,” writes lead guitarist Geoffrey Chiumia.

This lyrical latitude makes for fascinating and colorful listening for music fans from any part of the world, as each of Kairange's songs have an individual character apart from the others in a way most records can't match.

Additionally, many of Kairange's songs have socially conscientious themes.

Asked to describe some of the topics of their music, Chiumia writes, “'Hanky for Mama' is dedicated to highlighting Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The song 'My Home' explains a typical African home for listeners to appreciate what African homes are like. The song 'Year's Experience' attempts to encourage listeners to persevere in life in order to reach one's objective.”

“Kairange” and “In Gear” are two of three LP albums currently available from Kairange. The third is their “Laid Back and Raw” full-length record, which appeared in 2014 on the heels of their self-titled album.

Kairange are based in Zimbabwe's capital city of Harare. Their musicians are from many different musical, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and each of their three LP records has a personality which describes a different facet of the band's overarching persona. To reflect the diversity and different backgrounds of the individual band members. their songs are sung in no fewer than six different languages including English, Shona (Zimbabwe), Ndebele (Zimbabwe), Tumbuka (Malawi), Chewa (Malawi, Zambia) and Zulu (South Africa).

Kairange are Farai Nancy Mugadza (lead vocals), Geoffrey Chiumia (lead guitar, vocals), Reason Cheteni (bass guitar), Israel Yoyolane (keyboard) and Kudzi Shumba (drums/percussion).

“Kairange” and “In Gear” by Kairange are available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Kairange” and “In Gear” by Kairange –

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