Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rappers Tornado Wrist release new single and video 'Pico de Gallo'

The rappers and producers of hip hop known around the world as Tornado Wrist have released their latest single and official video, “Pico de Gallo.” The track is the first glimpse many listeners will have had of the upcoming EP record from Tornado Wrist. Both the single and the video have been proudly published on the Tornado Wrist Ent. independent music label. Mixing genres and regional styles of hip hop for an entirely new sound all their own, Tornado Wrist bring “Pico de Gallo” to the public ear as a bass-filled, pumping and pounding track for fans of rap music everywhere.

Washington D.C.'s Tornado Wrist are Sauce Da Goon and Fishscale Rich (often stylized 'Fi$h$cale RICH'). They cite as main artistic influences such legends of the sound as Jay-Z, the Lox, Three-Six Mafia, Big L, and Gucci Mane. Their own sound, however, is a fresh and unique blend of tones and lyrical styles which can't be called derivative of any of these.

“Tornado Wrist brings a new sound to the rap industry,” writes Tornado Wrist Ent. “This is 'Mid-Atlantic Trap Rap!'”

Trap music is generally described as having aggressive lyrical content and sound, musical accompaniment consisting of 808 bass drums or heavy sub-bass lines, uptempo hi-hat cymbals, and all usually synthesized and embellished with further digital instrumentation. Rap from the Mid-Atlantic Area can vary greatly from New York to Virginia, but is largely rooted in the hip-hop hotbed of Wash. D.C. where Tornado Wrist call home.

Tornado Wrist are tireless musicians who have posted no fewer than seven singles on their official SoundCloud page over the last three months. Their music and videos have amassed hundreds of views over this small time and their following seems to increase with every passing day. They are regulars at their local DMV Studios where they are known to perform regularly at the studio's popular rap showcases.

Their “Pico de Gallo” single and music video was produced by Euniek of the Techkeyz and shot by Hoodroach TV. It is the flagship single from their “Sprained Wrist” EP which is due out from Tornado Wrist Ent. in the near future.

“Pico de Gallo” by Tornado Wrist is available for listening and viewing online worldwide [links provided below].

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Pico de Gallo” by Tornado Wrist

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