Thursday, January 23, 2014

Classical music website PlayClassics offers free music


A new website called PlayClassics has gone live and hosts many hours of classical music, free to stream directly from the site for listening anywhere in the world. The site currently showcases their first four LP record albums, available for private purchase online beginning in February. These include “Songs of Tosti,” Chopin's “Polish Songs,” Debussy's “Preludes, Book 1,” and a collection of pieces written for Spanish guitar, titled simply, “Spanish Guitar.”

Each of these remarkable new records, recently recorded and showcasing the musical mastery of their respective performers, is currently available for unlimited listening at the website, which is not a storefront in any manner.

“This web site is an online application for everybody to enjoy,” writes PlayClassics creator Mario Martínez. “Anyone may use all the music in our catalog. The website service is free of charge, free of advertisement, and does not require registration. The service can be used for your own enjoyment or to play music for others.”

Possible uses for such an offering are limitless, and may be of especial interest for persons with a need for background music, such as businesses, educators, or even bloggers.

While the PlayClassics catalog is steadily growing and will boast many new releases in the future, it is already home to some of the world's best and most well-loved performers. These currently include tenor Francisco Carujo, soprano Iwona Sobotka, guitarist Dimitri van Halderen, and pianists Ángel Cabrera and Enrique Bernaldo de Quirós.

Though the aforementioned four records from PlayClassics will not be found for sale from online stores until February, they are all freely available for listening now at the website in their entirety. Music fans, music journalists, and anyone else with an interest in classical music are even able to embed the PlayClassics music player in their webpage so that readers can easily listen to the albums as they peruse, making some of the world's most exquisite music as accessible as the 21st century can make it.

“It's as easy as that,” the official site informs. “Free of all obstacles, immediately and without any need for installation, registration, subscription or payment, you can create your favourite playlists, listen to them, save them and share them with your friends.”

This beautiful new online music resource is online at now. There's no reason for fans of classical music to wait. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer


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