Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tripp Berlin releases new single 'Fashionably Late'


The rock artist known as Tripp Berlin has released his latest single, titled, “Fashionably Late.” The track is the first single from his upcoming debut LP record, “A New Disorder,” to be officially released to the public. Since the online worldwide publication of “Fashionably Late,” Tripp Berlin has found himself at the top of the Bakersfield, CA music subculture, with popular websites such as ReverbNation showing him at #1 on their chart for the rock music genre.

Tripp Berlin calls his style of music “new-age” rock, which is not to say that his music has anything to do with the Age of Aquarius, but rather, that the sound he has developed has a style unlike what has been done in ages past. He cites as main artistic influences 311, Nirvana, Bush, Korn, and Limp Bizkit. Of these, Tripp Berlin's unmistakable tone is most similar to 311, Korn and Limp Bizkit, all of whom gained prevalence by taking the grunge feel and super-powering it with elements of hardcore and late heavy metal music. Tripp Berlin's “Fashionably Late” takes these attributes and adds himself to the mix for a new sound that is decidedly fresh and contemporary.

Tripp Berlin has been playing music since the age of 11, and joined his first band at 13. His original love was for guitar. His need to be part of the rock tradition started much earlier, however.

“Passion for music started as far back as 4 years old,” he writes. “My Dad and Uncle Joe had a rehearsal studio in Santa Monica, and I remember my desire to become a musician.”

The late '90s saw him experimenting with sound effects, sequencers and controllers, which would allow him to develop the full and heavy sound which appears at the forefront of his music today. Having honed his skills to a sharp point, tragedy became the catalyst which would ignite the creation of his forthcoming record.

“My inspiration to begin writing and recording my first album started when my younger sister passed away from cancer,” writes Tripp Berlin. “With a new desire and passion to release my music, I decided to write, record, produce, and edit each instrument (guitar, bass, keys), vocals, and song structure for 12 new songs.”

Asked to comment on his lyrical themes, Tripp Berlin says that they revolve around “life stages and experiences, relationships, overcoming obstacles, dreams, ambitions, goals, character growth, pain and suffering.”

The single, “Fashionably Late” by Tripp Berlin, is available online worldwide.


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