Thursday, January 2, 2014

Uncle Tony releases new LP 'Mood Swings'


The musician-turned-humorist known as Uncle Tony has released his latest LP music album, “Mood Swings.” The record is comprised of 14 (very) original tracks for an approximate total listening time of one hour. It has been released on the 3rd Year Old Productions music records label.

Uncle Tony's “Mood Swings” is legitimately excellent, remarkably well-written music, and every one of Tony's songs is literally laugh-out-loud hilarious. Singing in no uncertain terms about topics like “Hipster Douchebags” (Track 4) and homosexual tendencies (“My Daddy Is a Mommy,” Track 12) Tony is an honest-to-God Weird Al for the year 2014.

His lines are blunt, crass, startlingly intelligent and absolutely not for children. Socially relevant and refreshingly offensive, Uncle Tony will appeal to every music fan with a sense of humor and an ear to hear.

It must be emphasized that “Mood Swings” is not humor masquerading as quality listening. It is populated with bluegrass songs, punk rock songs, classic rock songs, '90s pop-funk songs, and a death metal anthem growled out by a junkie Cookie Monster. Chock-full of high-adrenaline power, foot-tapping groove, or genuine American twang as best befits the style of the track in question, “Mood Swings” is top-shelf music that also happens to be very, very funny.

Everything from the exceptionally varied instrumentation, to Uncle Tony's undeniable charm and singing talent, to the shockingly perfect studio production of “Mood Swings” is of a higher quality than 90% of what is showcased on the radio every day – and that is perhaps the biggest gag of all. Uncle Tony proves from track to track that he could be a musical celebrity in any genre he might prefer, yet he clearly prefers to laugh, and to make others laugh with him.

The result of this artistic decision is nearly 60 minutes of listening that will absolutely find its way into the cars and home stereos of people all over the English-speaking world, bringing much good-natured ribbing, belly-laughing guffaws, and ingeniously written and performed music where it is needed most: everywhere.

The splendor and ridiculousness that is “Mood Swings” by Uncle Tony is available online worldwide. Get in early.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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