Thursday, January 30, 2014

Darla Diablo releases new single 'My Prince'


The female trio of pop vocalists known as Darla Diablo have released their new single, “My Prince.” The track is the most recent official release from the girls since three songs appeared on digital shelves around the world in November of 2013, “Wind Chimes,” “Make My Eyes Rain” and “Don't Tell Me.” Each of the songs has been published by the Poche Productions music company. With the latest capstone release of their “My Prince” single, Darla Diablo have been garnering public attention with plenty of critical and fan acclaim, and promise that 2014 will see the release of a full-length album.

Darla Diablo's main attraction is the genuine, heartfelt and sweet tone with which their vocals are sung. Their delivery is natural, unadorned, and innately talented without seeming overwrought. Crafted out of the purity of their performance, Darla Diablo's “My Prince” and other songs are recorded without the army of digital effects that often comes between the listener and the artist in a modern music studio. Backed by intuitive, creative and powerful songwriting, Darla Diablo are a crew to watch in the coming months.

“My Prince” itself is a contemporary love song in the spirit of classic girl groups such as the Shangri Las (“Leader of the Pack”) and Rosie and the Originals (“Angel Baby”). In this Darla Diablo strikingly succeeds, bringing new vigor and vivaciousness to a genre that has enjoyed the clamoring demand of music fans since its rise to prominence in the 1950s and '60s. “My Prince” is no throwback, however, boasting a modern beat that carries Darla Diablo's singing perfectly.

Fans of girl groups and undeniable songwriting have a rare treat in Darla Diablo. Their upcoming 2014 album is something listeners of pop music should look forward to with happy interest.

“My Prince” by Darla Diablo is available online worldwide beginning 31 January 2014.

-S. McCauley
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