Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Female singer/songwriter promotes positive change for women in music industry

 Jan. 7, 2014 (Hamilton, ON) -- The singer/songwriter from Ontario, Canada known as Pazit has released her latest single, “Meet Me Halfway.” The award-winning Pazit's style has been described as everything from Barbara Streisand to Carol King, and from Sarah Bareilles to Sarah McLachlan. Drawing from the diverse musical influences she grew up listening to, her writing is richly melodic, candid, and heartfelt. Pazit's beautiful voice and emotional delivery garnered her the 2012 Niagara Music Awards' Best Female Vocalist of the Year. But it is Pazit's live shows and positive ideals that are causing a buzz with her audience.

"The media and music industry have played a large role in dictating what sells, but not in giving people what they truly want," says the petite songstress. "I believe, especially after the recent Miley Cyrus MTV VMA performance uproar, that society in general holds women to a much higher esteem than the media and music industries have presented. As a wife, mother, teacher, and artist, I feel a responsibility to promote change in an industry that has shaped an inaccurate mold."

So how does she plan on pursuing this goal? "I prefer to sing live for women-only audiences. I dress modestly, and make my shows about the music. I try to project myself in the manner in which I would like to see the industry portray women in general." But why the women-only audiences? "Women, like myself, crave evenings out without any perceived projections from men- be it in the music we enjoy, the way we dress, behave, or socialize. I love my husband and our male friends dearly, but hanging out with women is fun, supportive, and freeing." Her audiences certainly appear to appreciate the opportunity, which they say is a complete pendulum-swing from the current media culture of image over substance.
But it is the music that they are ultimately drawn to and taken with. The five songs on Pazit's debut EP, "Defying Chaos", are mostly reflective ballads that deal with intimate themes such as divorce, death, and financial struggle. The first track is a catchy alt/country/pop ballad called "Meet Me Halfway" that speaks to a long-standing relationship that needs mending. On the other end of the spectrum, "The Load" is an intriguing jazz/pop ballad, written as support for her husband during a difficult time. "I tend to write about pivotal moments in a person's life when a choice needs to be made between acceptance or change. Often it is as simple as a subtle paradigm shift that allows the person to move forward and grow." Positive change seems to be a resounding theme in all aspects of this artist's vision.

Marrying her songs with live instrumentals and refreshingly paired-down production, Pazit's debut EP is a modest and endearing compilation. "As an artist, I want to move people. I purposefully chose to get away from the often over-produced sounds on the radio and get back to basics." Judging from her audience's often teary response and immediate desire to share the music with others, Pazit has managed to do exactly that. "Ultimately, my wish is to make music that truly resounds with my audience and to present myself in a way that commands respect and unified support for women in general."

For further information or to hear Pazit's music please visit her website at: http://pazit1.wix.com, or check out her FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/defyingchaos.

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