Friday, June 12, 2015

The Hoyt Hughes Band release new country single 'Stomp On'

The Hoyt Hughes Band have released their newest country-music single, “Stomp On.” The track has been concurrently released with an official music video, and proudly published on the Blue Bolt Records independent music label without the support of the corporate music industry. Charged with southern-rock power, built on groove and carrying the American tradition of country music into the new millennium, “Stomp On” from the Hoyt Hughes Band is the most recent reason for fans of country music to get aboard the Hoyt Hughes experience.

Country singer and songwriter Hoyt Hughes cites as main artistic influences George Jones, Hank Williams, Eddie Van Halen, and Bobby Bare. Real audiophiles of the country and country-rock sounds will recognize the genuine thread of Americana running through this list, the same thread which is plain to hear in “Stomp On.” This sound is indicative of the Hoyt Hughes Band's roots, deep, red-blooded roots they are proud to evoke in their songwriting and performances.

They aren't simply picking up what the legends of Nashville began, either. These gentlemen are born to it.

Hoyt Hughes writes, “As a child I would play the spoons with my dad on the front porch.”

The current H.H. Band bio describes “Stomp On” as “exemplary of the band’s musical heritage, a rowdy, rockin’ country southern anthem to partying and having a good time at all times … Hoyt and the band have been delivering their own brand of country mixed with southern rock all over clubs in the south, and this new song is the perfect vehicle to showcase what their music is all about.”

Masterfully produced by Emmy-nominated studio engineer and Grammy-nominated songwriter Ray Barnette, “Stomp On” is razor sharp, popping right out of the speakers, a shoo-in for country-music DJs looking to spice up their dance-floor repertoire. Still, it is in their live performances that the Hoyt Hughes Band is largely known to shine.

“Sometimes when we see and feel the crowd connect with the band at a live show,” they write, “it makes us recognize that we are a part of something that is much bigger than just the band members. It’s this synergistic energy we get back from the audience that drives us to take the stage.”

“Stomp On” by the Hoyt Hughes Band becomes available online worldwide beginning 18 June 2015. Country fans should definitely get in early.

-S. McCauley
Lead Press Release Writer

“Stomp On” by the Hoyt Hughes Band –

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